Nostalgic Art / Old Internet thread, baby!

Nostalgic Art / Old Internet thread, baby!

Faps from the past, fun conversation about the early days of the Internet, and that sort of thing.

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Remember this one?
Remember Misty?

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Luna noooooo

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You're worried about the cat?

I miss when hentai was this weird.

Look. A woman fucked by her talking sapient penis.

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I was like 10 years old (definitely didnt understand sexual arousal) and saw this parody of misty in an issue of mad magazine and all i knew was that i liked her belly and that her pants were undone

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Satanic legos

Lolis with bellies huh? Look at these lil' pigs.

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It's slightly distressing after finally watching the show.

Yeah i the sexual connotations kinda creep me out now. It may have played a role in me developing a fart fetish though, as i gathered that's what was happening in the panel...that and banjo kazooie of all things.

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Good thread, wt snacks would be proud
10/10 would ban

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...what is up w/ the perspective of her left eye and right butt cheek?!

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Oh right. The witch was gassy, even when she turned into her hot form.

>Getting aroused by farts

this takes me back

I dont remember her being gassy in the hot form (i wish), but i remember thinking about the hot version farting after one of the "facts" about gruntilda revealed in the endgame was that one of her party tricks was blowing up balloons with her butt.

No way. I've been lucky enough to meet girls willing to indulge my fetishes and i owe it all to that goofy bear and his bird friend.

I remember fairly early on getting our first family computer (i was probably 11-13 years old) I printed out a pic similar to this one (i think i also had one of jill valentines face covered in cum) and kept them folded up in my dresser tucked under the paper drawer liner. One day after school i went to look at them and they were GONE. My grandma still folded and put my clothes away at this point so i knew she'd found them. No one ever said anything, but i will never forget the horror of finding them missing.

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I love that game
>nice trips satin

>The fucking eyes

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Remember Azumanga?
Remember sexy and smart Sakaki?

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i did not need this on this day of days


I actually grew up with this.

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