Why are Jews hated?

Why are Jews hated?
I heard in their bible to deceive outsiders. Is it true?
I'm Christain and will love regardless but will do what I can to fight the good fight.

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See every social collapse in history

because jews run the world and people are upset with how the world is

Did they really control everything and it collapsed? I grew up to laugh about jews cause it was a joke. Now I'm not sure if its a joke anymore.

This right here is what we call a retard. Jews are a scapegoat for low IQ white individuals who can’t wrap their mind around how the world actually works. Blacks do the same to whites. Jews were forced into certain professions centuries ago and mastered their craft and now the world hates them for it. Same with whites, blacks hate them for being successful. A quick google search will debunk 99% of the photoshopped memes you find on pol. Use your brain and do your own research

If they're not in charge, they actively conspire, cheat, lie and steal to break down social hierarchies, governments and start conflicts

Nothing wrong with being smart

Conspiracy theories. Started in middle ages, the jews were prosecuted because of a different religion so they stuck together and would make closed societies which made people start rumors, especially amongs hardcore christians who saw them as killers of christ. There were other reasons many jews had connections and used them to start banks, be traders, in other way to survive and not be fucked they had to make themselves useful to countries therefore they were in midsts of communism and capitalism both.
But they were always rich which made money hungry kings and dictators use them as a national bank as in steal their shit and kick them out. To this day jews refuse to go back to spain because of the inquisitions.
It's really fascinating, but don't trust neo nazi propaganda it's what it is, every fucking piece I ever saw was debunkable in 5 minutes. In the end it's not worth the trouble to debunk, wasted way too much time on that scum already.

Because Google totally is unbiased and will not feed you bad information or change results to shine a better light on things.

To add also, they have shitty people amongst them for sure, the hardcore jews and israeli nationalists that are no better than any other far right groups. But when these neo nazis treat EVERY jew as a subhuman or an asshole it's really fucked up. Most jews aren't even religious and pay lip service if even that, most are even atheist.

Paranoid much? How much? Much to much.

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But in their bible does it say outsiders are cattle and to deceive them? I would like to google the quote if I can approve it.

Holy shit. An actual intelligent, factual response from b? Truly this is the end times.

That's why you use multiple sources. Something that is thaught in fucking elementary school.

weird coincidences

Actual jew here, please show empathy when i say. We always in history had to trick ourselves out of genocide

Its not we had a choice :(

Yeah really weird. Maybe you should investigate each case instead of just reading the numbers eh?
Maybe you should read about blood libel and other nonsense medieval paranoia waves that ended in looting, torture and pillaging of Jewish property.
But hey, theft is fine as long as you can justify it by treating the other as subhuman.


Maybe you should go back to elementary school, JIDF scum.

Yeah I realized my mistake there. But here is the perfect example?
Anyone who doesn't agree with the neo nazis is a jew. Sorry a Croatian born Croat here. But I doubt that makes your brain work. So I'll accept being a jew in this convo I guess.

Based. I'm a Christian and I think Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, all the faithful of the world, we are all one human family. Having a deep spirituality is better than being an atheist, and atheist totalitarianisms in the 20th century proved that discarding the traditional morality doesn't automatically mean a better one comes along.

>the jews control the system for their own benefits!!!111
>also ignore the fact that they've been expelled and killed by those same systems

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Oh great, dealing with a Slav.

I will let you continue to believe you are smarter than a cockroach whilst you continue to spew your nonsense.

As long as somebody doesn't use his faith as a pretext to opress I have no problem with religion.

Does it say in their bible that outsiders are cattle? I need to know. What is the quote?

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>you're wrong because read Jewish literature written by Jews


How do you explain bascially every jew promoting multi-culturalism for everyone but israel itself?
What with the writings in the talmud about them being worthy of leading the goys?

>If they're not in charge
read the whole post next time

No, everything I mentioned can be cited in sources. You cannot deny history, sorry. You choose to remain ignorant in the midst of the information age, you have the whole internet at your grasp, you have thousands of written records of abuse that jews suffered throughout history, even if we ignore the holocaust which you like to do.

Here ya go, Edward the Jew

Most Jews are okay. But a disproportionate amount of authoritarian governments and banks are controlled by Jews. My best friend is Jewish and he's pretty cool.

>The reputation of Jews as extortionate money-lenders arose, which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public.

>How do you explain bascially every jew promoting multi-culturalism for everyone but israel itself?
Easy, Jews want multiculturalism in other countries because they live there, they want to be accepted. Not all jews do this nor do all jews support israel. Jews supporting israel are typical far right conservatives.
>What with the writings in the talmud about them being worthy of leading the goys?
Every religious text out there has a clause on unbelievers and what to do with them. Again not all jews are even religious, jew is also an ethinicity in today's world.

Checked. And a decent reality check. Good to see some sane anons out there.

