Would you fuck this yeen?

would you fuck this yeen?
name a reason you wouldn't.

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I'd rather kill myself than fuck an animal

Her cunt looks like a dick - no thx


This, also yiff in the deepest circls of hell fucking furfag

This retarded autist again? Are you the same fag who's been trying to force that log shit over the past couple years? Fuck off eat shit and die

1. Not into beastiality and my brain wasn't used as a basketball

>i'd rather die a virgin than to fuck a pretty, sentient and smart yeen
nice going braincell
no, her cunt looks like a cunt and sometimes her clit bulges out of it, when shes aroused its like any other animal cunt.
your point being?
not the log poster, don't really care what you think really, feel free to believe i am that loser
but she's talking and got some human characteristics, isn't that enough?
main problem with bestiality is animals cant consent, she can.

You against everyone else, are you seeking negative attention? Why are you even posting here?

>You against everyone else
bitch you tripping, some people have a good taste
>are you seeking negative attention
no, but it comes, so i go along with it.
>Why are you even posting here?
Sup Forums has a problem with spam and mods are asshole fags, they won't do shit, until they do, i'm fighting the spam with jasiri. also i like the show and it gives it attention.

She can't consent because she isn't real, just cope with it already


You are spam with this gay shit, fucking retard

i'm talking about if she was, faggot
if only you were to fight the actual spam on Sup Forums, maybe this hyena would be less common around, oh wait, i forgot, you like all the sissy and cuck threads

so suddenly being a furry is better than being a sissy or a cuck? ok kid, time for bed

Why dont you just go to trash? I'm pretty sure you would fit there better than on b

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call me what you want mang, not a furry, i just like this hyena, stay triggered mang
because trash did nothing wrong, its Sup Forums that needs fixing.

I think its you who is triggered, nobody wants you here.

If you post your waifu on trash you might even get some OC new pictures you could spam here. Think of the possibilities. You just have to find one other autist who like that hyena and you get flooded with new stuff

don't encourage it

Look I just want him doing the dirty work and end up with more hyena porn pics. I know he is dedicated enough to brute-force himself for something great

>When these idiots come to this thread and post on it, causing it to get bumped up and live longer.
You fucking regards do realize if you ignore these threads they will go away eventually, God damn.

mate i don't really care what you think, as i said, feel free to claim what you want

>nobody wants you here
you're getting nothing from saying this, i already know some people like these threads, i got some fans and friends around here that help with jasiri occasionally.
plenty of autists around here, someone did a semi decent drawing of her, i know trash does hyena threads, i might visit and do her thread there occasionally, thanks for the suggestion
too late user
thanks man, it means a lot to me, i'm trying to fight for good here, not evil
you are a moron mang, if this thread dies, i just start another one, so whether you bump this one or not, you will still see them.

>someone did a semi decent drawing of her
forgot to attach pic related

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