Name one secret about yourself that if your spouse knew, they'd divorce you immediately

Name one secret about yourself that if your spouse knew, they'd divorce you immediately

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I don't have a spouse. Don't tell her though.

I've had sex with around 40 other women in the time that I've been married to her.

Not judging, just interested: why?

>most people here can't find one
>you find 40, while married

All I want is to take it easy and live a quiet comfortable live.
Meanwhile, they are obsessed with challenge and refinement of the self.

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He's larping, Jimmy

Is that your secret? Cause I feel like that's how it is most of the time

I actually don’t care for that show This is us.

I just need the thrill of sneaking around. That's the best way that I can try to explain it.

There's been a few seriously hot ones, but for a lot of them, I really lowered my standards. Most weren't as hot as my wife.

But is it even still exciting when you already know you can easily do it? Just feel like finding someone who's willing to fuck you once is less of an achievement/challenge than finding someone who's willing to fuck you till they die (theoretically)

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I have a feeling it could one day become the end of our relationship because they are one of those people who loathes people who choose to live in comfort instead of constantly challenging or bettering themselves, and I have no long term professional motivation.
Almost feels like I’m split between staying and living a lie to keep them in my life, or being completely honest with my desires and being left.

I kind of get what you're saying. Some of them have been long term affairs, but a lot were one nighters or short term. The long term affairs have certainly been more satisfying.

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Hmm yea I think I can understand that. Kind of a different life philosophy. But then again there's room for a compromise there as you're both still individuals too. As long as you're supportive of their need for self-improvement, I don't see why they would not be supportive of your more stable and simplistic philosophy. Actually think it's better this way than pushing each other to the limits of becoming better alm the time until it's more of a superhuman competition than a relationship

im the friend slut. whenever we all get together i end up at least sucking one of their dicks. whenever im sucking them i show her nudes to my friends to help them get hard.

Your Sara score is off limits haha

Yea I guess I just try to seek the challenge within the relationship but I guess I get the hunting kinda thing too. Just don't let it affect the sex life within your marriage

Haha. She's one of the long term affairs. Three years; we actually just broke up this week. But she's married too, so we had sex in a lot of parks, hotels, and backseats around the city.

It has definitely affected my sex life with my wife. I currently just have one other woman that I'm seeing, but since breaking up with Sara this week, I've been contemplating rededicating myself to the marriage.

How about your secret, OP?

I got my wife black out on vacation and let my 2 friends rape her.

And she has no recollection at all?

Oh wow, three years is a long time. You okay?

Yea well that's the problem. My dad has basically been doing the same you're doing since they got married (well, and before) and of course my mother found out about pretty much all of it even though it was kind of international - pretty sure he hasn't had sex with her more than maybe twice in the past 10 years cause he always fucked around when they were having lots of sex too ergo if they don't have sex, he doesn't cheat - > they don't have sex. Apart from that, at some point in the future you'll want the person you need to wipe your ass three times a day to actually like you cause no random person out there is gonna do it

Not trying to be a moral fag, but being a bit strategic/long-term oriented in your thoughts doesn't hurt

Nope. We got her super drunk. She puked apologized then her clothes started coming off.

It's been really tough on me. It was her decision to walk away. It was more than just sex; we did all kinds of things together just like any couple and texted all day, every day.

I don't quite get what you're saying about your dad. Your mom found out and pretty much cut him off, so now that he's not getting sex at home, he doesn't cheat?

I hear you about thinking strategically long term.

I had an affair with my much younger cousin when wife was pregnant with kid 3. Ended up getting cousin pregnant. Still smashed cousin for ten years until it ended late 2015. Was really good sex.

You mean you have a group of male friends and get passed around by them?

Need clarification

Gave my cousin £6k for a night of sex. Was 32 she 37. Had been married to partner for 3 years together 10

how old was the much younger cousin?

There's a big darkness inside of me, growing and waiting to be released. It is quite sad, actually, as i remember myself as a good boy, and feel like it was a completely different person, and how he was a good, naive, innocent child. Don't know where does the person i am now come from. But i still fondly remember the little lad that i was, back then. We just got married my wife and me, and i can already see how i started to corrupt her. Not in an edgy, video game type of corruption, but a form of corruption that is almost visible to others. She always used to have a smile on her face, now not so much. We had a baby couple of months ago. That innocent boy that i once was, i can see in him. It is killing me inside, but i have to be away from them, so i take the jobs all over the world, just so I don't corrupt them more. Clearly, i am leech, a ghoul, feeding on people's happiness

I used to think it would be that I like dress as a sissy for a sexual thrill.

She now loves it and its a secret thing between us. Im an extreamly masculine man in rl.

Funny thing is, i used to cry over here a year ago how I'm 31 and still not married and childless. Now i see that the problem was not in that, but in me. Reason i say that she would divorce me, is that she cannot comprehend the crushing negativity in me, and it would mortify her to know

18 to my 32