What does eating ass taste like

what does eating ass taste like

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lol enjoy getting b& and v& op

Eggs and a bit of hammy

what kinda retard terminology is that

explain pls

Like florida

like any ass, you have one too

Are you baiting or are you new?

It doesn’t taste like anything if your bitch takes care of her holes properly


have the rest of that set? id kill for it

milky nikels

If she’s clean than it shouldn’t taste like anything really. You may get a weird taste at first but it’ll go away. Just stick your tongue in there and lap it up!

1) Stick a plate in your toilet
2) Shit on it
3) Haul plate out
4) Eat the shit
Exactly like that

you ought to see her scat content

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I'm interested

>stick your tongue in there and lap it up
I don't think so. The only thing going in my gf's asshole is my dick.

same, lets see it, have a mega?

the set is 3GB
links to it are mostly dead

it is sort of gritty and you have to wash your mouth out after. the girl will probably like it though and that is a problem because she might want you to do it again and then you have to eat that shit again so i wouldn't recommend starting that.

Can taste like shit, or can be intoxicating.

Both, for hardcore enthusiasts

For real tho it taste kinda like that feeling when you lick the top of your lips too much and it’s kinda got that raw feeling and taste. If she’s got a dirty hole that’s a different story