Is everyone on Sup Forums retarded?

Is everyone on Sup Forums retarded?

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Who made that lol

someone who got butthurt about being told to go back, no doubt.


What do you think niggerfaggot?

Nobody is like that in here u stupid nigger faggot

>addicted to masturbation

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I love how creator of the meme dont know the faggot thing.

The joke is that assuming that everyone here is a retard is the norm. But if you're coming here from reddit that makes you a confirmed retard.

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You just gave us prove

nice bateman.. but that's nothing. Check these out.

oh my god such a good maymay! I love how it is culturally diverse that you put chinese people instead of bigoted wh*te people in it.

anyone know how to upvote or give gold to a comment over here?

Yes to everything, no joke.

Not kissless though, married so can't be homosexuality and passed college successfully. Kek.

Dude, that pic is so old chinese wasnt even invented back then.

Your a fucking nigger bro and i hope you get fucked by an 80 yr old trans woman pre op

>smokes marijuana

It should be far worse. This shit is cancer

>Is everyone on Sup Forums retarded?
>most popular memes in your comunity are facebook mom tire
chose one

Redditors are smarter and better

It's mostly true yes, but it's still genuinely better than being a reddit sheeple.

so true it's funny.

A reddit user obviously

My.grandmother sometimes tells me stories about her childhood, where niggers knew their place and would politely hold the door, and you couldn't tell a faggot from a bachelor. She had her suspicions about her neighbor who had a roommate into his sixties but it was none of her business. He still took the garbage cans in on time, and mowed the lawn.

id rather be a Sup Forums tard than use a mac book

No and ruining that wont make it better.
It would be easier to keep it up. Naturally, we can assume that we don't need to even be here. It's like the closing statement in anything to do with our like own little mind thing, we want to not have this and not do this and then we have it and we have to. It's simple and its not cute but we arent allowing anything to actually happen. That territory is strange and we havent really been using this place in any real way for a whole, craigslist just kind of took over, but then tinder and all that popped up so its like we should settle the agreement with ourselves and just keep it allowing only the things we dislike to sit and shelter here. We aren't special in anyway and that is easy to say this way. It makes us have to control ourselves.

No one gets in trouble on here, anyway.

B8 m8

So if we can arrange the mental part of the encounter as a bridge between weening gaps, we may alter the introduction of reality inducing anything the tranquility of any sort of assumptions we then have. No one is more retarded than the person paid to be a retard
No one knows more about being stupid than the person that realizes it. No one thinks in words anymore so the silences we choose are often guided by actions that behave in normal interactions a lot more like the people we know. That we encounter a greater force, we find stupid things more endangered than really caring to make things better.
This isnt a service, we havent got enough to idealize a common ground. That approach is not settled in the important part becoming a silencing act for us to actually appear more happening than the jabber we have for wit in our own kind of iconic backlash at assembling a preamble of thought. We cant entertain a real thought without needing a bad one to settle an arrangement of bottom wrung thoughts bearing the close behavior tied to it so we dont know how to ask questions without coming off that way.
And we is a man and a woman that isnt me and you, if youre a woman, so we cant settle that gyess with only halving words and creating a thinking tone to us. We just have to knyow better then. And sometimes people dont know better. Its not sincere when its you, just you, but people like it and that is effectively a common sort of adolescence. After that we have no power to continue and we do not actually need more silence when we started without knowing how to base that winning silence in our own keen and unannounced selection least...being. it's just normally OP is just a faggot.

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Ok, so obviously you nailed Sup Forums right in the bulls eye, OP. But, I'm pretty sure you've never seen Reddit. Just a circle jerk of multi user fags repeatedly upvoting anything that appears to support their belief systems and down voting anything that doesn't; with no regard to what is informative or entertaining or evidence based. It is the single most glaring misuse of the internet, and the best evidence that humans really do suck.

If redditors had the self discipline necessary to not upvote clickbait and other bullshit, and only upvote posts that are both informative and evidence based, or if reddit would just decrease the voting power of people who consistently upvote BS, then they would have the most valuable crowd sourced information source that the world has ever known, and they could charge people to use it, and make more money than Google.


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This website collapsed under the trolling simply getting out of hand and there no longer offering any objective truth or mutual understanding. All you can do here is talk shit. All talk is shit

Amazing, so insightful.
Please share more infographics, based reddit man.

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That just bad as an art too...

user, this is what they call a string with a very eye-catching bait attached to It

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many butthurt Sup Forumstard in this threat

>thinking Sup Forums is some underground club

Sup Forums has millions of users daily, this has been a normie sure since 2007. You’re mouth breather who comes here thinking you’re apart of something special