Post em

Post em.

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How big is it erect?


mines like that when normal, erect it goes to almost six inches, so average.

Mr. Elephant!

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looks big already, post more

All I've got on my phone

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The real one here

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Dude this has been reposted to hell just fuck off

you keep dick pics on hand on your phone? wtf dude?

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I quite like my soft dick

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Although, sadly my reality is different

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What else would I take a photo with?

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The effect of a dominant girlfriend and a secret submissive side

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What's the point in soft cocks, lets see some wood.

but why would you keep them?
>hey can i make a call?
>uhh yeah, sure just one second
>furiously deletes dick pics

In chaste guy. Here’s my wood

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So you put them in a folder instead of leaving them in your camera roll.

>assuming people don't look through your phone when in their possession
I wish I could be that naive and innocent

Got 60 pics in my gallery all cock

Why would I let people do through my phone long enough to get to a hidden folder?