This is a thread about testicles. I'm going to ask a question. A kind of informal survey. It's about balls...

This is a thread about testicles. I'm going to ask a question. A kind of informal survey. It's about balls. Femanons and Faganons, you're called on to answer the eventual question. Straightfags are allowed to answer, but need to clarify they are straight, so I can take note of that.

Now for the question: When describing attractive or "hot" balls, what is the adverb you go with? In a single word, how do you describe the best balls?

Examples: Hairy, smelly, musky, swinging, tight, loose, floppy, pulsating, full, heavy, giant, etc etc.

You do not have to draw from my examples if your preferred balls are not described by any of those words. Go crazy. How do you want your balls? But please, be as short as possible.

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Straight here

I think the best is probably gonna be large balls with a tight sack

I have a loose sack and i feel like its the equivelant of a pussy with beef curtains

Well, thank you for your input, you sole ball poster.

RIP survey thread.

Balls are not pretty. Dicks can be, balls not so much

>they are straight, so I can take note of that.
Fcuk you A.I. bot

You sound like a faggot. Kill yourself.

Are those earrings?

Bi here.

The answer is balls aren't hot or attractive at all.

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Hetero here.
Balls aren't hot.
What do you think why men have a better sense of humour. We have to face the most rediculous looking thing on earth every day. And unerect penis. Let's be honest it looks like an old wrinkeld man, who's back is bend from the burden of life and whos pulling some equally old and wrinkly leather bags full of this weeks groceries behind him. If you see this every day you have to have humour to deal with it.

Straight here. I think low-hanging look best (and I can understand the guys who do stretching. When watching porn I'm always impressed by the guys whose balls can slap on the girl's ass while fucking (and I've read some women like that). Mind are always high and tight unless I'm in a hot batch or warm in bed

i cang describe it, i used to have images of balls but basically it's not all the balls, it's the entire groin area, it's all good as long as its clean and full

can anyone else here move their balls up and down by flexing their pelvic muscles?

also, ladies, is it hot when a man's balls tighten up as he ejacultes

Soft, steamy, delicious, tasty, salty, heavy, smelly, intoxicating and musky are all balls-words I use commonly for sexy time talk.

I refer to them technically for serious conversation, and/or with slang and silly euphemism for fun otherwise.

I like mine as described in sexy time talk. I love them when they're bigger than the dick in flaccid mode. I love them hairless bc i hate gagging on loose pubes but w/e. Aesthetically I prefer them high, full and floppy, with just a bit of sag. I dont mind some sweat and scent bc that is normal, i just want them babies properly washed a few times a week.

Am femanon.

Bi-user here: giant swinging balls are pretty much my exclusive turn on for guys

Thick, low hanging fruit.

another bianon here

i like full heavy balls - i like cupping / holding them

i think balls aren't that hot, medium size with a normal to tight ballsack. loose ballsacks look strange. mine are quite medium to small bcuz of steroids lol

Bi here. In my opinion balls are kinda ugly no matter what. There is a limited amount you can doll up something that looks like it hangs out the side of a sharks mouth.

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Really? My balls are huge and hang really low and I'm self conscious of it

Full pink tight balls are the best


What about these

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Hairless hanging nuts. Size doesn't matter but prefer bigger. Hanging is the hottest part.