Where do traps even come from...

Where do traps even come from? Like where do they get the money for the transition etc most of the time they come from places where getting that kind of money is very hard to make..

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a job with healthcare or first world country with unconditionally free healthcare

People like you who monetarily support them, and spread "the good word" about.

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You literally just answered your own question.
The place that transgender women come from is extremely hard.
Trans rights are human rights

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Except you completely forgot to mention race in regard to your question which is a major factor

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Ignorance is bliss as they say.
I wish transition was the only aspect of life that makes it harder for transgender women unfortunately it gets much worse than that when you take into consideration suicide rates and murder rates homelessness rates a multitude of other factors that make it essentially impossible to be transgender in today's society and have a decent quality of life

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There's also racism which transgender people experience a specific flavor of much more toxic than cisgender blacks

The fact that any transgender people make it is amazing.

And with the current attitude of society can you even say a single transgender person has made it

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An extremely high percentage of transgender women turn to sex work as an option

Which is usually where these women get murdered, it's a unique existence where sexually exploiting yourself can help achieve your goals but also get you murdered in the exact same breath

That cannot be said for the majority of people in modern society.
No matter how disparaged your living situation is as a cisgender person your life is not thrown into question when you attempt to raise your standard of living

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Also you could take into consideration the fact that the government does not even consider transgender people as legitimate classes to be protected.
It is currently legal to be fired for being transgender in nine out of 10 states

in countries where Healthcare is free the basic Healthcare System puts you on a waiting list just to even receive mental health diagnosis so this is extremely fraught with dangers that specifically increase the suicide rate in these countries

Not only that but very few (very few to be read as none) jobs that offer Health Care actually provide health care for transgender women so this is a non-starter it's hard enough to get Healthcare as a cisgender person.

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>9/10 states
Holy shit, that's like, the whole country, man! Image 9 states not caring that people want to mutilate their genitals, if it means population control!

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Literally nobody cares. There are people with life threatening illnesses, who can't afford their surgery, double fuck any ideas that mutilation of your dick/pussy should be placed above those people.

I'll entertain your sexualized fetishes, and use your pronouns, but you're fucking tripping if you're implying what is basically cosmetic surgery, should be covered by any insurance or god forbid free.

>makes it impossible to be a transgender in today's society
pretty sure it's always been harder and now we're in a transitional period. probably wont work out for the trannies though, acceptance of mental illnesses historically doesnt last that long

the majority of people dont have to lie about their gender and then habe sex with someone to boost their standard of living

>but healthy people need surgery and medicine too!
Hospitals and drug companies just give whatever people need for the sake of money, especially ones that can pay. It's capitalism, baby!

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Circling around the topic. I never said healthcare was perfect. I'm saying that people with legitimate health problems are more important than people who want to fucking rekt their whole downstairs.

yeah cosmetic surgeries like getting a sex change are not on the same level of importance as even getting your wisdom teeth taken out, let alone any other surgery

and they'll probably just kill themselves afterwards like the vast majority of them do, anyway. Why waste the resources if they were ever to become available. Lol

you're right it's hard to be diagnosed with it but private doctors are really cheap and will diagnose anyone who pays enough sadly.
i didn't need a diagnosis because of birth defects, my doctor already had it down on record and so i was sent on my way.

to answer your question
some trans girls i know have boyfriends who helped pay for private doctors, some waited and some sold themselves online or physically.
i only know a few that had surgery to remove their penis and they're the girls that sold themselves and had a boyfriend who paid for it.

I wasn't against your state men, i was for it. All i was going for was the fact that people with illnesses require treatment, but because the national news focuses on one topic, and more people follow it, then that's where doctors and surgeons, and drug/hormone company gain to make the most money.

I didn't feel like you were opposed, but the wording felt deflective. Just running my point a little more down field. I'm schizophrenic and drunk, so sometimes I say things in a dumb way.

This is a non-answer
That specifically goes against modern representation of transgender woman in psychological communities

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Actually it's extremely easy to be diagnosed as I was diagnosed for a total of $50 but I'm not a transexual I'm a transgender woman

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Someone with a more extreme illness requires a more extreme solution so we should obviously put transgender people above those with heart disease right

When it comes to society operate on a triage based function

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If 41% of transgender woman commits suicide by the age of 25 then I think that's a serious health condition

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Oh, you're confused. I wasn't giving anybody an answer, I was stating that tranny problems aren't as relevant to any society, as opposed legitimate health issues.

You're spouting random factoids about a day in the life of a trans, I was simply stating there are more important healthcare based issues.

dysphoria is a real psychological condition
its not permanent and its more acute during puberty and it causes major depression
life sucks and sucks even more when you dont feel who you are and cant even tell why

they dont suicide cause of their condition
its more the online/irl abuse, forced out of society, parental avoidance, forced into porn/prostitution for money... etc
correlation does not mean causation

no mental problem is relevant to society
only relevant to the person that suffers it
dysphoria actually has a much simpler way for treatment than most psychological conditions

That number doesn't decrease much post-op, either, so instead of focusing on transitioning, maybe we should be focusing on mental health instead.

the number is made up
>muh 41%

that was my point. getting yourself diagnosed is easy depending on your countries regulations. no "transgender" therapist, psychologist or some other bullshit will turn down a client if they pay them. they will try and delay it for more money but by going private, anyone can get diagnosed with being trans

No mental problem is relevant to society. Lolk Why do most chink buildings have netting around them again? Oh yeah, because employees are (Stressed) as fuck, and jump out of windows on almost a weekly basis.

Serial/spree killers surely have no effect on our society.

Fuck off. Lol

>did you just watched joker or something?

the nets arent there to help people with suicide
they are there to keep you working sub-goy

You're fucking stupid. Lol

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>calls people stupid
okay i guess you won

Your tryhard is showing. Better luck next time. :)

not all of them, that's mainly a tory jew britbong and "first world" nordic country problem as far as i'm aware

medically transitioning doesn't completely scratch the itch of gender dysphoria. subsequent surgeries become the norm to delete previous features and simulate new ones. makeup and hormones have limitations, and while they change the outward appearance, the inner drive to continue pursuing change carries on.

true change must come from within. dysmorphia is a psychiatric condition that needs to be addressed for the health and longevity of the individual afflicted by it.

medical procedures are a seemingly quick & effective route to feeling better. many post op trans are shocked when they realize the surgery did not address, but instead complicated, their desire for change.

the statistics are available and are a worthy read for anyone considering going under the knife or injecting hormones.