You're a trauma surgeon and they roll this into your operating room

You're a trauma surgeon and they roll this into your operating room.

What do you do?

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theyre dead. roll them into a bow dee bage.

The best I can. It's insane that the poor bastard is still alive!

is that what we're hiding in area 51

from the look of it, somehow its missed his brain, like gone through his chin and come out his forehead

>implying that a person VSA would go to emerg or an operating room before pronouncing the person dead

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take a short video and post it on the internet

Figure out a way to help that poor bastard die fast. That's just cruel to try to "save" that person.

1. Establish a surgical airway via cricothyrotomy
2. Control any still active bleeding
3. Remove the metal beam while doing the best to maintain the brain tissue and hope to fuck that taking out the metal won't just instantly kill the pt
4. Once head trauma is controlled, treat all other secondary injuries
5. If the pt ever starts to recover, get plastics to start a game plan to begin rebuilding pt's face

I see a bra but can't tell if it's a flat chested female or a guy wearing woman's clothes

you monster.

and sensible person would overdose the person on morphin

This is why you always wear a fucking helmet while riding a motorcycle, people. I'd bet money that shit happened in the Phillipines where nobody wears a helmet, people even have their kids riding on the back of bikes with no protection

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Wow! Amazing!
What would need to be done, and I'm spitballing here because I ain't no medical type anything, massive facial reconstruction. He'd be blind, obviously, but he'd just have to live with it. For food a stomach gastric tube could be put in to him, I think that's what it's called. If he had trouble breathing, assuming his neck is okay I'd stick in one of those tubes that help your lungs pump using like a pacemaker for the lung? I'm not 100%. That's what I would do. My guess anyway.

They ain't making it. And fuck you for trying. And you said nothing about heart monitoring or blood type match or scans of any type or large amounts of heavy antibiotics. Most likely die from infection. A slow painful death.

Risk my career and play god... overdose them with pain meds.

This, everytime. It's the right thing to do. I really hope if I'm ever fucked up like that the paramedic will help me die in route to the ER.

That would be my hope also. Seriously if its a thing where you are; get a living will.

I'm not gonna go into full detail on the entire treatment plan. Also, give yer balls a tug titfucker

Give him a CT scan and stand back.

Do some surgeon stuff, maybe a couple doctor things.

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I'm the worst trauma surgeon in the world. I didn't even go to medical school. I only have an associate's degree in "computer programming and networking".
It's so old and thin it's even called "programming", not "software design" or "software engineering"!
How did I even get to be a trauma surgeon?! I resign! Let Doctor Strange handle this shit! I'm out!



You must not know much about medicine if you think there’s not a chance they won’t make it huh?

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What are they trying to fix, he is already dead

Not our job. We just make sure patients are still alive when they get to the hospital. Why risk our livelihood on one person who might actually make it and still want to live?

Just filming to post no 4chem

>Most likely die from infection

What a fucking retard.

Good on you for trying mate

First, do no harm.

Not the surgeon's call either. Ethics committee will get on it if there is no prior documentation on patient's wishes.

what is the story behind this anyway, what did the surgeon do and did he/she survive?

Can't see whether the optical nerves are cut though, there may be a chance they are still intact, atleast in the left eye. Could even see again.

Problem honestly may only be cut circulation and ischemic damage to the brain, may survive as a veggie.

You’re right about the brain. But also if there is no longer a functioning eye socket then more than likely searching for an optic nerve may be a moot point. They may just have to cut the eye depending on tissue damage around the nerve and ball or just lack of somewhere it keep it in place. Not a surgeon but that’s my guess on it.

this lol fuck that shit, anybody would want the same if that happened to them

I'm an RN, so i'm going off reasoning there. With the beam removed the can get diagnostic imaging and possibly start planning reconstructive surgery. As log as it's there and working, there's no point cutting it out. Stick it back in a non functioning eye socket, if it still lets the PT see it's worth it.

But i do infectious diseases so fuck if i know

as one dude in some lower shelf german porn once said (or screamed): EDUKATOR!!! - and proceed to make sweet rough love to whatever the fuck you call this thing.

I honestly didn’t even know that you could stick it back with a non functioning eye socket actually. I was just thinking that worst case scenario either the socket is gone, or it’s collapsed and the tissue is swelling around the nerve causing the blindness. I’m an EMT hoping to be a surgeon so fuck if I know really lol.

