Odd girls only you want to fuck

Odd girls only you want to fuck

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>woman stores all 450 lbs of fat in her ass and thighs
>op thinks she's attainable
back off she's mine

Give me your unique hotties, hairy, preggis, lazy eye, big nose. Whatever gets your dick diamonds

Right wing disgust mechanism activated. Seriously you guys really disgust me sometimes.

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Passing on this to fuck, yea right

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Oh yeah

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Thats not "odd" thats just fat

Gonna have to be a no from me dawg

left hand? wtf is wrong with you mate

I usually sit on it for a while, get that 'stranger' effect going. But the right hand cups the balls pal

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I'd rather go to jail for fucking her than live with the shame of fucking the fatties in this thread.

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If Chris Christie was a girl...

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No mine.

Lol, not knowing about the stranger...

I'd love for her to beat me to death with that bat, my last though being her giant asscheeks jiggling as she does.

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No you fucking weirdo. I’m not into commies or disabled people.

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God damn. My back hurts just thinking about how hard I’d smash that.

You're Queen has arrived.

All Hail Queen Becca!

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Am i the only one to find this girl creepy ?
Cute... but creepy !

Would fuck her, goddamn those thighs...

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That's a male.


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its the crimson chin!

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i would fuck all of them wtf anons, expect for greta and the trap

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Sexy. Got any pics from the other side?

you know how i know you're gay?

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This co-worker. She's like 9 years older than me but I want her so bad!

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Because i reject the Fetal Alcohol Syndrom child?

100% this.

Is that a fuckin penis less dude?

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Damn heather, she needs a bit more weight though, enough to get her a tummy

My god, she has legit down Syndrom,
I think its illegal to bang downies right?

Not illegal, it's not like they can't think for themselves.

they can consent

Tough shit shes mine i saw her first

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I really hate you fucking faggots coming to every straight thread just fucking kill yourselves

Looks like she's down to fuck.

>Dis is my woom, user, come sit on my bed

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Ignore the eye, she’s blind in it

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I officially take back my argument that every downy retard is always disgustingly fat

I want to breed her

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She's blind but has 3D glasses?

All I want is a DS wife who is in the tiny margin of fertility to give me two DS Daughters. I want a fucking Downs Syndrome Family

I want this fat pig to sit on my face, bet that shit stinks.

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Hipsterglases, and i think the one eye is an glasseye

Who doesn’t? With a voice and nose like hers..,.shalom

I mean the age of consent in Germany is 14..

I'd fuck it as long as she legal.

Far from all

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They are potatos, tell em "you get a snickers if we play a little game" and boom consent, at least porn with em is illigeal that much i know

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I bet she's wild animal in bed. She's got that look in her horny eyes.

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She has Putin face

she actually is pretty

Wow, this guy is MAD

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>only you want to fuck

lol, dumb nigger


He wants to fuck his Down Syndrome Family. All of them. I mean if he wants to film it and upload it. I'd watch it.

Those unnaturally straight hollywood teeth.

She looks cute, are there some nudes of her?


That's a faggot with bolt on tits and a tiny dick. Fuck off.

Methinks the lady doth protest too hard

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i liked her in flight of the concord

>implying you wouldn't suck Bailey's smooth cock

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Holy shit. I just realized that I started downloading hardcore porn 19 years ago on eMule and I have never watched a downs syndrome bitch getting fucked, and those things along with IRC were full of pthc and shit. The fuck? Is it just that nobody wants to see it?

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who wouldn't want to go out with a girl in a smile monkey t-shirt?

you took her best part