New trap thread

New trap thread

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Is this you? If so, how do you make yourself up? I’m a wanna be sissy boy with no clue how to make myself look how I want.

that's not me. she had a twitter account but she deleted it

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When was this bitch deflowered?

>sissy boy
is there anything gayer than this?

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this is a transgirl
not a trap

get your lore right Sup Forums

i come to these threads for the transgirls. The traps are usually ugly or just gay looking.

whats the difference?

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but transgirls dont consider themselves traps
they gay looking ones are femboys

although i agree transgirls are the best traps

>man dressed as woman and doesnt take hrt.
>woman in a mans body and takes hrt.

trap is a cooler word for transvestite or crossdresser
trap is usually a guy in mmos that pretends is a girl so you take him to dungeons so he can get better gear

transgirls dont like to be called traps because in origin its a slur.

but people on Sup Forums always confuse trap with trans and vice versa. Either out of pure ignorance or just cuz low brain function.

thats a female idiot


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traps are cool and good at gaming
trans hate everyone including traps

If post face but some ppl don’t seem to like it lol

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>woman in a mans body
more likely mental illness

>more likely mental illness
edgy and unoriginal
cope more

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yes its a mental condition called dysphoria

Have I missed a whole thread...?

use snapchat filters if u dont have 25k for facial feminization surgery

i don't need to cope you ugly tranny.

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Here but this seems to be less of a trap thread more debate thread if anything h

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>more of a debate thread
are you new to this?

>attempted suicide rate taken across entire life time
>suicide rates post transition drastically drop to a more normal percentage

imagine still citing a study with data like that.
seethe like the faggot you.

>implying im trans

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more more more

Not rly just some thread focus more on debating if y’all gay or not who cares just jack off

Super sexy x

Can I see more of you else where


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So fucking hot


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Damn okay. Moar

Their suicide rate doesnt drop back down after transition, stop lying.

I hope I get my new cage today!!

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show cock

Where to find Traps to date?

go read the study again.
the absolute amount of niggerbrain in you is insane.
go to back faggot.

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Whats there not to like about your face?

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if you say so it must be true

Hooot love the fishnets

Try grindr, but if ur from a small country or far away from citys its hard

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Please show me if you do get it, I want to see you caged

Well I love all the feedback!
Also my reddit is thatbitch321 I post most my pics there

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fetlife also has some trans but also alot of weirdos
grindr is good

discord, but not Sup Forums discords.

You are very fuckable


cute tushie

Lol good advice

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That's the plan!
I'm getting too small for my current cage haha

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I want your body!

>copes by reusing my insults

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I want more tits and more ass!

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Cage and feet babe your doin all the right things

>feet + manly torso
disgusting agp


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I love cut natural grown tits... But can say not too more ass XD

Show you asshole, I wanna pin you down and fuck you raw

Hey! Nice colour work
But wld love to see more

thanks I love me some yellow

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Being trans is not about passing it's about feeling at home in you body

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>not about passing
wrong. if you dont feel like shit if someone calls you a guy you need to reevaluate if youre really trans

Love to have you walking around at my home

I want to fuck that ass. Hot as fuck

Sexy thread

you pass easily tho

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I don't feel like shit I got thick skin. Doesn't make me not trans. People can see me however they like in the end it's all about how I see myself.
Love you anons

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Lacy thongs?

I'm gonna go get high and do my chores
You oughta check out my twitter if you wanna see more!
/fl0assault that's a zero

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Any moar? Nerd some booty pics

Best in thread. 100% pass

Have anything else you use?

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youngwoozzz on twitter,
She recently deleted most of her content though.

Hottest I have seen in a while

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Would fuck you so hard

Seems like you have been learning

thanks. thats a shame tho

thats not me retard


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You're beautiful, I'd dream of meeting you.
Based in the UK?