I bought this beauty few hours ago for a dollar

I bought this beauty few hours ago for a dollar.

What shall I do with it Sup Forums?

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Crush ball

Use to eat burrito or tacos and post vid

What ball?

Stimulate your anus.

Obviously strangle stray cats

But if you don't have any, is great too

You got ripped off faggette

Sell it to a jew as a penny pincher for $2

up your ass

whatchya need a grabber for alvin?


Don't have any burritos, best I can do is a piece of bread. Still I don't know how to record it

Here's my shitty dickbutt

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pick up an egg, post pics

i want to see you eat a burrito with it too. go buy one and bring it to the cashier with the pinch stick

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Throw the egg at your neighbors house with the claw

Too lazy to go and buy it, no idea how to do a video of it too. Best I can do is post some pics of random shit

Now insert egg into anus using the claw without breaking the egg.

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use it to use scissors to cut dickbutt

That's creative, give me a sec

Nice dubs user

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to you as well.
once the thread dies, make a simple breakfast with the claw.
Try to see how far you can get into a day at home before the claw can't hack it

This will be interesting. thanks for the idea user