No waifu?

no waifu?


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what's this ones name?- we never talk.

playing some warframe later, is pretty gud :3
early weekend

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Only came here to look at your new cute pics dear comrade!~

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herr name is koito yuu
and yea i dont believe we've talked before. how're you?
hope the warframe is good

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hallo comrade! :3
these days i don't really have the time or more like feel like making new ones.. i have so many now, but OP is latest one actually.

as xmas is coming up, gonna make some more festive ones soon... soon™

playing some warframe later, currently rank 7 and solo clan is coming along nicely :3
still having fun with it

i may need your help at some point in the future but right now im doing okay with randos, though i got stuck before, still progressing star map, killed boss on urAnus was last thing i did

how is you? feeling gud? everything a-ok?

oooh i read YOU but just yuu? ok :3
but what's she from?

im doing gud :3 early weekend, hat to only work till lunch

it is gud! tho many say it's too bland and boring and just p2w but it actually is not! it's pretty decent game and quite frankly amazing that it's available for free when there is so much content and most things except accessories can be acquired through ingame currency
so you don't really have to spend any $
only if you're tired of waiting for stuff.. i guess..

what do you play currently`?
is anything at all, that is

and sorry for biggg text, are you gud with biggg? some don't like it biggg

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Mhm, things are quite nice for me. A tad boring but nice. And I think that you might soon surpass me rank wise tbh. Don't remember what rank I was, but doubt it was anything too crazy. And I will definitely be looking forward to new cutes from you!~

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im gonna pay you $100 to fuck off

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boring? are you okay?

wut!? i thought you maxed out lol
then i need to beg aegisfren to help me... i believe they are further into the game given what they know based on tips i have received from them so far.
they still need to get a new PC tho...

ye... "cutes" sometime this month

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yep, yuu
she is from yagate kimi ni naru, a yuri manga
oh, very nice! hope work went well then
hmm yea, i've heard it's very grindy, and that you spend a whole lot of time waiting.. it seems interesting enough, at least
oh i've been playing lots of fromsoftware games lately, just finished up a playthrough of dark souls 2, and before that, a playthrough of bloodborne
but other than that i really dont play games that often.. at least not as much as i used to. idk, i find it kinda hard to gather the motivation to play, and have troubles committing to playing too
i'm good with big sometimes, just depends on how im feeling i guess

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OOOH!! ya! i remember now, seeing covers of the anime
hard pass tho, not a fan of yuri but to each their own

eh... business as usual, i just took half day off cuz i felt like it

ye things take a ridiculous amount of time... like there's a certain thing you need to alot of other cool things and it takes 24 hrs to craft!
though you can make an argument that like this, it feels more like an accomplishment. like you can make your own clan and build rooms and stuff and research things and some things take three days to research.
you should at least try it at some point in your life, it is free anyways so if you don't like it, no problem. but if you do try it, make sure to stck around at least 8hrs even if it seems boring and tedious and complicated (cuz it has so much depth) you will come to like it im sure.

never played dark sould or bloodborne, hope you're having fun with them! :3
things that release these days don't seem to interesting... most times just a copy reskinned of something else.

i can relate to that... wasn't like this when i was still studying. i just lost interest at some point but have regained that interest recently thanks to warframe

tell me how you're feeling right now, did you have lunch yet? are you heading for bed? or maybe did you just get up? im curious...

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it's a good one
that's alright, it's not for everyone i guess
sounds nice that you can do stuff like that
y-yea, that certainly does sound like a bit much.. can you craft multiple things at once?
a sense of accomplishment is always nice
i've been meaning to check it out for a bit, im sure i will at some point
they're fun games, yea! i think im feeling a bit burnt out now though, having played so much recently and all..
idk, i dont really keep up with or play new releases that much.. there's probably plenty of good stuff coming out, just gotta look for it
that's good, always nice to find something that rekindles your interest like that
im feeling alright, heading to bed soon, despite it being 10 am.. my sleep schedule is kinda weird, but i like it

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My beloved comrade, I am almost always bored. So that is not really anything new. And asking Aegis is probably a good idea considering that they do seem to be quite the veteran.

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Claimin' and lovin' this one.

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you can't craft the same things like lets say three times,,, as the first thing i wanted to do but not possible... i guess this is their way t get you to pay some $ and buy the IG currency so you can rush the process... but im fine with that actually, since im at work during the day and so it doesn't feel like im stuck just waiting for something.

when you do, maybe we could do some missions or farm together? like go fishing for mining in one of the two biggg open world scenes :3
if you're okay with that... SHOULD you ever try it of course

nice is nice!
ya that is weird time to slep... do you work during the night???

we frens? (: can i call u yuufren??
we frens right...

cute slep! >w<

oh that's sad :(
i hope you find something interesting soon fren!
let's do something next time you're in DE :3

greetings! keeping well?

