How do I grow a thicker, fuller besrd? I haven't shaved in two weeks

How do I grow a thicker, fuller besrd? I haven't shaved in two weeks.

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Shave that dirty shit off your face

What fucking skin disease do you have mate?

Get some vagisil for that fungal face you cretin.

some people dont grow beards well user. you should at least trim if you're going to keep a beard. the neck needs to be shaved at least once a week

Okay, to help with the bumps, try and shave as close as you can. Go against the grain. This'll help to clear your skin of any oils and shit that's causing the bumps (hopefully). Use a gritted face scrub and a shower rag to help with it.
Then for a thicker beard, it sounds gay as fuck but try some essential oils. Im not into them much but i do know for a fact that they do help. I think it was like lavender and lemon or some shit like that.
For thickness, there are also very helpful beard balms you can get that are pretty cheap.
In terms of length, there's not much that can be done. "The more that shaves the more that grows in" only works in your preteens and early teen years. At this point it's all genetics.
Also remember that bitches love short stubble that's contained and well-kept. It isnt hard.
Just find what you like the best and stick with it.

Your genes are moustache only, your moustache is pretty good. How old are you?

disgusting. your skin makes me wanna puke. fix that shit first, beard won't help you at all if your skin looks like this.

Ok, first of all, fuckin' clean your dirty shitstain of disease that you call "skin"

Then shave everything : the more you shave, the more the hair will become stronger.

Then clean yourself again, clearly can't hurt in your case.

Repeat every 3 days.

In a year or so, you will have something close to a beard. If you don't, blame your parents for giving you shitty genetics and no education on hygiene.

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shave every day for a year then just stop.

>the more you shave, the more the hair will become stronger.

This is a myth, it's all about the individual hair follicles testosterone sensitivity. If your hormones are fucked up, you can shave every day and never grow anything.

go to the gym

if that picture is actually you then you are a dirty bastard

really? When I shaved the top of my torso for the first time, they went to very soft to quite tough.

Still you're wrong, it's just ticker because you cut the base which grew and maintained the thickness. If you waxed it would be soft's not tougher, just seems so, but it not

bear down real hard, grit your teeth and go unnnnn, like you are constipated and are trying to take a shit

I see
thank you scientist user

Some people don't have the genes to grow full beards, but:

Oils will help. Your skin produces its own, and those get on the hairs to keep them healthy. But they only go so far. Supplimenting them with oils/balms will help.
For now tho, wash and shampoo your godamn face until it's clean. Once you've done that, stop shampooing (and thus chemically drying out) your beard.
Also shave the neck hairs. A decent stopping point is the jaw bone. Any neck skin without bone under it gets shaved. For extra points, get under the ears (behind the jaw) and the top of your cheeks for a crisp, streamlined look.
There are diets, probably rich in protein, but ask a medfag about that.

Unless you're going full mountain man, you'll want to grow the beard longer than you actually want it, then trim back. This is the secret to the full beard look.
Either way, every day you should oil and brush with boar hair brushes and/or a wooden comb (plastic combs are stamped and ave miniscule jagged edges that wreck your hair).
Occasionally you should trim the stray hairs that stock out.
Occasionally for upkeep, get those plastic trimmer guides for length. Shave down. Don't follow under your chin. Shave straight down your cheek and straight down after that.

Good god. Wash your face. You have a layers of caked dead skin as well as a likely fungal infection. All of this will irritate hair follicles and make them not grow.

If your eye doesn't pop a blood vessel, you're not trying hard enough

Fuck off OP

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Joker was a beast

Don’t be a soyboy

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Give it up. Your beard just ain't gonna happen.

First go to a doctor , then get some Minoxidil

Like the guy in your picture?

OP don't listen to these fuckos. I didn't think I could grow a beard, now I'm full on mountain man. There is only one piece of advice.

Don't evaluate your beard until 10 weeks of no shaving/trimming. As your beard grows out, the length will cover sparse patches. If it still looks too sparse at 10 weeks, feel free to give up. If it looks decent, give it another 5 weeks.

No amount of shaving makes more hair grow. That's idiotic. You got this. I believe in you.

OP you clearly got some sort of a skin problem and need to get that sorted out. The oils in your pores are likely screwed up producing too much sebum so its messing up your hair growth potential.

Jesus christ you make me feel better about mine

jesus fucking christ, shower you dirty bastard

This. Listen to this man. Let it grow, OP. Your beard isn't super thick, but length will help.

Addition, find a skin care regimen that works for you. If you get acne/ingrown hairs under your beard it can turn into cysts, very bad.

I hope that isn't your attempt at impressing OP with your *slightly* more developed beard...

user that mentioned testosterone hit the nail on the head. Why do you think neckbeards have such shitty beards? Lack of testosterone. Why do you think these dipshit hipsters have to use all those oils and different methods to stimulate growth? Lack of testosterone.

Face it, your grandfather didn't need essential oils and conditioner to grow a beard because he was more of a man than you'll ever be.

Whether you're a Chad with your shitty tapered beard or a basement dweller, your beard will never meet the same standards of a real man that doesn't have to go through those measures to grow one. It just happens naturally.

Says the fag with the soyboy beard...

Shave it and embrace the shaved life.
I came to Sup Forums to masturbate, but when i saw your beard in the catalog i've lost my erection. Thanks a lot OP.

