Was thinking to get pic related from Walmart today to ignite it in a frying pan in my room and cover all air vents with...

Was thinking to get pic related from Walmart today to ignite it in a frying pan in my room and cover all air vents with towels and pillows. Then i play some COD and browse Sup Forums and hope finally i will fall asleep and be free and never wake up again. Its so easy and no struggle at all, its painless and stressless you just will fall asleep gently. Given this method is so smooth and flawless and you feel absolutely no discomfort, i really wonder why people dont choose this way. Why dont you just do it?

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based af do it fgt

Charcoal removes acne right?

>was thinking

>>>attention seaking faggot

Just kys already pussy

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At least go out with style. Get Kingsford.

Dont do it, attend church on sunday and you will find new hope in life. I was like you though i tried to overdose. I failed thanks god. Now my life turned 360 and i actually enjoy life because i let Jesus in my heart

Light charcoal on fire and die that way faggot , or are you too much of a bitch to go out like a boss ?

OP won't deliver.

Better get some tampons for your pussy OP

At Walmart right now just give me some time ok?

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You passed the tampon isle fagg-o-saurus rex


This is now a charcoal discussion thread.

Ive used kingsford blue bag and it sucks for general cooking but its really good for use in a charcoal smoker. Ive also used this generic sonora brand charcoal that is sold everywhere in CA but it cracks and pops alot and has rocks ant other shit. Picked up a huge bag of best of the west charcoal, its another sonora mesquite charcoal pretty good but i have found some rocks and pieces that are way too big. Finally rockwood lump is really good. Not as easy to light as the others but it is a much nicer smell when it gets going. Very hot burning and lasts a long time. Downsides is its really expensive and there were lots of small chips that had to be carefully arranged so the didnt fall through the charcoal chiminey or grates.

How much is kingsford?

In Hong Kong this is popular. They call it a indoor BBQ. Became a saying meaning you want to kill yourself.

I like the match light kingsford it's never lead me astray. But I do agree with you that the blue bag is only good for a smoker or putting an iron chip box in your grill filled with wet wood chips.

Well i usually spend $100 when it goes on sale for like $9.99 for the twin pack 18lb x2.

>Still tries to overdose

Make sure you turn off your fire alarm

Which COD? And PS? If so what’s your handle? I’m curious if I ever 360 noscoped you from across the map.

Carbon monoxide is denser than air and will creep in other units. You don't want to poison your neighbors do you?

Cowboy Lump is the worst charcoal. Mostly furniture scraps; you'll even find the occasional nail. go with Royal Oak or Big Green Egg lump charcoal. Worth the extra bucks.

lurk moar faggot

Cowboy Lump but doesn't finish off with RDR2
>tfw you'll never die with ol Black Lung

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Get some adult diapers while your there. Make the clean-up much easier after you're dead.

Cowboy lump is the shit but quite expensive. Therefore you get good shit probably amazon wood too. Never found metal or stones in it. If you can, buy cowbow lump

>Given this method is so smooth and flawless and you feel absolutely no discomfort
how? burning doesnt just produce co, it also produces a lot of smoky byproducts that you choke on

why are you buying hygiene products if you're going to kill yourself?

Because i smell like shit and spray myself with deodorant and then put the item back in the shelf

You dont burn it you just let it glow