How do it feel like to do the fuck?

how do it feel like to do the fuck?

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you sir are a faggot

Is nice

sounds nice


you're asking the wrong questions
>how do it feel to do a love

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good evening will be had! Passion and deep. Drive deep in her, and when she was up for Library parts. When the seed has a lashing as like bomb fire will besed as you.

i like boob

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get sand paper, wet with mineral oil, masturbate

Is overrated. A good night sleep feel better.

Its alright as long as the bitch isn't completely fucking soaked otherwise its too slick and doesn't feel as good

Fucking fag

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Holy shit, I thought I just had problems with me finding my wife attractive.

Bugs the shit out of me, so I fuck my wife about once a fortnight and it feels good but then when she gets all wet it makes it feel like I'm wearing some kind of water condom and cant feel a fucking thing.

I have to imagine my coworker, who we have flirted together but never crossed the line to get off.

Like sticking your dick in warm apple pie.

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>like salty milk and coins

Is do feel the good.

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mcdonalds or home-made?

>tfw no coom hole

Yeah I found that interesting- it's not as intense as masturbating with your hand, as far as your penis-feel-good goes.

It's way more of a whole body experience, kind of hard to explain. It's entirely more pleasurable overall, but in a bit of a different way- the satisfaction is higher for sure, when I nut during sex it's always way more intense, and the afterglow/endorphin high afterwards is way, way better. But for just straight dick-pleasure, your hand feels better.

it's like jerking off into a wet towel

>and then you cry afterwards
>then she leaves

> hand feels better than pussy

lol must have been some real dry pussy you fucked then

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yeah it was ur mum lol