Has Sup Forums ever knocked up a girl that they didn't stick around to raise the child?

Has Sup Forums ever knocked up a girl that they didn't stick around to raise the child?

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Nope. Twice manipulated a skank into the abortion clinic with promises of marriage and forever love then dumped them immediately after. I was stupid enough to knock them up but smart enough not to let that seed grow. Good thing too, I'm well off financially and there's no way that would've happened if I had two hellspawn running around the world.

You should know that nigs dont browse Sup Forums

Ya. Costs 400 bux a month to not have to deal with her

Was the creampie worth it?

I had a one night stand with a south american chick in college that I picked up in the bar we frequented. Even though she asked me not to I low key came inside her but acted like I didn't and kept fucking her until I could cum again (on her stomach). I avoided the place for 3 months or so and despite her being a regular there I never saw her again. Her friends were there (they didn't see us leave together, so I guess they didn't recognize me if she did get knocked up).

>Think her name was Rebecca

What position did you cream her in?

It was weird as fuck. I'll greentext it if you keep this thread alive while I type

Do it, user, some of us here need to fap.


>be college me
>just turned 21
>local shithole has let me drink there for over a year b/c they don't check IDs
>she hangs out with some gross chola type chicks
>see her there a lot
>it's a 150+ person bar so I've never talked to her or her gross friends
>have a friend who is into BMWs (big mexican women)
>I wingman him while he hits on her fat friend
>he gets too drunk and gets kicked out
>I'm in deep with this weird chick that barely speaks english
>get drunk enough to say 'fuck it'
>offer to walk her home
>get to her apartment complex
>she keeps telling me her roommate is a feminist and doesn't allow men in the house
>we make out in the alley for a bit
>get scared away by the cops driving by
>instead start making out/fingering her in a basement window box/hole in a nearby apt
>dude who lives there wakes up and calls the cops on us
>we sneak in to her house
>in non-bar light she's maybe a 3/10 face and a 8/10 body
>honestly kind of gross but I'm committed at this point
>I don't have a condom so she lets me raw dog her as long as I don't cum inside
>she starts watching the shitty porn girls like on her macbook
>she asks me to do her in some of the boring ass positions that the girl in the porn is doing
>she cums but I'm sobering up
>I cum in her as she lays face down with me on top
>realize she will be pissed so keep going
>ask her to put on some kind of fucked up stuff so I can cum
>she rolls over and lets me watch porn on her laptop as it sits on her stomach
>finally cum again, mostly on her but I think some got on her keyboard
>she wants to cuddle and get breakfast in the AM
>I literally run out of the house as soon as she doses off
>never tell my GF about cheating on her with a rangey bar whore
>no STDs
>never saw her again


Nice try sheriff.

i really think i knocked up one of my cousins was at a party at my aunt's one year and one of her cousins were there we were up late and all drunk so we both spent the night on the couch its a huge couch so theres enough room but she was wasted and me being drunk and hard decide to creep up behind her and pull her sweats down and i feel her heat right away i cant control my self slide her panties to the side and slide my dick in and it was by far the best pussy i ever had i only lasted like a min and i wanted to pull out but it felt way to good busted balls deep inside her then went to sleep a few months later i find out she was pregnant and she just thinks its her boyfriends

>in non-bar light she's maybe a 3/10 face and a 8/10 body
>honestly kind of gross but I'm committed at this point
I'd do the same in your shoes, tbh.
Normally I wouldn't touch a 3/10 but... horny and tipsy me would go for it instantly if I knew it was an easy lay.

If you're going to write a shitty story like that without punctuation at least tell us what she looked like.

thick body not fat just well built thick ass redhead freckles all over her pale skin

Not sure this counts but anyway...

>moved to medium size country town for work
>make friends with cute blonde at the bank
>mention her to my housemate "She's engaged to the guy who used to live here"
>blonde and I keep hanging out sometimes just the 2 of us, mostly with a group of friends (her fiancee travels a lot with his work)
>she's having second thoughts about the wedding. Objectively, the guy is an arsehat, often aggressive with her, threatening violence
>she and I start fucking
>tell her I'd look after her if she wants to break off the engagement. It would mean us both leaving town and her walking away from her family
>her family put a lot of pressure on her and she goes ahead with the marriage
>month later she's married and pregnant
>5 months later my contract finishes and I leave town
>2 months later she has a son
>6 months later she calls me saying she wants to know for certain who's kid he is. Asks for my blood type, I tell her. Hes not mine.
>calls 5 minutes later in tears, she lied. Says she doesn't expect anything from me and I promise not to cause her trouble
>we've never spoken since

Pics of the girl?
Did you creampie her every time you fucked?

Fake and gay
Who the fuck watches porn while fucking, on their first "date"?

