Why do so many people follow the mainstream instead of developing their own personal taste...

Why do so many people follow the mainstream instead of developing their own personal taste? I'd rather be a black sheep than a regular sheep.

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Because it's easy being told what to do and what to think.

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A lot of stuff that is mainstream is mainstream because it is good.
Normal people find things to like when friends recommend things to them.

Because most people have wives and children and they don't have enough time to work and please their wives and help with the children and sleep and still have enough time to research obscure culture so they can act pretentious at parties.

But it's kinda not. Prime example being JoJo, call of duty and literally any superhero movie ever.
Also, fuck Sup Forums for hailing that neutral milk hotel album. It was seriously terrible. Not even trying to be a edgeshit, was just heavily dissatisfied.

Yeah man everyone is just sheeple
If only they npcd opened their mind snd realized that we live in a society where god not real then they would be enlightened euphoric atheists like us

And yet you illustrate your thread with a meme, by which you follow a large chunk of the current mainstream. Pic relevant

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Sorry, forgot to add:

Baaaa! OP, Baaaaa!

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You're a normie, you just don't have any friends.

I have lots of friends. None of us listen to pop hits or country though.

Like eating tide pods

Christ almighty, I cringed hard. You must be so unbearably insecure. How old are you?

List your top 10 favourite artists.

>I'm a super cool special snowflake because I don't listen to music designed for 12-year-old girls
What an absolute loser.

The fact that you automatically assume something is bad because it's a certain genre is indicative of the fact that you know fuck all about music and obviously have garbage taste.

Iron Reagan
Colour Haze
No particular order

Just put on your local pop station. It's all cringe music

>Neutral milk hotel
>Designed for twelve year olds
>Neutral milk hotel
>Twelve year olds

Please be another user trolling me. Otherwise this is the most laughably bad list I've ever seen. I can't believe you have the stupidity and audacity to put yourself on a pedestal and talk about how cool and unique you are, and how you don't follow the mainstream, then you openly admit to liking fruity dogshit bands like fucking Thursday.

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JoJo, you mentally-underdeveloped disappointment to your parents.


Yeah, because they play all the pop music that's ever existed. Christ you're dumb.


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You're replying to the wrong post.

I have literally never heard of any of these

No, I'm telling you that I was obviously referring to JoJo and not NMH. How stupid are you? It must be frustrating for your family.

They're all for edgy kids and smelly 47-year-old fruits with leather jackets and tattoos.

Not JoJo the band, retard. The anime. Nobody knows who JoJo is as a band, anyway. Shoo.

Simple people do simple things, simply.

Not everything that is mainstream is good. Some things that are mainstream are disliked by a majority, but break the threshold due to other factors- like tireless advertising. So bad, you can't not know about it.

>pretentious or parties
Or, some people just have a preference, and don't need to obsess over obscure things. OP says that some follow the mainstream instead of developing their own personal taste. Even if you don't have the time, you must have a preference of some kind. And not every soul out there is a married husband, so it fails to explain much. Even still, the implication there is that these people had a joyless youth.

Really, could you give a ballpark estimate of the young, working power couples out there? I don't think most people make up that demographic.

I don't know anything about anime. I'm not into kids or dudes.

Do people actually go to parties anymore? Why does everyone suggest that they're still relevant to any conversation?

Okay, then shoo. You have no part in this conversation.

What year is this, 2004?

Throwing a party at your house isn't as cool as it used to be, so you're right. The only parties that still happen on a regular basis are those that are held at venues. Otherwise, everyone goes to a club.

I love Katy Perry's chained to the Rhythm and I cried during the movie hacksaw Ridge
Just thought I'd through that out there

We live in a society

>Is this 2004?
I wish.
Do people legitimately go to clubs? What do you even do there if you aren't a normie? Drink? Can't fathom what it's like to be around a bunch of sweaty dudebros trying way too hard with their old PUA lines. I just don't see any sort of fun in that unless there's hard liquor being served without limit.

>Sup Forums not mainstream
gtfo zoomer faggots

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Well, they're still in business.

Fair enough.

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