Hey niggers check out my Dubs

Hey niggers check out my Dubs

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you tried

haha get fucked nigger

Found your dubs OP you faggot

Get gud son. ^^

Moo. I'm a horse

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Hey god?


Tough luck, OP. Let me show you how it's done, son. Check 'em.

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No, no god. Just proving a point ;)

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Show me that butthole, horseman.

Check out this guys dubs

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There you go :)

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You are all false prophets.


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You both got dubs, wtf.


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Yep. I was so impressed with that myself, I took a screenshot.

Show butt AND a dub at the same time. Pitty the quoted thread of mine wasn't the FIRST one cause that was a dub too

I've got two in this thread :3 Neener neener

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Don’t worry guys, let thrillho show you these...

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I have a Chance sheath that would fit right in that horsey hole.

Pff behold the true power

I'm in for that. Would wear for pleasure... any other chance increasing wearables?

Also, on a side note, imagine I was popular enough to have an extended hand meme...

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check mine

There's a large flared Chance and a medium Tucker too, and I do have a saddle actually. No other wearables though.

Those dubs

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Now you're talking! Quick! Mount me and let's ride to adventure!!!

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You got it horseman!

Someone tell me what I'm high on.... later. At the moment I'm enjoying things too much to care. I'm in my happy place.

Also this chance stuff is working very badly at the moment!

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You're high on leather tanning fumes and BD cum lube. It's a good thing.

That DOES sound like two good things to be high on, but I still want my dubs. I've got less after I put this stuff on lol and I'm starting to think it might be some kind of trap

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The dubs shall come when the time is right. Btw, I like that harness. Is it the one from CPony?

Okay. I have the patience of a horse. I'm glad you like it :P I didn't get it from CPony. I've bought a few things from a number of different places, do I don't actually know where I got this from... might have been somewhere like Leatherotics? Something like that

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I want to pull the trigger on a harness, but can't justify the money right now.

I appreciate that. But, when you can dude, I'm gonna say go for it. You won't regret it!

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I definitely will my guy.

nice singles