What's the most offensive thing you can say in 2019?

What's the most offensive thing you can say in 2019?

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I support Hong Kong

Well when it comes to women? Maybe..."hello" or "hi"

People in general? "I disagree with you"

All black women deserve to be raped by Trump

also checked

Dems censor like China because they want to be like them and Russia, and Republicans don't want abortion so Trump can have have more children from the women he rapes to take over his throne and handle the states directly after he dies from a Sudafed overdose.

"You're wrong"

“Good morning sir”

"There are only two genders, you should seek mental help."

"Hey, I think we should abolish gender neutral bathrooms and give women their own private spaces to relieve themselves."

"I'm voting for Trump."


"I voted for Hilary Clinton and I love her"


Boys have a penis girls have a vagina


you should try talking to women once in a while, maybe get a girlfriend whose last name isn't .jpg

Honestly this.


There is nothing wrong with racism.


People should only have sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation.

Words? Offensive?

I only use offensive words when somebody is trying to something mean, but sucks at doing it

>Hurr Durr you're a incel week

Oh jeez really¿


Well anyway. Fuck spell correct in. Yeah...

trumps a faggot who fucks a tranny

I am male.

“I’m white”

The Americans, who have dominated science, medicine, engineering, and global affairs in general for the last century, might not actually be inferior to every other country with stricter gun laws. The people from those other countries might just envy us and feel insecure about how inconsequential their own country is.

get fucked

Niggers getting carried in white nations until the nigger becomes a majority

Saying the n word without a pass

There is only two genders and faggots are disgusting degenerates.

Historically it will fail

Wrong. There's actually only 1 gender, because women are technically considered property.

>can't even type nigger

They eat the poo poo
And spread icky brain bugs like how mice get all horny for cat pee pee somthing something cat lady .Gods Design. Sex with Degenerates Male/female used to and still does cause puss covered marks your face would burn off from Shame and bacterial infections But we have modern medicine to save these HIV spreaders could cure cancer but degenerates spend Sheckles .
Pro tip H202 cures Cancer

Cis White men should be castrated and kept in gay captivity to be raped and cured of their incel status

Have sex

I'm straight.

All the people saying nigger, faggot, 2 genders etc are a lot less edgy than they think. None of that is interesting or novel in 2019. It’s boring and trite because you’ve been saying the same shit for years. Everyone has already learned to dismiss you as the impotent incels you are

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You can say whatever you want. Everything offends someone and if it does tough titties.

Why do people get so up in arms when people get offended by something they say? People might get offended if I say “welfare makes poor people poorer” but I don’t give a shit.

I have never offended a woman by saying hi.

Offense isn’t censorship. Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean someone is stopping you from saying it.

That hairline is the most offensive thing in your post

Im proud of being white