Because Rabis mutilate babies genitalia just so they can suck the Adrenochrome from the bleeding babies penis. This practice is also somehow protected by law? A couple infant boys have contracted genital herpes from being sucked off by rabis. Religion in general is fucking full of sick pedophile degenerates

Yeah, jews are always a problem except when you need them?
Being a money lender is a perfect reason for you to get expelled from a country you live in and all your property ''repossesed'' by the fucking country. Let's also not forget about mob ''justice'' spurred on by the state. Let's also rape a few women.

Who? The Russians or the Chinese? Or Blizzard?

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Also the Israelis arent jews, its a fundamentally secular society. They no longer need judaism because they have land.

No problem jew, so transfer the shekels now pls

>No true jew fallacy, nice

Their bible is your Old Testament...

By the time he returned to England in 1289, King Edward was deeply in debt.[14] The next summer he summoned his knights to impose a steep tax. To make the tax more palatable, Edward, in exchange, essentially offered to expel all Jews.

OP, if you have had Jewish acquaintances you’d probably know better. They are bred penny pinchers and back stabbers. The whole Anne Frank perspective is utter garbage

Dubs for truth
Also free Hong Kong
Just spamming that shit every where

this is missing 2 recent ones also lol

>except when you need them
nice try

I love this. Yeah not all Croatians are christians either, I'm not one. Why should I expect all Jews to be the orthodox kind that takes the bible literally?

Hey. Pillage a few synagouges when you need money.

No. This is not true. If you read their holy book you will not find any of this. It was in a fake book, written as propaganda. Sup Forums is being flooded with Sup Forums propaganda because Trump is going down and they need to turn up the heat on the anti-jew hate if they're going to successfully trigger the race war they want.

hos mad

>One official reason for the expulsion was that Jews had declined to follow the Statute of Jewry and continued to practice usury. This is quite likely, as it would have been extremely hard for many Jews to take up the "respectable" occupations demanded by the Statute.

>they want to be accepted. Not all jews do this nor do all jews support israel. Jews supporting israel are typical far right conservatives

By inviting dozens of muslims they want to be accepted? Muslims hate them. Also Israelis promote multiculturalism in Europe for example but want an ethnostate of their own.

It's easy for jews to say 'we all white people this and that cause reasons', 'oh no I'm not white, I'm jewish, I am oppressed'

I'm not.
This is quite likely, as it would have been extremely hard for many Jews to take up the "respectable" occupations demanded by the Statute.
Yeah let's remove all options of fair work from people and then blame them for not starving to death. Let's also expel them. Because we're totally not out of money.

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Yeah, you're right, it seems to be really difficult for jews to work in fair occupations without cheating people, who'd thought

Imagine three general ethnic groups- or ethnic groups made up of other ethnic groups- called the Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi. They have gone through several social and genetic bottlenecks which selected for high verbal IQ, high ingroup preference, high outgroup skepticism, roles in social influence and finance (as opposed to, for instance, mathematics and engineering, though I wouldn't be surprised if they were represented in those fields in greater proportion than their host populations), while remaining embedded in 'white' or European societies. For various reasons, they retained dual identity- both the ethnoreligious identity of 'Jew' (even secular Jews), and the identity of the host society, and jumped back and forth between these. For various reasons, Jews became radicalized relative to their hosts, and joined extreme Zionism (Likud), extreme leftism (Trotsky), extreme religiousness (Raphael Cohen), or pushing the boundaries of neoliberalism (Rothbard, Singer, Soros), often working with white elites and to the detriment of the populace as a whole. When their hosts grow tired of this, Jews react by vilifying them in military reports and history books, creating a cycle of crypsis, then mutual animosity, back to crypsis.

>By inviting dozens of muslims they want to be accepted? Muslims hate them.
I love this, they're not inviting anyone not willing to do fair work. Immigration is a messy buisness but not all muslims want to kill every fucking jew. Do you even know the difference between a shia palestine supported by shia iran compared to most syrian refugees who are sunni.
That's even beside the point, every jew that commented on immigration his goal in the end is to remove races all together for a functional multicultural nation without a single race claiming superiority.
All jews are caucasian, white doesn't exist.

It didn't help that old emperors, kings, and lords would sometimes use Jews to collect taxes, grooming them as a middle class in the uncanny valley between alien and citizen, as to not bring the dirty work upon themselves and their cohort. As for selective crypsis, let me just illustrate

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>Their bible
You mean what Christians refer to as the Old Testament?

Nope, you missed the point? But let me help you. Banning people from working jobs unless they convert makes them have to manage by themselves. Who would have tought?
If you have a hard time wrapping your head around that read on india's caste system and the untouchables and the medieval japanese butakumin.

Burakumin* my mistake

OP here
I'm reading the info and their bible is our Old Testament. There is nothing wrong with the old Testament. Give me a good reason to think otherwise cause it sounds pretty peaceful to me.


Exhibit A: a slippery one.She mentions the Goy:Jew distinction, at one point mentions the White:Jew distinction, but identifies as White to push White shame, as if there were no distinction when it comes to that.

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> without a single race claiming superiority
Why do they want an ethnostate of their own?

