One of the most beautiful females I've ever laid my eyes on is an 11 year old girl

One of the most beautiful females I've ever laid my eyes on is an 11 year old girl...

Am I a pedo, Sup Forums?? I honestly think she's so beautiful and I was never attracted to girls as young as 11 until I've seen her... am I a sick fuck for thinking she's gorgeous..?

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Yes, you are.

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no such thing as a pedo. it's just a term invented by kikes.

What happened to those liveme wins

come on faggot post name

Yeah, stop it, you don’t need no Barbie doll looking underage bitch. Don’t tread into this fucked territory

Well, no. Children can be pretty, that's just a thing. You're a pedophile when you're sexually attracted to them.

What’s her @

What the fuck? Are you retarded? How the heck did you come up with such an odd overgeneralisation?

it's true though. how is spreading aids through buttfucking not a mental illness but wanting to reproduce is?

Neither is you fucking retard. Both are dumb decisions made out of passion.

Welcome to puberty

Perma virgine confirmed.

This is so primitive. Just like the mind of a pedo #spottedthepedo

Little girls have healthy features and perfect skin. Of course they're the most beautiful and always will be. Doesn't mean you're pedo; a pedo fucks or tries to fuck the leagally underage.

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The thing is that she looks older than she actually is and probably she is wearing make-up BUT if you know shes underage just stop thinking about her stupid coombrain monkey.

you cant do anything about your brain. just make sure you dont act out on it.

Do you really need an answer to that question?

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She's done up like a chav with tons of makeup and adult hair/clothing style. She looks just like a smaller 19 year-old glam model, so of course you could find her attractive. Now if you were to find ordinary snotty-nose everyday 8 year-old kids unbearably sexy, that's different.