Best soda debate go go go

best soda debate go go go

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>drinking the carbonated jew

Pepsi Is the Best.


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Everyone knows root beer is gods choice

root beer is garbage, ginger ale is the top tier

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get the fuck out of here, jerry, no one asked you

dr pepper is fucking BASED

oilet bangs

Is root beer the same as ginger beer?
Also A&W creaming soda was nice when I tried it.

>A&W Root Beer
That's my jam.

No, not even close. If you've ever had Jenga, the chewing-gum, you know what root beer tastes like.


Bangs root beer


Big Red

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Banks is pretty gud




Texas niggas?

>ctrl + f
>no sprite
smh my head

Sprite is for niggers. This thread is for based sodas.

Sprite is the most original sodie pop out there and you can't tell me otherwise

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It is made by , advertised to, and consumed by niggers. I don't care how "original" it is. It taste like shit tbh.

ITT: Idiots turning fucking soda into a race thing.

Don't think I have
>Not American
Tried the A&W creaming soda in an American import candy store

A sugary fizzy drink with a hint of lemon; what more could you ask for? It's a sodie in its purest form. Idk what bootleg drink you've been drinking but it's definitely not sprite.

Water with all the (((flouride))) is bad enough. You'd have to be a fucking retarded goyim to drink that shit with sugar, food coloring and an assortment of chemicals.

My kids, now grown up, have never drank soda. Not once. Neither has any weight problems whatsoever. I grew up on that poison and constantly struggle with weight.

I encourage all non whites to drink the shit out of soda. Fuck water, it's for the poor. Bling, bling with your Pepsi or Coke!

For whites, avoid the bile (((they))) call "soda", it's literally poison in a can.

You're out of your neighbor, Jerome.

Vanilla-orange for the win

probably the best vending machine soda of the 90s, right here

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but if you like blood orange and wanna class it up, there's always:

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if you're a hipster-fag, there's always virgils root beer. their orange cream soda is dank af too.

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This was the best. RIP Dublin

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*oh, fukkin side-note right here: virgils root beer with Jager (gross) is actually bomb

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bundaberg ginger is about the best thing to have with whiskey, even a cheap whiskey

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*freeze, cut open, eat with spoon on hot days


easily one of the best citrus sodas:

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if you haven't tried it, cran ginger is the fukkin shit. you can do jack & gingers with it or drink it straight. really good.

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I think im the only one taking this seriously...

squirt classic is up there with cactus cooler, and ties in my book, but the ruby squirt gave it that extra push to take the lead for me. its pretty good.

Brings back memories of playing Nintendo with my older brothers.

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this or a nice cold da cnoiy

Its funny cause ive mixed regular canada dry with cranberry juice but never tried those ones, wonder if it tastes the same

root beer, sarsaparilla, ginger ale, and ginger beer are all different things. cream soda in any form also distinguishes a drink, i.e. root beer and root beer cream soda are different enough to be two classes: root beer and (root beer, orange, cola FLAVORED) cream soda.


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back when i was a kid, they had 'flavors' at the fountain drink machine, but usually only cherry and vanilla that you could add to whatever you drink. DUDE, i did that same thing with tobasco ketchup and siracha ketchup, now fukkin heinz makes them both. for real though, home made blends are best. tobasco in bleu cheese dressing for french fries, man. fukkin best.

Bangs root beer is superior to A&W, might even be the best soda ever imo

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remember this nasty coffee coke shit? it wasn't really that nasty/shitty once you go used to them, but at that point your subbing morning coffee for coke like a fat fukkin midwesterner.

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Root beer in all its forms

*best in class*, foo, not best

went through a rum/whiskey & dr pepper phase. its a nice change.

It's Barg's.
Learn cursive

Interesting, I've tried sarsaparilla and liked it.
We seem to have much less soft drink complexity here in Australia. Before right now I thought creaming soda was always that one redish-pink drink.
We have something called a 'spider' here, where you put ice cream into soda, its fairly nice, tastes similar to creaming soda for obvious reasons.
We also don't really call it soda, I think most people here say soft drink.

