Is user coming out as gay today?

Is user coming out as gay today?

I mean, we already know you are and we’ll love you all the same user

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I would like to take this moment to speak my truth.

I am a zoopedonecrosadomasotransfrotteursexual.

Thank you for being so understanding of my sexuality this took a lot of courage uwu

I wonder how many people are actually 100% straight. Is it just a facade you put up to retain your masculinity or is the thought of kissing a cute smooth-face guy and sucking his dick really as vomit-inducing as the thought I'd have of kissing a haggard 80 year old grandma and going down on her loose cellulose-dense pussy that looks bags of mush?

im bi

Cool bro. Now women and men both give you headaches haha

>haha you'd rather fuck a 10/10 guy than a 0/10 girl right?
kys faggot

The problem is dividing the world in gay or straight.
You can add bi, you can start with percentage, but they are all simplifications.
I love cocks but I would never kiss a guy.
I like only their cocks, male bodies and faces do nothing to me.
Does it make sense? Who cares, that is what I like.

that's gay dude. you should come out on twitter.

have you sucked dick before? taken it up the ass? what do you think of the smell of dick and the taste of pre as his dick continuously leaks it into your mouth and the taste of a big sticky load of cum on your tongue?

I'm a little skeptical of people who say they just like dick. If you like dick, and all of the wonderful things surrounding it, I don't understand how kissing him and any part of his body could be more revolting to you.

I really hope that my post made straight people gag in disgust, because I worry sometimes that the worry is really just full of people putting up a facade.

it's called a dick fetish.

Ok fine I'm out. I'm a fag obsessed with trap cock who wants to be a trap too

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>yasher ali

yeah,its easy to tell people your gay in a country that wont throw you off a building for it.stupid sand nigger

fuck off, troll

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I realized my parents forgot I was gay couple days ago I told him I dropped off flowers at my dead boyfriend's tombstone, it was his birthday on the 7th.

facts don't care about your feelings

Fake news
I can choose to ignore facts if I don't like them, Trump taught me

statistics like that are pulled out of peoples' ass or are biased. It's like if you polled people from San Francisco and asked "Should Trump be impeached?" and then going on the internet and touting "I POLLED 5,000 PEOPLE AND 90% OF THEM WANT TRUMP IMPEACHED, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

No cause I'm not a faggot. But i would like to fuck a lesbian with my cock.

I like guys

I'm not full blown gay but I love sucking cock. I have a ghetto glory hole in my back room.
I don't like to see the men. I just want cock

based. all lesbians are either in denial because they haven't had good enough cock yet, or traumatized by their daddy raping them and avoid men at all costs, but still secretly think about daddy's cock when their gf is fingering them.

Not a facade, sorry not everyone is a repulsive human being going against nature.

Pride parades were a mistake. I'm gay but I really don't like having to be associated with that crap.

Nature is full of homosexuality, but I don't normally see electronics so I don't think you grasp what nature is and how disgustingly distant we all are from it

I think the same. A good cocking would change their minds.

Would lesbians want to fuck girly men?

Most of them like traps interestingly enough

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