Why is Blacked so hot? srs

Why is Blacked so hot? srs

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natural order

In general white/black sex is best on the screen because of the contrast in the color. White on white or black on black doesn't give you the same sense of motion when the dick is going in and out. When that dick is black and the pussy is white it gives the motion an easier point of reference. Same if the dick is white and the pussy is black.

Why is shotgun advertising your shitty website on other websites without paying advertising fees so hot?

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Miscegnators of any race deserve to be burned alive. You don't want "diversity" you want homogeneity, and that starts with homo, so go be it somewhere else.


they specialise in satisfying female viewers

I refuse to inspect it. IR is hot. I've watched my fiance get pounded by black cock. I loved it. 12/10 would do again.

My new gf clearly wants black cock. I want her to get it.

Because you want it to happen in your life. You know your woman wants it. She wants to try it.

Good positions, cameras and hottest girls.

Ok retard whatever helps you sleep at night

Because this is the porn generation who loves taboos aka shit that feels weird but you like it aka shit that you shouldn’t ever do and now it’s seeping further and further into unfamiliar territory but the dopamine hits the same

Go the fuck back to that cancer pit Sup Forums you fucking simpleton faggot.

Very well said user.


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I love Mia so much. She's s so beautiful and she's such a slut for BBC.

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Black dicks look like turds


do not ask questions containing a proposition if you do not wish to get in to argument

>Why is Blacked so hot? srs
There are multiple reasons but it's not just porn.
More and more white girls are going after black guys. Even here in eastern eu.

Nah they look like big delicious chocolaty snickers bars

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It's the intersection of racism and misogyny. We assume it's degrading for a white female to be with a black man because they are not part of the mythical norm and that excites the woman-hater in us.

Cope about what? That my dick doesn’t look like a log of shit? Why would I want a turd dick? It doesn’t even look human.

Only because the women act sluttier once they’re getting dick that’s “exotic” and “big”.

Neither of which is universal. But it looks good in a gif or a video clip.

>Only because the women act sluttier once they’re getting dick that’s “exotic” and “big”.

Wish I had a gif of John Lovitz Master Thespian character right now. Acting!

Whatever you say Goldstein

All this talk about jews makes me want ot have a jewish gf that would force me to spread interracial propaganda on the internet.

Slightly different perspective on this. Woman in porn can still remind of us moms, sisters, daughters that leave an edge of sympathy guilt while watching. But nigger fucking is so beyond the pale offensive that the woman are just seen as the empty, contemptible whores they are and can be watched guilt free.

Makes sense. Never thought of it that way.

But we still have to look at turd dicks, which are gross.

I personally like it because i'm into femdom.
In my view the woman is dominating and humiliating me by fucking superior men.
Black is the best because i look down on them the most, so it's the most humiliating for me.

All of the nigger is gross. Its the stink. Its the buffalo musk stench that can't even be covered by the reek of the cocoanut oil crap they smear all over to make them greasy and hide their ashy skin flakes

Because you're gay