How was the joker movie? was it good and serious or just another shit dc movie...

how was the joker movie? was it good and serious or just another shit dc movie. was the joker like the heath ledger one or more the retarded one?
i wanna know is it worth seeing it

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>how was the joker movie?
I found it good

>was it good and serious or just another shit dc movie.
Serious. it's not a superhero movie by any means
>was the joker like the heath ledger one or more the retarded one?
retarded, you mean the Jared Leto one? no, he was closer to Ledger's joker I guess... though if I had to say he's closer to Nicholson's joker... but it's still a pretty different interpretation of the character

>i wanna know is it worth seeing it
worth it, in my opinion, but it has very little in common with your usual MCU, DC flick, so don't expect that.

If you've ever seen Taxi Driver and enjoyed it, you'll probably like Joker.

Probs another cringe fest cash grab

It's a serious drama type movie about a guy with mental health problems slowly going insane

It's a good movie, just don't expect a comic book movie. If you like Taxi Driver, you'll probably dig this one too.

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Great movie


Easily the best movie of the year. Possibly the best movie of the last 5 years.

Expertly crafted. The music. The lighting. The sets. The script. The acting.

Go and watch it immediately OP

The movie was good, although i really hate it when movies handle mental illness, not sure why.
i wouldnt really compare the joker in this movie to the other jokers as its more of a prequel to the whole batman franchise, it shows us the birth of joker, the conditions needed for a joker to become a reality.

Batmans clown enemy, it's a serious movie for adults.

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It was like a 7/10, completely over-rated by the marketing campaign.

Rambo Last Blood was much better, unless you're a pedophile then you will hate watching those innocent sex traffickers getting brutally murdered.

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Rambo Last Blood was the worst piece of shit to come out this summer, that totally destroyed Rambo as a character with a stupid storyline and no character development whatsoever

>comparing Joker to Rambo

two movies to be recently released. he's obviously saying if op wants to see a better movie (in his opinion) skip joker and see rambo. are you so devoid of basic thinking skills you can't figure this out without me stepping you through it?

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It’s a good movie. Very much political, but not in the way you’d expect.

it's shit, because it's a "superhero" movie and allsuch movies are shit. but i'll go see it to boost the ratings and annoy feminists

You must have hated it then

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> Character development
> Rambo

You're joking, right?

>was it good?
It was pretty good but ir seems like the directors were having a hard time deciding if this was a psychological thriller or a action drama movie. If this was a psychological movie, it turned ojt to be a little too shallow and weak on the aspect of his mental suffering (take The Machinist or any Lars von Trier movie), and if this was an action drama, it was a little too slow in regards of action it self, though it did develop into something resembling that in the second part of the movie.
>Joker himself?
He was portrayed as an infantile, mentally troubled guy that not only deals with a mental illness but being brought up to be incredibly naive to the point, where murdering a person was his only way to break this kind of world view. You could say he was retarded, as much as you could say an 8 year old that has never seen any violence or real world problems is.
>is it worth seeing?
Definetely, if you are interested in the Arkham lore itself, you will get some new insight into it and if you are an empathetic person, you will somewhat suffer aling with Joker if you are capable of distiguishing between the fact that in the end of it all, he's still a villain that runs on resentment and naive belief that murdering is the only solution and understanding that his suffering is very real and he is not the that inflicted it.

It’s like the film taxi driver but shittier


Right, Joker did nothing wrong. 500 years ago, Joker would go to the priest every so often for spiritual direction instead of a shrink, and if he actually couldn't make it in society he would be a monk. If he was a clown, no one would steal his sign and beat him or fire him for being armed, if he defended himself from being beaten, he wouldn't fear the investigation of the deaths of the men who attacked him. If he had to settle for a middle aged woman with a kid, she would be loving and supportive.
So what do you get when you cross a mentally unstable loner with a society that's collapsing?

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Its not a superhero film by any means at all. Its a dark psycological drama more like a character study of what someone would need to go through to become the joker. Very much grounded in reality. No superpowers, no good guy vs bad guy.