Texas thread!

Texas thread!
817 represent!

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Long time lurker. OP is a fucking fag and a drooling tard. That’s the flag of Chile you fucking cow.

hello conchetumadre ql jasnkjsnkjdnaskjnadskjnsa

anything on these two? (plano)

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not the Texas flag. fuck off wannabe

Who is she

Dumb snap chat pay whore, lets end her business


Then what’s her snap

Bumping for 817/Arlington wins

Entonces, este es un post de Chilito o de wnas texanas?

I was just in Dallas on Tuesday/Wednesday. What a shithole. Downtown is a nightmare.

Let’s get some more Plano

Go to only fans com/andisalsa i have all her shit

Texas disc anyone?

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Whats her snap? Post that shit man

Any Corpus?

Gringos ignorantes wn xD

More of these 2?

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Haha fucking faggot that's the worst area

OP of this around?

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I got vids and a mega for anyone who will follow her IG and send me her pics

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Kik smokin_dreamin

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Kek. I’m from the Dallas area. Can’t disagree


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Alex 956

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just go see her. she's a bartender

you realize that's Chile's flag, no?

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I know who she is, I can’t go see her lol I just want her IG modeling pics

go play some pool. have a beer. lurk

is this even a language?

Texas = 1845
Chile= 1810

classic yankee stealing

Bustylatinawife report her snap, huge megadump , tired of that paywhore

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Viva Chile!

Go back to the mine yall were stuck in! Chileros pendejos

somoh el mejor paih de shile hermano!!!!

Kik jj..jj..jj. for 956

Can’t she’d call the cops lol

Anyone have Victoria R from DFW? Preferably tits.

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Kik jj..jj..jj. for 956

She’s from Dallas Texas. Someone figure out how to download these vids and share. nakedcams.me/chaturbate-female-videos/p/chaturbate-slyandthefamilystoner

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Yes, most of Dallas has more tits than sense.

Was ist denn das hier für eine Scheisse? Ihr scheiss Kuhjungen, geht doch eure Kälber ficken und erschiesst euch gegenseitig. Das könnt ihr doch so gut.

Please tell me you have more nudes

dont have any nudes. know her?

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If her initials at HF then maybe

What’s her @ on IG?


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Any wins of Kijan D in Plano?


That’s why I love it, user...

oh Damn she knows what you look like?

214 waitress

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la wea weona wn todavia estoy esperando el tiroteo en la PUCV

plano bump

Anyone have the discord