Faggotshit general

faggotshit general...



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There is already a thread for this, but it is in fairness pretty dead.

didnt know. i did look before and did not see. ty

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This is really fucking hot

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what would be hotter is finding someone to try this with


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Wait... Is this cub?


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Hey is there some trappy boy or girl (I doubt that but still asking) searching for a "friend"?
My discord is @TwoHands#1263

Sasha is a god

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Fuck I love cub. Love this artist too. She does great things. Need more shit like this in my life.

my dicK

Isnt there more to this?

Wish i had a Sashabelle in my life

hey frens whats going on he-

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Link to the artist?

...can we make this a g/cub thread?
We haven't had those in a while.

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I miss old seth art its a shame that he deleted it all

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