The rest of you fags with your long sentences and bullshit. This user cuts to the chase.

OD them on fentanyl asap, end the suffering jesus christ that poor soul


I mean swelling disappears once the inflammation/vase rupture disappears, so the blindness caused by the swelled tissue pressing against the nerve should disappear too. Then it's just up to the surgeons to either sew whatever's left of the orbital cavity back together. Worst case they just stick it back in and call it a day. It's a whole different case if the eye isn't getting circulation tho.

The harm has already been done friend. Time to let them go peacefully

the surgeon pulled off a pretty amazing job here

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ask for BP and pulse and check for/administer sedative meds. immediate catheterization, possible tracheotomy. proceed to cauterize/clamp any significant bleeds then send his ass in for MRI to see what that thing hit. then remove the foreign object

FIRST I'd work on sanitizing the meningeal area and closing the skull partially, accounting for any potential brain swelling

I'd mostly do patchwork on the underlying craniofacial structures like mandible/hard palate, then neck area to check for unseen trauma. then optic nerves, just so he'll at least be able to live, see and do things like talk and eat,
I'd leave the rest to reconstructive surgeons and start his ass on IV antibiotics, probably intercranial antibiotic injections too.

if he had any trauma other than blunt to the CNS I'd immediately enlist the help of a neurosurgeon.

jesus christ that is amazing

I meant CT scan. MRI might rip it out and he might have other unknown foreign metallic bodies

Your patient died as he was overwhelmed and overcome by faggotry.

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Kindest thing you could do given how fucked up the pt is, trying to save the poor guy is inhumaine imo, I'd hope that if that ever happened to me that medical workers would just kill me

after i read "im an RN" i stopped reading.
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Holy shit, really good work

100% mad >:)


Get their blood type,
Start giving them blood immediately so they don't bleed out.
Get an xray from multiple different angles to see where shrapnel is and what the damage is to the bone.
Remove all shrapnel, and fix as much internal bleeding as possible.
Finish operation with person still alive.

Get another scan maybe MRI to see things I definitely missed.
Fix the things I missed.

Future operations for
Skin grafts, titanium replacement of bone where possible.

An actual retard.

Nobody asked for your input.

Sometimes dead is better.

Wonder how I went from trauma surgeon to coroner

Give it a massive overdose of fentanyl. It's the only humane thing to do.

Remove that thing , conect vital veins and nerves, hope for the best

At that point i dont think he is able to feel pain

not the guy at the OP

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i'd want this, but morphine. lots and lots of morphine

fuck this shit i tried to find the live leak link but i cannot find it, i got to know if this was fixable

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>still breathing
How the fuck is he still alive?

The sad part is that if they survive, they'd wish to be dead.

All the painkillers.

I'd be okay surviving if my brain wasn't damaged, but he's clearly fucked, probably a potato for life now.

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human body is way more resistent than you can imagine.
I bet after few surgeries and reconstructive surgery, if he never went into deep coma, this fuck will not only live, but actually have semi-stitched normal face and while blind, probably will have his hearing and smell back.
We really underestimate skill of good surgeons (SADLY), until we need one.

I cannot imagine though, how long healing would take. I mean.. I got a super acute tonsilitis and I was in constant pain just from moving my tongue. This nigga would be sitting on painkillers for a solid year

> perform ATLS's ABCDE evaluation
> haemodynamic resuscitation if needed, use vasoactives if needed
> promptly initiate surgical evaluation protocol of lesions. Repair any possible life threatening lesions.
> second assessment should be multidisciplinary. would repair any secondary lesions. Repit protocols previously mentioned
> once stable would refer him for facial reconstruction and neurological follow up.

Those doctors weren't white skinned which means they are not very good doctors. The man will never look the same.

I'd be a gent and overdose her with painkillers. even if she somehow made it through to recovery and plastics, her face will be forever fucked up and she'll likely kill herself or forever live in depression.

One's job, one supposes.

kill it with fire

Goodness almighty dude. I'd hate to be a veggie. I'd say I'd rather be dead. What a horrible fate.

Morphine. So much morphine. Too much morphine..

The only thing I'm trained to do.. CPR

Get the intern to do it.

> send his ass in for MRI

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Turn 360° and walk away

cant watch the video cause on webm