Flat chest/small boobs thread

Flat chest/small boobs thread

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This little titty princess is Cartographa#6174 on discord if anyone wants

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What should I do with this information?

whatever you want fam. Talk to her, scare her, jerk off to her, w/e.

I don't buy it, this seems LARPy
post more of her

Aight. Dunno what you mean by LARPY but here u go

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Like I bet it's just you running the discord for weird kicks

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nah ive got my own discord. i don't actually know the chick personally, i just got her stuff from a guy she was with


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not sure if small

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I'd say just barely teetering into medium territory, A for effort.

too small?

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Maybe a B cup, but lovely and homely girl.

It's never "too small".

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what size do u think she is?

AA cup, probably. Delicious.

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Is this small enough?

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It's OK, but smaller is better.

Too big.

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Small enough?

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Try posting smaller tits than pic related.

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maybe this angle would be better

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That's a man.

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Homely means ugly. Comely is the word you were looking for.

too big we dont want those cowtits here


I like them small. How about you?
Kik emmittholt

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I can assure you she isn't.

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I can see his balls from here.


I have personally seen her vulva.

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Why do we like small bitties?

Just google image search Asian whore

Daddy likes this one.
Thank you for sharing her with us.

But she's a little bit ugly, and lovely at the same time...

Nice bee stings

Because girls with small breasts tend to look more feminine and delicate. At least that's my reason.

This seems illegal


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More of this

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go on


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Infectious smile