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Reeee so when I was not too far ya were not interested? Sad times dear comrade, truly sad times. But if ya can make it to Dusseldorf or something then sure lol

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haha, if you knew

yea that's good, dont have to be hung up on it or anything
i-i'm not sure.. i dont often play games with others.. i appreciate the offer though
oh i just dont work.. and dont like sleeping at night, or being awake during the day
yea i'd be alright with you calling me that
y-yea, frens

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i don't have to know anything about them to not like them either faggot

i know i know.. i was kinda scared tbh.

that's kinda far from here... oh well.. maybe it simply should not be.

same here yuufren!! >w<
i only, exclusively, play single player and am really sad these days the single player experience isn't really as deep as it used to with older games :/
mostly doing solo runs in warframe too, just whenever i get stuck i look out for an open squad to help me out.
but why won't we play? you know me :3

oh okay, interesting! im realy active during the night! but also during the day.. which leads to me feeling like sleeping 24/7 haha... ha (:
i go on lot's of road trips, mostly during the night since there's fewer cars on the autobahn at like 1 - 4am

that's really nice of you! not many are so welcoming of new frens as you are, it's a shame... but alas, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and that is a good thing.

im going to play some warframe now.. totally forgot!! ^w^
have nice life!!
bbl maybe

hallo aegisfren!! :3
i may require your assistance in matters of utmost importance!
i hope you are fine with that...
whenever you get your new pc that is of course!

sadly i need to go now, warframe :/

&&playing warframe! bbl! have nice life! :3

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you don't get it, someone actually did pic related

Whenever is more of an eventually right now.

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Orrrr maybe I should just find some time and go to a city more convenient to you. Gotta spend time with dear comrade somehow~

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Got a day off work today, feels good. What are you up to now?

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I'm playing Fire Emblem before I have to go into work, that's about it.

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y-yea idk, i sometimes have trouble finding good singleplayer games
that can be nice, but i dont think i could do something like join an open squad myself..
well i dont even play with people i know
it seems like you have a pretty unique sleeping schedule too
i try to be nice and welcoming
alright, hope you have a nice time with it! i'll probably be asleep by the time you're back

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Do you like it? I just got M&B With Fire and Sword and Napoleonic Wars.

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Yeah, it's pretty fun. It helps that a lot of the characters are really good.

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hey roots~

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ow.. :( what happened

you are still here in krautland?! i thought you left

me too fren...
then just the two of us? sometimes? you can set it to 'frens only' :3
but you will play with me won't you? >w< someday... plz
yes 'unique' ^w^ i usually slep for about 2 - 4hrs... sometimes i pull through tho.. like when im watching something so amazing i just can't put it down.. happened two times recently, it's fine if it's just one day without slep... just don't do three that's not healthy.
that's commendable! if only everyone could take a piece of you... you would perish probably... BUT i meant metaphorically of course!

oh so you're not with us anymore :( back!
well have nice slep then! hope you dream something nice!

°~° not root...

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poor bastard

I remember having these faggots around like years ago... it's amazing how long they live

Good as in well written? That's something I appreciate in every game.

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Yuu Yuu
i'm a stem, actually

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I left over half a year ago. But ya know.... I live in the Netherlands and not far from the border

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Hey, you.

Nothing, really.

Yeah, my house has quite a few really fun characters. They're also pretty good in combat, so they kind of ended up as the A-team.

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huh? i thought US
interesting! :)

okay then... i hope things improve on your end soon (:

is that a squirrel?! OWO

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Kicking ass as your own A-team has to be fun.

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Yup! It's a squirrel alright? Wanna fluff tail?

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what the heck!? >////<
now im curious! what's it called? like what's she from?

and no, sorry, i don't know where that's been ^w^
don't be offended tho! cute tail
much fluff

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Nothing is really wrong.

It just sucks that my B-team tends to be underleveled. Though I can always send Hilda, the "Delicate Flower" to one-shot everything.

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Get ready to get doxxed

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but then what happened to you getting a new pc? don't want to game anymore? console gaming?

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Yeah, it's best not to put everything on one team. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. Darkest Dungeon flashbacks.

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Nope been living in the cheeselands for many years already dearr comrade~ Soooo, meet up when?~

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this is my waifu and i love her face!

and the rest of her too :)

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I just don't have interest right now.

I tend to keep it fairly even, both teams have their strengths. It helps that both are always fighting at the same time, it keeps everyone close.