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millennials,dude, or autists, whatever; usually either are both.

Barq's (pronounced 'barks')

can people actually not read cursive?
I'm only 22 and I learned it in school


For me it’s A&W Cream Soda, though I would probably prefer a root beer float if given the choice.

neat. here in the states we also drop icecream into soda and call it a Float (root beer, cola [some places] or orange). popular at 'burger stand' type places, but is more of nostalgic novelty thing. the only canned/bottled Cream Sodas i EVER see here are the standard root beer/cola/orange.

Water nigga

Newfag alert.

Soft drink is used in the States. Don't get sucked in to the debate of "is it soda? is it pop?" Brain cells will die en masse

wow bro got us good

*people in the states stopped calling soda "Pop" somewhere in the late 70's/early 80's. i still do sometimes cause it cool to use outdated terms, but dumb jerkoffs in the food industry are usually millennials, who done know shit about the world that existed before they were born, and look at me unresponsive like.

Strange, even I know Americans sometimes call it pop just from movies and shit.

My dad liked this for some reason. It just tasted like coke with some instant coffee haphazardly tossed in.

maybe in older movies, or saying it ironically, to be hip. older people in the midwest still say it, like my grandfater, but it's not cinema lingo, unless, as i said, used ironically. im on the west coast, a few miles outside LA; they dont call it Pop here, and the rest of the country emulates east/west coast culture. maybe im blind.

Dr. Pepper definitely seems like the best all rounder:
>wider availability
>nice flavour
>cuts right through, though I think it lacks the “cosy” nature of cream soda.

it tastes a little on stale side, or flat, and the coffee is more of an aftertaste, like you poured coke into a dirty coffee mug. it grew on me, then they pulled it from our shelves.

Coca-Cola classic is the answer

wasn't there a vanilla or cherry dr pepper? ever try them? better or worse than original?

I found it in Venice last year of all places in some modest street vendor.

There isn't a reason to learn it. Unless you want to know what subpar root beer Coca Cola is selling you.

I tried a coke coffee slushee/slurpee, not sure what you guys call it, from Hungry Jack's (Australian version of Burger King) a while ago and it was basically the way you describe this.
Except it leaned more towards the coffee side, so it was kinda like someone spilled cola into a coffee frappe, absolute shit.
They do a mango one with ice cream on top which is fucking nice though.
I can't remember where I heard it to be honest but it probably was either an old movie or old person.
I can see why you'd say that but I definitely write faster in cursive, personally.

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Rootbeer all the way

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Venice, France? or Venice in California. it sounds like a stupid question, but i live a few miles from Venice CA., is also a tourist trap teeming with street vendors, so you can see why i ask.

im like, "what's this Burger King ripoff bullshit....oh..." lol

I tried cherry. I never really cared much for flavouring and this really just felt like a sweeter soulless Dr Pepper; wouldn’t recommend over original.
I *might* have tried Vanilla, but I remember it was some weird “float” variation. It was kind of like a cross between cream soda and root beer; which seemed right down my alley. I haven’t found it since and I generally just have either or depending on location and even season. (Cream Soda for Sun; Dr. Pepper for Cold)

Im 29 its pop
Itsa indiana thing everybody calls it pop....

Venice, Italy.

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I've been told its because "Burger King" was already trademarked here when they brought it over, and that Jack is just the name of the guy who bought the Australian Burger King franchise.

Sasparilla is my favorite

in that case, have you tired Henry Weinhard's Cream sodas? they're the best. also, his root beer has hints of vanilla, but its not marketed that way. Virgils is technically better, but tastes more like oak barrels, which is classy but not as refreshing.

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lol, what? you never seen Point Break? i think it put Venice CA on the map. fuk, did i say Venice, France? geography class was like, seriously, 20 years ago for me and i never vacation in white countries; and yes, i should have known that one.

Doesn't get better than an ice-cold, Bang's root beer

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fuck...ya learn sumthin' new ever day...

Nectar of the gods

>creaming soda

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Also their tonic is good

Get that shit knock off Dr Pepper outta here.

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