I Just Want Everyone to be Happy

No matter how you look, you should have someone to hold, who you can support and they support you.
To have full warm tummies, and full warm hearts.
You can be left alone if you want, and be with a community if you want.

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I want jews to stop genociding Europeans with demographic government, and I want my country to be for my race again.

That's impossible until the tribe is wiped off the face of the Earth.

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I want to kill everybody in Minecraft

I just want Jews to stop killing my people.

Based fucking leafbro. I hope you never stop acquiring more happiness & comfort.

Spoiler alert, all that shit you just listed takes work. Sitting on your ass wishing for things will get you fucking nothing.

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Stop taking welfare beaner.

We'd be much closer to that without any niggers around

So do i user. Blacks, whites, asians, arabs, south americans i just want us to all be happy in our respective nations. Id like us all to have minimal amounts of migration because i think a little but of multiculturalism can be nice but it has to be done correctly. No country should have more than a 15% non-native population

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Based and frenpilled leaf
We're all gonna make it!

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Dumb as shit. Niggers and Muslims deserve to die.

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>full warm tummies
can we all just take a moment to acknowledge that a soft little tummy is one of the best girl parts?

no reason to off myself, im not a bad person

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I have that and it feels great OP. It's sometimes hard to see, but life is happy. The point of life should be to enjoy it, and I think everybody deserves a slice of that. You included, thank you.

I hope for the same too fren