If you could travel back in time and fuck someone thats now old or dead who would it be?

If you could travel back in time and fuck someone thats now old or dead who would it be?

For me it would be Ingrid Steeger from Germany...

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Eve from Garden of Eden.

Carrie fisher

Carrie Fisher would be nice

Kinda wanna fuck Anne Frank’s dirty hairy attic pussy

The bronte sisters, but really charlotte bronte. Shes the one on the left. Emily is in the middle and anne is on the right. Though back then anne was fair game at age 16.

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Your mom

that's fucking beautiful

Shirley Temple at 19

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Who dat?

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some nazi chick. Ursula Haverbeck google for more :^)

Jesus, the fucking stank on these girls. Even going back to like, the 50's and 60's would be disgusting. Imagine being Elvis, you get all this prime pussy and it all fucking reeks because they haven't washed themselves for a week.

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Anne Frank

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Princess Diana

Annette Schwartz

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the first woman
so all of humanity can stem from a worthless neet incel neckbeard fatty
checkmate evolutionists

Isn't that Himmler's daughter? Got any more of her?

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I dont get it. Whats the joke here.


No she's not. That's actually Amanda Forell.

your mom OP

all day ery day

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honestly though...Hillary Clinton was fucking sexy when she was in her 20s

jesus chirst I love you, yessssss I doooooooooo

Madchen Amick at 20

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Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby...

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Your mother if you don't reply to this post and she dies in her sleep tonight


Audrey Hepburn

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Joan fucking Jett.
>bet she fucked like a lioness

>forgot pic

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you know what they say, semen stains the mountain tops, semen stains the mountain tops

so nice he sang it twice

julie newmar, catwoman costume and everything.

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Tbh she look like she could still do that

I would fuck your grandma in her prime

OPs mum.

Honestly, my sister. I don't really even want to fug her, I just want to see and be able to hug her again.

This girl. The one on the poster.

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God could you imagine wanting to do your bit for the war effort and this is what you get, you become the VD girl

rules are rules, this time machine is for fucking only
(also stay strong, user.)

Die war so geil früher

I'll fuck her if that's what it takes

kate pierson or cindy wilson. even today at like 70

user, im sure shes been with you more than you know. She is a part of you, Always

Anne Frank

Both. With the iceblock too.

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Marie Antoinette that pale beauty hnnnnnnng

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In the aeroplane over the sea (the album cover posted) was partially inspired by the song writer reading the diary of Anne Frank and dreaming about going back in time to rescue her from the nazis. The lyrics throughout the album also have sexual themes.

Daisy Duke

Shirley temple at 8

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I'd like to fuck a woman with some real hobbies outside of watching The Office. Find me one.

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>Shirley temple at 8

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Dominique Swain.

>Dominique Swain.

Go outside and talk to people you autistic fuck

A young Caroline Munro FML

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Ever since I watched lolita

She was cast so goddamn perfectly for that movie holy shit.

How could ANYONE say "no" to this?

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Are you German? If not, how did you get to know her?

Amelia Earhart. Given her persona I bet she was wild in the sack.

>Amelia Earhart. Given her persona I bet she was wild in the sack.

Amelia was a freckled, redheaded lesbian. I thought this was common knowledge?

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I've seen that video so many times, and now once more. Literally perfect for the role. I don't even like lolita that much, but she was amazing in it.


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Amanda Langlet

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I work with people every day and date regularly. What's the last genuinely interesting woman you talked to and what are her hobbies? I'm waiting.

a harem of hitler youth girls

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Linda Blair

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same, Got a massive hard on when I first watched the trailer.

Jennifer Connelly

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Geri Jewell from that very special episode of The Facts of Life

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too bad she's a lesbo


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Fuck yeah Audrey Hepburn. Beautiful person in a beautiful body.

except for all those illnesses and physical brittleness.


I'd fuck him right in the ass.

Nah, no tits

Threesome with these two

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Amy JO Johnson the original Pink Ranger.

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1980s Pheobe Cates.

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Yes i know her because im German. I think Ingrid steeger gave me my first boner. She was so sweet and beautiful at a young Age.

But she hadnt much luck since then. She is 70+ currently living from welfare and sick as far as i know.

That would be magical.