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oh! i never knew!
i have been to belgium multiple times in the past month, driving around, has some great architecture quite bold i liked it... like there was on pull-in area that had like a "mini mall" and the building was shaped like a pyramid above the highway looked cool

and... im not sure, i need to prepare mentally and emotionally.. like meeting someone off the internet is something you should never do. biggg biggg breach of privacy and extremely unsafe
so it probably won't happen, but there is the odd chance of me being like "whatever" someday and ill just visit you actually, since i like driving and netherlands has gud roads... especially driving across these biggg bridges between islands that bust be so much fun...

tsugufren! :3
keeping well?
not like keeping an actual well in your garden, i meant health and stuf, obviously

understandable, something you could do is every month when you get your paycheck you simply put $100 or $50 in a jar and forget about it for the mean time... after some time you will have the necessary funds.

aaaaaand... supposedly the whole stock market will crash in december and crypto currency will moon. But that's all just speculation BUT if i make bank, i will give you some so you can have a nice pc :3

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yes! i feel a bit busy these past few weeks but its not really that bad, better than the average person im sure
how about yourself?

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>better than average
that's gud to hear!
im gud when you're gud! >w<

im thorn between "do i go on a biggg drive?" and "i want to continue watching stuff...." and and and if i decide on drive i have to leave now, since i will drive around +1k km and if i don't leave early there won't be much nighttime left

but ya i also really wanna watch stuff... but then again.. it's just a few ep's until the end soo... hmmm

oh and i also want to play some warframe....
decisions... it's hard being me :|

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you forgot her left shoulder

Totally knew ya would chicken out dear comrade, but it's oki.~ Perhaps oney day~

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I won't take money from you.
I just kind of don't want to get anything right now. I have plenty of other games to play anyway.

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I'd try it out, can it get challenging?

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It;s always pretty challenging. It's a strategy game and if you play classic mode, units are lost forever when killed. It's only on Nintendo systems though.

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you're up early

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ummmm... no, but!-- it's the thought that counts, thanks!
i really people that actually care :3

it's just so scary.... sure we are nice to each other here but what if you are just putting on this personality as a ruse to lure me in and ill end up getting raped :<
no offense tho! NOT like you would be that kinda person! just a possibility

i mean.. what would we even do?
sure i like conversing with you and we've "known" fora while now and you seem nice and i really like you BUT i wouldn't know what to do with you honestly


honorable, but also, free stuff? i would. but it's okay aegisfren, i hope i didn't offend you °~°

oh! i feel like that about a bunch of things too haha! like for example some piece of hardware that's actually pretty old and outdated but it still works so whatever, not getting a new one

i know what you mean

didn't you have birthday or something couple of days ago?
i read something but can't quite recall

tomofren! :3
but now.. which one :S

you were here?!

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i-i see, ill try to be good as much as i can then
oh i dont know, i think whichever you decide to do will be a good time
s-sorry, i hope it gets a bit easier somehow

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yeah, i was... for a good 60 minutes, give or take

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I like that, at the same time I enjoy difficult games that punish you, but at the same time it can get annoying as I tend to get reckless when things stop going my way, sometimes it pays off, most of the time not so much.
The closest thing I've ever had to a nintendo product was the pegasus, a cheaper copy of nes or whatever it was called. Very popular in East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia.
No, mine was last month, maybe you're thinking of someone else.

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hi fren, how are you today?

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No, I just don't take free stuff from people.

It's not really difficult if you know what you're doing.
Good old bootleg consoles.

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that's a cool song... reminds me of some game, i dunno which.
i'm doing alright... playing video games, but i got distracted by the Internet.

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Fair, Guess I am just rather indifferent about what could happen when meeting irl with someone. And dunno, just nice to meet people in person

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mhm animals woke me up
The S

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just you existing and talking with me is enough already tsugufren!

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aw, dang
are you gonna get back in bed?
it's fine, i don't need anything.
if you could somehow get me back to playing video games instead of patrolling the Internet, that would be nice

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when ya work today?

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i googled amijo and clicked the first thing, i didnt listen to it very much
i see, that sounds nice at least, i hope youre enjoying both!
i-i see, ill try to keep existing and talk with you as much as i can, then :)
oh wow, hmmm i dunno, im always terrible at deciding what to do. im sure you'll figure it out soon enough

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no. im kinda up already fishing in final fantasy mmo heh
I dont work for another 2 and a half hours or so.

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Can you snowball in it to the point of it becoming boring?
When it comes to gaming 1980's-2000's was the time to be in eastern Europe. Except Russia and Yugoslavia, you wouldn't want to be there at the time. I guess you still wouldn't want to be there today. But nevermind that, out of all the games I played between 2004-2009 maybe four or five were legit.
I don't remember telling anyone here about my birthday, or maybe I did, not sure now. Yeah, have a good one too mate.