I don’t use natural oils or anything, I just let it grow out. And keep it trimmed and nice so it doesn’t get super gross

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i hate having to shave, so i just let it grow, havent touched it in 9 months, the only thing i dont like about having a beard is how it looks under sunlight, it will probably improve in a few years

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Dude... No. The best you can hope for is one of those douchey chin-straps that you see wiggers with all the time. You would be better off clean-shaven. What you're showing just looks like you want to appear older than what you are, like you're compensating for a poor jawline, or like you're too lazy to maintain a full shaving routine.

Women don't find that kinda shit attractive, and men with real beards find it hilarious. I could have grown a fuller beard than that in my late teens. How old are you?

You have to eat better man. You can’t expect to have great skin and good facial hair if you diet consists on fast food and soda...Jesus Christ! Drink plenty of water and do some exercise. Clean you face and do not touch it with dirty hands for sure. Eat plenty of vegetables ( deep green) and he some eggs and fish for some biotin to help with your hair.

Jesus fucking Christ, trim that disgusting shit.

this is how it looks without direct light on it.

so ye, if u want a better beard just dont go outside

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This just looks like a above-average neckbeard. You can make it work with a little maintenance, but you've gotta trim it back some to compensate for how low the hairline is on your cheeks. Trim the length, develop a straight line on your cheeks and shave above it to encourage the hair to grow out more. What I'm describing is essentially a "shape-up" for your beard. If you can't do it yourself, ask a barber to. Trust me, it'll look completely different and much more uniform with a little effort.

that beard looks comfy

also, op, just shave your neck and let it grow, trimmer it from time to time, especially area a bit above cheeks, near ears.
It takes time

he need some milk

Nevermind on my previous post about how low it sits on your cheeks. Still, it could use a shape-up to make it more uniform. Don't be afraid to use a fine tooth comb after a shower, too. It'll help it lay "flat" and look more maintained.


i want to let it grow more before i shape it up and i kinda like the homeless look

it sucks for someone who likes to sleep facing down

ye lighting is everything on facial hair, i use a beard comb 2 times a day, beard oil and water only washing.

OP how old are you? cause im only 22 and a year and a half ago i wasnt able to grow anything

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Sleeping is the worst part about having a beard with decent length. I sleep on my side, and I learned that the best way to combat that problem is to dry it off well if you shower before bed and to use hot water and the comb to relax it/straighten it back out after you wake up.

hot water doesnt work for me, i have to wash it with cold water or else it becomes really dry and wirey

Pretty far down so you probs wont see this but let it grow about that long then trim it DONT shave it. Keep trimming it every two weeks or week or so and in 2 months it will look super full. Trim with longer trimmer and let it grow back and repeat till desired length and fullness. I have a more patchy beard than you and in 3 months i can make it look like I'm a hipster

And take a daily vitamin. They usually have biotin in them

Dude that shit is weak and patchy why tf are you considering this as an ideal anyone should aspire to.

KEK dude you really shouldn't be talking about soyboys when you can only grow pubes. My shit is way thicker than yours and I still wouldnt go around calling other people soyboys because I'm self aware enough to know my beard ain't shit

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have you washed in two weeks?

that's an awful beard bro, sorry to tell you. I'm sure you mom tells you it's great though

all the mf'ers in this thread don't know what a trimmer/beard oil is

you look like a zombie and what is that white shit oozing from your lips?

this is not good advice

the modern hell would be whitout fire and flames, just to watch 24h a day youtubevideos like this, god damit, shave your food in your goddam anus

an hero nigger

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You only classify as not being a soyboy when u have a jawline user, also sort ur skin out. goatee master race

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>tfw can't grow full beard and thick beard
>tfw would probably look bad with one anyway
I have yet to meet another man that looks better shaved than unshaven like I do. Sadly I don't look all that good either way.

Alright OP, listen up. Go to Walmart or some other pharmacy and buy some Rogaine foam. Or whatever brand minoxidil is cheapest. But make sure it's foam. Put it on your face morning and night. Repeat this process every day. Eventually you will start seeing little hairs sprouting in places where you had none. After a few months those hairs will thicken/shed and get replaced by thicker hair.

I've been doing this since July 2018 and I now can grow a full beard. I used to have no hair at all on my cheeks. Women notice me more, everyone tells me how good it looks and I feel like a new man. 0 regrets. Any questions, ask me.

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I've got more grays in my beard than you've got pubes on your upper lip, and I'm only in my 30's. Shave that patchy looking shit, because it makes you look like you're in your 20's still trying to pick up highschool freshmen.

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should I just shave? I don't consider this a full beard

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Sort your skin condition out.

Then let your facial hair grow for 6 to 12 months without touching it.

You can't tell shit about how a beard will look at 2 weeks unless you are one of the rare people blessed with almost 100% hair follicle coverage.

Imagine kissing that, look at the plaque forming around his lips from an unhygienic mouth. The grease has already permeated layers deep into the skin. Short velcro pube hairs make it even worse. In this situation, I advise shaving off your beard. Laying in a 24 hour bath bomb, and taking flaming hot cheetos out of your diet. Maybe invest in an electric toothbrush.

Just don’t cut it kek. They all look like pubes until it’s been growing for months.

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jesus christ i think growing a beard is the least of your problems

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