Not gonna do that
Yeah, bareback every time. Never asked her about contraception.


Awww, who hurt you user. It's okay. This is a safe place, you can tell us

Your mom hurt me, she gave me aids and kept you

Come on, don't be a fag.
Just draw a few red lines in the corner of the photo so nobody can backtrace it.

she might have been pretty at some point. she had big acne scars on her cheeks and a big nose that the silky light from a neon PBR sign hid

>her body was great though
>love them ethnic super dark, small nips
>the porn she watched/commented on was terrible tho
>Feel kind of bad for giving her a fakeish name

>draw a few red lines
that's a smart idea user

who ever said it was a date?

I picked her up at a bar and fucked her and left


>have sex
>oh I need some porn
lmao kys larpfaggot

Guys guys, let's not fight, let's remember we're all here to fap.

Well mum always did have a thing for 12yo bad boys that stayed up past their bedtime and got cranky

>oh god he's insulting my mother. How shall I ever recover

Probably, I travel to Thailand once a year and just fuck my through towns, I go raw every now and then

Ages of the girls you fuck?
Did you go to random rural towns or mainly in cities?
How do you normally pick them up?
Do they ever complain when you creampie them?

>got my gf pregnant
>ask her to get rid of it
>she doesn't
>try to make things work
>she never forgives me for asking for termination
>blocks me out of her life
>I lash out at family and friends
>no longer have family or friends or love of my life
>now completely alone
>turn into huge alcoholic
>drunk everyday for last 2 years
>constantly having alcohol withdrawal
>never stop having dreams about them
Its almost like living a nightmare... and even when I sleep I get no relief. life sure sucks Sup Forums

regardless of what you anime videos have taught you, women like to watch porn. If you would have ever been with a women who watches porn, then you would know how shitty and bland the shit they watch is. I watch porn with my wife ~20% of the time, and it's always that overexposed, high budget, semi-romantic kind of shit. You don't have to believe me kid, no one is forcing you. I have nothing to gain by making up a story of some kinda gross one night stand I had with some skeeze from a bar.

>Now go to sleep
>8th grade starts early

Ages - they all said they were 18+ but I have my doubts, a few really coy about telling me their age and always said 18, despite looking much younger

Mainly cities, places like Bangkok, Phucket, Pattaya

Picking them up easy, they're very easy to spot and to be honest most of the times they'll approach you. I've on many occasions fucked one in my hotel room, an hour later got horny again, walk a few yards from my hotel, find a new one and repeat

Some of them do but a lot of the times no, they tend to get treated like shit by most clients so if you're polite, nice, offer turn a drink or something they'll pretty much let you do anything to them

So... they're all prostitutes?

Yup. A girl was cheating on her b.f. with me. They always did the pull out method as she told me. So that's what we did. I fucked her for a couple weeks and I definitely fucked up my pull out more than once. Dude was with her for 5 years. When morning sickness set in we broke it off. She knew and I knew it was mine. But she was fine with putting it on him. That was it. We never spoke again. I only ever saw once in town with her b.f. and a belly starting. Feels mixed emotions. But boss ducked having a kid. WIN

lol faggot

Pic of girl please.

Yeah pretty much, prostitutes are really cheap over there, not worth the effort of actually picking up a girl

>meet person and have sex for first time
>need porn
Lmao kys

>I had sex one time and this didn't happen
>You must be lying
>No women ever does weird shit like look up porn during a random drunken hookup
>Lmao kys
>I'm so cool, I called some guy a liar on the internets

Go back to fucking your wifu pillow you whiny weeb

Well i left your mom to raise you by yourself

>>blocks me out of her life
that’s (if true) is because you’re an idiot

if you want contact with your child, ask a court, numbnuts

Chink here. I impregnated tons of white women in Europe with the promise to marry them and live in gods chosen nation: China

But i went straight to the airport instead after they gave birth

How does it feel knowing hundreds of white guys do the same to your women every year?

Any man who does this should be shot, or at the least have their nuts cut off

Feels alright

I have 3 kids with my wife and 2 with her sister. It’s looking like she’ll want a third one soon, too.

I’m not even cheating, either. My sister in law learned that her husband is sterile about 5 years ago. She didn’t have the heart to tell him he can’t have kids of his own because it was a major thing he wanted in life. He and I happen to look fairly similar. Next thing you know, my wife and SIL are hatching a scheme for me to impregnate SIL and let the other guy claim the kids like normal. He’s a good dude, we get along well, and I knew he’d be a good dad, so I eventually gave in. My wife might be mad if she knew just how much I’ve fucked her sister though. ...And how much we both enjoy it.

What's it like impregnating your sister in law over and over?

Alpha as fuck.