So this girl that used to bully me in high school got pregnant and she wants me to be the father, what do Sup Forums...

so this girl that used to bully me in high school got pregnant and she wants me to be the father, what do Sup Forums? (i'm still a virgin)

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fuck her, give her another kid, and then leave her a single mother with two kids to raise

demand nudes upfront, you didnt get to fuck her the first time.

Don't raise a kid that isn't yours its a very cuck thing to do

I would she’s hot

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Is pic related


Ur retarded if you do that op.
Wait for a girl to come into your life that respects and cares for you. Don't settle for this second rate bitch.

Make sure kid is white

Point, laugh, send her a video of you doing autofellatio

>im still a virgin

you should throw her down a flight of stairs and then rape her

drop loads in her while shes pregnant then about a week before she's due, never talk to her again

imma need more of this bitch

Definitive cuck.


Not this

she looks like she went from highschool straight back to primary lmao
where do you even find these baby-faces?

Just fuck her and leave, make sure you use a condom


How the fuck do you get bullied by a girl?

Also, fuck her if you get the chance and then move on.

>what do Sup Forums?
dna test would be to obviously, better make a thread on Sup Forums to recieve some good advise

she only bullied you, because she was insecure and at the same time in love whit you user

Quit being a faggot and post more pics

agreed, but you can fuck her a few times than leave her like her black lover

Stick it in here ass and have her lick it clean.
Then bounce and don't look back

Put another kid in her. problem solved

My friend is going to fuck her for you, give him her adress and or facebook please, k thx


Tell her to abort the bastard and have your child instead. If she refuses, do not fug the single mom, ignore her.

>got pregnant
>i'm still a virgin

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Fuck her raw a few times and cum inside her shes already preggo.

Tell her how much you live her and want to marry her and take care of the kid regardless of not being the father.

Once the day comes where its popping out, ghost her completely for the luls

extra credit: Leak nudes

Stop making bait threads and get a job

Pimp her ass out and make some hard cash for yourself