Does anyone else get repeated concepts of "infinity" when they do psychedelics, especially in heavier doses?

Does anyone else get repeated concepts of "infinity" when they do psychedelics, especially in heavier doses?

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Nope just you. Fucking Google it Mongolian.


I spent a couple of hours trying to Imagine infinite see-thru once

Yeah i've gotten it through deep meditation on edibles as well, its more like time seems to not be a factor anymore and you're just you and time can feel a lot longer, I remember one shroom trip with a heroic dose in my room completely dark, it felt like I was in there for about 5 days, which I knew wasn't the case but yeah it was quite intense and creepy but enlightening at the same time

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I did like 50 mg of 4 aco DMT and I would literally feel like I was being immersed into infinity constantly with visions like this but literally like I was flying through it, and get some kinda conception of the universe constantly expanding like this.

I did 4 gs of mushrooms and almost the same experience happened too.

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I remember a 24g shroom trip, Haha good time

yeah on psychedelics in larger doses if I lie down and close my eyes and smoke dabs / good herb with the shrooms it's like I feel like I can be frozen in a moment of time and be stuck in it as long as I like and focus on a single thought and completely visualize it. Very euphoric feeling.

With LSD and psylocibin i've seen what the subconscious part of my mind looks like and it's always infinite layers of information like if the human mind resembles some kind of program or simulation. Maybe we are biological computers after all and "life" might be something that didnt start randomly but is of intelligent design.
Or maybe i was just high as fuck...

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Yes. I also found myself stuck in infinity too a few times. The same endless piece of music looping forever

I've only been able to understand infinity when on psychedelics, when you're not in that state of mind, you really don't understand how infinite infinity is. Truly how INFINITE it is

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does it get that much more intense because the most i've done is 7 gs because i hear the intensity isn't that much stronger at that point.


Instead of infiniti I gained the impression that the things generated in front of me where just reinterpertations of the things i already past. So no, not infiniti but actually quite the finite nature of all of it.

im 12 and this is deep

I've seen a very similar vision myself, it's like this but in the form resembling the brain and imagery.

i wish i could draw haha.

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how much have you done? i used to say this but when i'm absolutely blasted on that shit it feels like i am being literally pulled out of my body into some kind of world where there are portals of infinity and constant expansion, feeling like time can be very rapidly accelerated or literally frozen on mental command.

Depends on the last use, still has a tolerance. Used an MAOI also

Kys to u too sweaty :*

>used an MAOI also

lord almighty

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You guys need drugs to do it?

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you can't really grasp it soberly imo.

Ive abused salvia and destroyed my reality, 24g shrooms w/maoi, 250mg DMT, 25 tabs LSD and 5 tabs ALD-52, etc

As if you "grasped" it high.

Hmm... Remember you're just tampering with your brain normal functioning. Basically, you're like a computer with a memory stack allocation error. Just saying.

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Yes always.

You mean fractals? Then yes