Loli thread cuteness overload edition

loli thread cuteness overload edition

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liking lolis is wrong

I'm a lawyer and I like lolis

loli is love
loli is life

how can you say that, lolis deserve head pats :>

Why is this shit everywhere, wtf is the joke? besides the poster?

Nah, it's a spambot, you google it and you get to a shop that sells "free watches - just pay shipping" but the shipping is like 25$ for a crap watch you get on aliexpress for 1$ including shipping

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Well that's a massive let down, thought as least it would more dolphin porn.

I love wholesome stuff like this, back when I was 15 my gf had just turned 14 and we hang out like that. and to think we're getting married now before I'm joining the army.
whis me luck.

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Good luck, user!

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You’re goin to jail, counselor

Good luck dying for Israel

Damn, that's qt

My little sister used to be like this around me, and around my family in general. Now she's slightly older and really distant from all of us. Feels bad.

no one can be jailed for mere thoughts

liking lolis is wrong
loving lolis is right

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>getting married
>joining army

Pick one brother. Jody is gonna be balls deep in your girl the second you deploy.

What's wrong with that?

I mean, I guess if that's the state of their relationship then more power to them.

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Good luck not coming back a shell of a broken man

You can’t be put in jail for mere thoughts but thanks to sexually violent predator laws your sentence can be upgraded to life for them

I know that feel, my cousin used to crash at my place since she lived litteraly 2 houses away, and we would spend our weekends like that.

Good times, I'm looking back at it with plenty of nostalgia...

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Yeah... she's already cheating, dawg...

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I want a loli to sexually tease me

I can hear this picture and it sounds annoying.

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These are some mighty fine lolibutts you're posting. Good work.

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liking anything but lolis is wrong
most men prefer the qualities of young women

Just for the sake of argument, hebe is where it's at.

Lolis are for cuddling and loving.

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I fucking love loli
I love fucking hebe
Fucking milfs to make more lolis

that's the circle of life

I like women who haven’t hit puberty yet

Your fiancé is going to fuck niggers while you are gone

hebe = old hags

Your fetich isnt the same as real life :)

That's!!!!.....That's actually a deep truth... What a wise depraved nigger you are, can't deny that logic

no she won't, she hates niggers and shitskins more then I do since she sees the danger they pose to our society and childeren.

Roll for International Day of the Loli!

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roll. give me someone to cuddle!

rolling, hoping 8-1

Christmas is cumming early this year.

Don’t those things have an agitator pole up the middle?


anyone know a good site for loli animation?

smaller japanese ones usually don't

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Can someone post loli bdsm porn please?

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Thank you sir

the male character of this show is such a faggot. how can he ignore her advances? if i were him, my dick would be in her ass 24/7,

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I agree

plus imagine how crazy sex would be with all the funny stuff she invents!

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What's the show?

Ueno-san no bukiyou

More wholesome loli plz

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I want wholesome lolis turned into bondage lolis

willingly if possible. Willing lolis > forced lolis

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Gonna need sauce on that

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