Just found Datura. Should I smoke it?

Just found Datura. Should I smoke it?

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take drugs kill a bear

there are no bear in my place. I got Datura though

Don’t be a fucking retard

Unless you know what youre doing youll kys

this plant scare you?

no bear no drugs

Fuck yeah it does, I’ve smoked weed and I’ve smoked DMT but datura is the one you don’t fuck with

I'm gonna smoke the seeds

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Do it. Assuming you don't die, attempt to post results.

>ive smoked weed and DMT
woah calm down there hunter s thompson

Id like to think of myself more of a Terence McKenna

Smoking this right now

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holy shit gl hf

Be sure to write trip report faggot


it tastes like shit but is smokable

You feelin it???

Trip report #1
It calms me down

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Clean your fucking keyboard

Is the fucking keyboard on your bed without a sheet

You ded?

That is the keyboard of a mentally ill person.


Trip report 2.

I'm fucking tired all of a sudden

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You're going to die.

How tired we talking, like just woke up or like 12 hour work day

Nothing is happening

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Do it for science

Takes 30 minutes to an hour to kick in.

wait a minute are you a french frog?

are you dead

You’ve got at least 20 minutes man until you might start to see some stuff

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You bet

Smoked it all. I'm fine but really slow

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damn thats so cool

q haces diego deja de fumar giladas en francia

If you wanna experience the real effect you have to pulverize the seeds and let them dry for a while
Datura is extremely potent when you smoke the seed powder and it will high likely send you into a delirium
If you're willing to fuck up your brain for a one time thing, go for it! you'll kys soon enough after it

How did you guess?

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Not french frog guess guy, but you can obviously tell by the freaking letter beneath the plant on your first picture...

I don't see why I should pulverize seeds. Smoking entire seeds is surely the same.

My brother literally taught me about the plant because he had drugged some asshole with it since he wanted to get back at the guy
If you pulverize and dry it out the potency apparently spikes alot more than smoking shitty seeds
Seeds aren't exactly concentrated since there is other crap in there apart from the shit that gives you the delirium effects

this datura blunt was just fine.
will do it again

I Will smoke the root and flower later

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no it isnt powder burns better more smoke at once and shit atleast thats my theory also
i was on r/banter

i onced eated some seeds and nothing happened.

I heard that there is a specific moment when the plant becomes psicoacttive

The seeds are the most deadliest, the biggest factors are still how old the seeds are and where and when they grew
There have been reports of people dying after a few seeds or alot of seeds
You're playing a dangerous game, either you'll die or lose your mind and might just forget what you'll have done the next few days

scopolamine is not a good recreational drug

go get some good indica skunk bud and smoke it

can you dry the roots and make them into a cigar without grinding it you know that would be cool

good reference

>Uses tobacco
Blunt..... ok normie

This man is filthy

kek time for 1g pure datura joint

>You're playing a dangerous game
I love this plant so I can't be afraid. She's a beautiful plant. Even the repulsive smell is attractive to me.

absolute madman

I'm a fan of Alexander Shulgin.
Used his PIKHAL and TIKHAL books as a ...tour guide of sorts.

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I'm pure filth

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"I can't be afraid" Well you maybe aren't but the toxins in it are sure not scared to kill you
With what you smoked, you should wait 2 weeks before even trying it again since the build up of tolerance is so huge
It's possible that if you continue using it right now that you'll just straight up DIE
You're a warned man
I would not even fuck with it in general because i have seen what it has done to a human being

What’s up with the knife on the bed

this whole planet is toxic.
Thanks for your advice about tolerance build up.
I already smoked it in the past, to the point I couldnt see clear at short distances, then I stopped.
Psychologically I went full schizo about world order elite's plot. Discovered the jews.
Let's see now what it brings

I've read up on it a bit more now while this post was going on
Be careful if you do it again, there have been reports of people having cigs in their hands (even non smokers)
Often if you look away it'll disappear and you'll go crazy looking for the dropped "cig"
Alot of times people see related people/family and will go into full conversations with them until they shortly look away and vanish out of thin air
This plant should definitely not be taken lightly, it will cause you to see shit and do shit that you have no idea of
Do this with a trip sitter!

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My sitter is Datura

datura trip reports on erowid are the best... That is, from people who didnt die, obviously kek

Sérieux, va te laver Jean Pierre Baptiste. On dirais un SDF qui squatte. Putain comme vous êtes sales les Fr, c'est abusé.

Smoking this again.
Also ate a raw leaf for good measure

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Uhh, dude stop lol, you did enough already. You can die relatively easy from the shit.

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J'm en branle

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You're gonna die mate, i've been informing you all along
You literally have a death wish at this point, this isn't genuine interest in the hallucinations anymore
If you don't die from this you had a shitty Datura with barely any potency behind it
If it's not the toxins that kill you it will be the delirium that makes you do some dumb shit
Rip user
May you be remembered for your dumbshittery

Ça a quel goût? On dirait un petit zdeh de shit

Don't call my beloved plant shitty thanks

A friend of mine are a handful in high school.
He still stutters and has cognitive issues almost two decades later...
I'm serious, be fucking careful with that shit. It's not just a halucinogen, it's poison.

ca a un gout d'égout

Sorry, *ate not are.

Don't worry I'm immune to fearmongering

If you're gonna smoke some more against my advice
Trip report or fag

Yep, my friend went into delirium, was arrested, hospitalized and tried to rip out his Cath line.
Apparently his nurse had never heard someone scream like that.

I'm so calm right now... I love the stuff


mdr heureux de pas être celui qui le fume
T'es dans quel coin? C'est pas dans les parcs parisiens que j'vais en trouver...

It was the only plant I found on my trip today. I walked alot and found her while returning to my car. It was amidst huge fields so I was surprised to find only this one.

je suis dans la pauvreté du Gard

I used to live in a place that had loads of them
From the nearby farmer's fields to my own backyard
Never fucked with it because i know how fucked up they are
They're pretty much the most toxic thing to do if you wanna hallucinate

rip in peace french shaman user

Holy shit my nose is so fucking dry, but overall it's pretty good for a free plant

cant you just take normal wild drugs like idk fly agarics insteat of that shit

So, go look on erowid. My trip report from that shit should still be on there. Its from quite some years ago. Think i called it something along the lines of "time lapses". Its under train wrecks section. The shit is nothing to fuck with man. Long story short, In the moment, i thought i was coherent and shit was cool - i wasn't even WHERE i thought i was as it turned out. Total disconnect. Thank god for my friends that day.

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I just love the smell of Datura. And the touch.
Would never touch mushrooms, too gooey

The dude is smoking datura. Wet, not even dried. You think he has his shit together?

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On what i've read of trip reports on Erowid and other sources
The dryness is a sign of you going into a shitty place
Potential death or psychosis

but mushrooms are cool they look nice and smell okay

They're literally not gooey. Chewy, kind of. Gooey, they're waaaay to fresh. Need 4x the amount of fresh to get any effect.

the seeds I'm smoking ARE already dry. it's october, the plant has both sort of pods, closed green, and open brown with black dry seeds

I'm already psychotic in the first place so it may cure it

I feel like my eyes are going out of their orbits

or make it worse. good luck.

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u alive

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of course.
I'm not gonna die from this, I just smoke it progressively
I have a dry mouth and great peace of mind.

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You’re a dumbass and when you die we’ll all laugh because you had it coming

fuck fuck, I can't remember what I did the next few days, am I doomed?