When did you stop cuddling with your siblings...

When did you stop cuddling with your siblings? My 12yo sister has basically stopped snuggling up to me except when she is super sad or anxious.

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No siblings, but my neighbor stopped cuddling me last year when she was 13

Hang yourself and make the world a better place. I assure you, you won't be missed.

How old are you? I'm 20, and our father is dead so I've always been the only male role model in my sister's life. Are you super close to your neighbour?


why though? i thought that was actually cute?

my 11 year old sister cuddles me and then check for a hard on
if I don't have one she pouts

Fuck off this is a pedo-free thread. Wholesome cuddling only.

I'd say around 11-13 when they hit puberty, then you go through your teen phase. my sister and i still cuddle sometimes, we're in our 30s now.

it can feel like a loss when a younger sibling grows up and stops depending on you as much

I'm 27. Yeah, our families are super close. I didn't think about it being a role model thing, but it makes sense since her dad hasn't been around. Actually once someone asked if *I* was her dad which surprised me.

Christ user, were you a beaten only child or what? For once, the op is actually a normal thing to do.

Aww :) I hope I can still cuddle with my sister when she is 100.

That's really cool, I'm sure she looks up to you more than you can ever imagine. Make sure you are a good man for her and both your families.

Because she's starting to want to snuggle a guy she can fuck even though she doesn't know it yet, and she's realizing that it's weird to want to snuggle with her pedo big brother.

I'm not a pedo. I don't even initiate snuggles, I just hand them out if requested. She is more than welcome to start snuggling with boys her own ago if she wishes too, as long as she is safe I don't give a fuck.

Eh, no. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westermarck_effect

My sis and I are in our 20s and she still cuddles with me when I’m really depressed, Is that weird?

I don't think it's weird user, I think it's nice. Human touch is very important for mental health.

No that means your close to your siblings
I go through the same thing.

Little sister and I used to cuddle whenever dad was in one of his rages. Only way she’d stop crying. As unpleasant as those memories are, I do miss being that close with her.

I appreciate the kind words! She's definitely grown up a lot the last couple of years and is more independent, so I don't see her as much as I did. But hopefully she knows she can come to me if she needs anything.

You made a post on Sup Forums about snuggling your 12 year old sister. Fuck off with your poor attempt at trolling, and seriously consider necking yourself

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you user. I bet you made her feel so safe in a very rough time in your lives and I hope you feel very proud that you could be there for her.

Hopefully she does :) If you have doubts, tell her, then you will know for sure.

No, I made a post about my decreased snuggling with my sibling, and I wanted to know what others had experienced. Do you have siblings?

Thanks. She’s really worried about me, is all.

I'm worried about you too user. I hope everything is okay for you. If you ever need a hand, please don't be afraid to reach out for help.


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