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Some cute 2d waifus, e-girls, and e-boys in this server. pic related

Attached: Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 7.20.25 PM.png (169x34, 15K)

oh, dang. that sucks, because it was actually pretty good
i was just mixing "amigo" and "mijo"
yeah, it's alright. i should study and focus on things, though... too bad...
oh, dang, alright. i hope you have fun, then!

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how long gotta work?
>quit fishing and go do msq

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Work is always slow.

Everything can be exploited if you try hard enough.
I'm not sure bootlegs are really the high point of the industry.

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thank you. i hope your day is well too.
full shift. i could do that but the weather just changed so i can catch the fish i want

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>biggg post >.pic from last trip for junkofren :3

take this pic then, that should be enough, posted it a few times now, was from last belgium trip to ostende at north sea.
was also in brügge, beautiful town with awesome old buildings
earthfren called me "doctor-uwu" which i thought as funny


you need to tell me...
are you the tomo i conversed with last year?
there are so many of you
and one is really mean to everyone

and why do you always look like u 'bout to cum in your pics? das lewd >////<

what games do you play?
wanna try warframe? i could add you on steam and carry you a little bit am about mid-game rn (i think)

but someday you will stop posting here... it's inevitably... just like so many people that were still here last year... it's heartbreaking...

it's already about 9pm and i STILL am undecided :| at this point i will probably just stay home then if i can't decide...

i meant hitler hitler.. not you you lol
but alright! you too! about to hit 8pm at your end i presume

hmm.. would you like it fast then?
i mean slow is pretty gud, when people do things fast they eventually slip up and make an error in something they do.

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uh im not sure really. the one with the cup. she is just embarrassed

Attached: 5623845723.jpg (752x1062, 266K)

What? Hitler's birthday is of course the 20th of April, not even close you silly goose!
It's almost 8pm indeed.

Attached: clap.gif (330x245, 942K)

dont care how you justify the perspective / foreshortening; a gun is not that long

so 8 hours? but weather doesnt matter for msq so go do it

Attached: chara05-img.jpg (500x281, 37K)

o-oh, s-sorry. it wasnt really my kind of thing
yeah i kinda figured it was something like that
oh, well thats probably a good idea too. well the sooner you get done with that the sooner you can get back to vidya and stuff!
hmmm i dunno, i think ill still pop in even if its just to claim or something. obviously i cant speak for the future but i dont really think ill stop, just slow posting down (which i kind of already have)
y-yeah, have you tried making a schedule for things ahead of time? like mon/wed/fri are for drives or weekends are for anime binging or just something like that?
i dont know if that works at all but its worth considering

Attached: DlMw3ZYV4AE-GnH.jpg orig.jpg (1200x850, 108K)

Hmhm I see, guess it's good to at least know I'm not talking to a 90 year old man lol. Also, if ya like old stuff and ya plan to go to cheeselands. Go to either small cities or ones that were not fought over in ww2

Attached: Junko24.jpg (423x600, 67K)

yes. the weather is gud now for fishing tho

Attached: 1450424939344.png (829x1023, 276K)

but you dont need to be max fishing to do the new 24-man raid, you need to max ast and finish msq

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yeah but this is relaxing

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the cup? hmm..
oh well! tomofren be tomofren and always is tomofren :3

ye but like every other pic she's in that state, is there something wrong with her? like does she have some kind of condition?

i never actually watched the show even tho i ve got it queued up for years now >:>

i know now! it was something with jew slaughtering ye something like that

you are always one hour behind me fren :3

what would happen if you manufacture one and shoot it?
is it like structurally flawed and will malfunction eventually???
i think i saw one with a long ass barrel before somewhere

ya... you slowed down :( biggg sad...

usually i watch stuff before i go to bed
and longer drives are for weekends since i will most likely get back at around 5 - 9am from my drives

BUT even if i did a "schedule" i doubt i will actually abide by it

a 90yo isn't even on the internet, it's hard to imagine someone that old browsing an actual basket weaving forum ^w^

thanks for the tip fren!

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i just got a bloody nose after laughing. i don't know if that a coincidence or related
you're welcome, y-you, too
wow, you're white!
i was thinking about MGS2.
i dunno, i tried Warframe but i don't really think it's for me, sorry...
oh, alright, sorry. i figured it was a little odd coming from you.
yeah. amijo
yes! i should go do stuff and play vidya now.

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yknow what else is relaxing, knowing that you're done with the story and ready for what comes next

Attached: b3bccdc549121a57d48fd083aa2cee57.jpg (360x500, 41K)

I don't really know.

Attached: 978d510b180258ff56e06b8920fe3cdb.jpg (1116x1116, 543K)

thanks. yeah probably some kind of disorder but im not a doc. *shrug* watch it or dont thats fine.
i dont know it sounds like some work to do that

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