Who’s your favorite actor?

Who’s your favorite actor?

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Alex Jones.

Ur bitch ass

whut?????are you 12?

he he, you said rude things, you are my new hero.



Not Adam Sandjew.

Liam Nielsen / Jason Statham

I'll literally watch anything they're in. Crank/The Mechanic DONE

Taken [Insert the same premise but change 1 thing] plane train etc etc. Same movie but I'll watch it everytime.

Comedians dont make good movies. But I'll make an exception for Will Ferrell in Stranger Than Fiction. Adam Sandler has always been shit. I've gone back to Billy Madison/Click/Big Daddy/50 first dates

They aged terribly. They fucking suck hard

And Anything serious Robin Williams did as well. I hated his comedy tbh

Lame Needswork can go suck a dick, fucking faggot lib he is.

tom hanks. watch road to perdition and try not to cry like a total faggot.

Jack nicoleson

I don't care about an actor's politics

And I honestly dont think he's a good actor either. I know what I like. And his movies are fucking crack

Hanks best movie in my opinion. Very few people have seen it which is kind of strange. Damn these captchas.

his kid in the movie ended up fucking alexandra daddario in a shit rom com. good on him. but yeah, best cinematography i've ever seen. it actually won an oscar for that but the acting was overlooked.

Transport series underrated

Edward Norton
Very underrated.

Im one of Kevin Spacey's space boys.

you're not a space boy for acknowledging that he's one of the greatest actors ever and that the last season of house of cards was a feminist driven shit show.

You know something... YOU SUCK!

>mfw The person said Liam Neeson in Taken. It was the Tango and Cash of the new millennium

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Keira Knightley

The man has my eternal respect for his performances,usually every movie he is in is good or above.

Some of my favorites are probably American Love Story and LA Confidential.

House of Cards was great because of him,but you cant blame the producers for wanting to disassociate with him based on his little closet episodes. The feminist tumor i take for granted nowadays,but i dont think it was the reason he was kicked out of the show.

He is likely part of the elite actors of the 90s.

So yes im a fucking space boy.

I don’t support dickheads that seek to limit anyone’s freedoms with the money I’d pay them.
There’s a lot I refuse to pay to see/own because of the principle of it all.

Daniel Radcliffe

ok i don't agree with everything you said but that's cool. i hope that we can agree on american beauty being a masterpiece and thomas newman being a genius?

Only one answer

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Nicolas Cage

Quentin Tarantino

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Unfortunately, he retired. "Phantom Thread" was his last movie.

adam sandler is based for constantly casting actresses out of his league to be his love interests. this dude hooked up with KATE BECKINSALE because it was "in the script". respect, adam.

I have a feeling he’ll be back.

Soo...he was behind that

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Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood was one of the most amazing performances ever

but will you drink his milkshake


Agreed. It was the film that got me into the art of cinema rather than just “watching movies”

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What's the deal here?

The one and only

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caitlyn jenner. believe her.