Would you buy her feet pics?

Would you buy her feet pics?

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post more and maybe

I would buy her bleach and give it to her in a water bottle.

id pay to smell her feet after she went for a run

sure thing, lets see more


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she looks so basic, a dime a dozen kind of girl. If I was looking for a cheap discount on trash, I would contact her.


maybe if I was desperate?

oh fuck yeah id buy

Absolutely yes. Kik me if you are interested: dome6767

Only betas buy pics

Jen's feet are awesome

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pictures maybe not... 3 day worn socks? HELL YES!!!!

She sells both!

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how would I contact her

jen_landes ig

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Her toes are fucking incredible! Jen is a true Goddess!

she is 10/10

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fuck me that i did not expect.. how much??

I don't have an IG

You should ask her!
jen_landes ig
yungtaccc twitter

she has fb ig twitter and vsco

Jen in socks is amazing

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No Kik or snap?

I thought she was some kind of foot slut on ig but there's not a single feet pic
how would you know she sells em

snap is jen_landesxoxo

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I asked her if she sells and she sent me this, you could simply DM her and ask her for yourself

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Need a free preview of what she sells

Buying pictures..

How fucking spasticated are you pathetic fucks? There's literally thousands of petabytes of free porn of better looking girls out there for free.

She sells feet pics/vids (soles, toes, etc) and she also sells worn socks/old shoes.

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She sent this when I made an offer

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> dat pooper

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Jen is a Goddess, she's about to drain me

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Jen Landes is my new fav

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