You can quote whatever article you want. Science doesn't back it.
Caucasian, mongoloid, negroid, australoid and inbetween. I don't care about jewish nationalism. I don't hate jews but I despise nationalist in all forms that includes zionism.

>follow the current social and religions traditions of your host nation or leave

Those living in europe don't. They can leave whenever they want. They choose to live in their country. I don't want a fucking ethnostate and I'm living in one, I don't fucking give a shit about living with one kind of human or the other.

>Why are Jews hated?
They're hated for who they are and what they're about as a group. Individuals should be judged on an individual basis. The average jewish person has been mentally abused since birth and have had their heads fucked with and taught all sorts of absolutely ridiculous shit. They're nowhere near as smart as they want you to believe. Judaism is basically a social engineering program used to inculcate mental illness and personality disorders in its victims, who are then used to go out and do the same to the goyim. They're literally NPC following code/scripts. They seem to lack self awareness and any sense of honesty. Deception starts with the self, after all

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Yeah that is antisemitism. Forced conversions to work is vile.

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It was the medieval norms. It's easy for you to judge previous times in the light of current 'social acceptance'. And no, it's not antisemitism if it applies to everyone equally.

Check out twitter.com/hifellowwhites for more
>All jews are caucasian, white doesn't exist.
Besides the part where non-Caucasoid Jews exist, by heritage or conversion, why is it that pale Turks and Lebanese rarely claim either the 'white' or 'Caucasian' label? Pale Jews, however, do so all the time, and jump back and forth between this identity and Jewish identity when it suits them.

It doesn't apply to everyone equally. And no it wasn't the fucking medieval norm. If it targets jews especially then it is antisemitism, please tell me what other religious minority was in england at the time. Yeah only jews, and only they weren't allowed to work.

When Christians solidified hegemony over Europe, they essentially told Pagans to convert or face consequences. We don't here much (except from fringe circles) about anti-Paganism today, even though the Pagans were treated worse than Jews historically (even taking the Holocaust as a 100% true narrative). The ultimata presented to Jews (which often did not include forced conversion)- who were later interlopers to the continent compared to Pagan Saxons- were mild in comparison.

Noone has given me a good enough reason to judge Jews. Their bible is The Old Testament. It is a religion of peace.

Because they're both. And not all of them do. I just love that. You saw some screen captures of 5 hypocritical idiots and then every fucking jew is like that. For fucks sake-

So what? Whataboutism doesn't fucking work. It was injustice in both fucking cases, they were interlopers literally running for their fucking lives from country to country, why would I blame them for it if I would have and could be in their fucking situation.
Hell had we lost our war for independance I'd be in their situation.

Also to add, there is nothing left of the pagans, they'd be pretty fucking pissed today.

Were Celts and other non-christian folk religions also forcefully converted or told to leave? Really? Nah because antisemitism

>and then every fucking jew is like that
Strawman. I don't implicate the guy I get my bagels from.
It's not whataboutism. It's contexism. One matter is vilified far more than the other for narrative convenience.

Jesus was Jewish

Satan likes to tempt,corrupt,enslave in sin the best of humankind.

Jew allert!

Whataboutism. Where were they in fucking medieval europe? Yeah it was antisemitism as before it, there was antipaganism. They're not mutually exclusive
.Yeah the jew thing was bad but what about pagans - whataboutsim
Both were bad, and both should be vilified except one of them survived and has a voice to this day. That's the difference. As if you can't vilify one and the other.

No, Croat. Pička ti materina, nabijem tebe i tvoju mater na svoj Ustaški kurac.

Use any search engine you want, the results are still the same. Instead of shitting on jews, just study hard enough to replace them in the workforce.

Batice nemoj odma na batinice batice

That's gibberish.
Nikad nisam čuo tu frazu u svom životu.

Иди y пиздy мaтepинy


All around medieval Europe. Occam's razor nigger, were the European countries at the time antisemitic, antipaganism, anti-folkreligion etc. OR were they just concerned about societal cohesion in terms of Christianity? You can't be this daft?

Fuck no, they were anti any fucking religion that would stop them from getting money. It had zero to do with religious cohesion it was about fanaticism of the peasantry that was exploited by the church in the feudal system. It was all about making money and keeping order to keep the people in the higher positions of power such as bishops and nobles rich.
You're going to sit there and tell me the peasant mobs weren't at all antisemitic, or that such behaviour wasn't encouraged by the nobles and bishops?

Missed one

Also the fucking existance of the Teutonic order proves my entire point, yeah they were anti pagan, and fucking anti semitic. Nothing says keeping the societal cohesion except fanatically attacking romuva pagans and slaughtering muslims and jews in jerusalem to get a worthless sack of land that is incapable of existing in the first place.

Do you even know what antisemitism is? It's dislike towards SPECIFICALLY jews, but here you say:
>Fuck no, they were anti any fucking religion that would stop them from getting money.
Doesn't say just jewish to me. Are you here just to troll?

Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews.

Where does it say it has to be just jews? Any definition I saw says it is just basic discrimination. And again you're saying forbidding different faiths AND jewish ones isn't antisemitism?