I have a low i.q. (about 70), ask me anything !

I have a low i.q. (about 70), ask me anything !

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are you black?

Why don't you run for president

asking important question

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No, I'm white
Well if I was from USA I could try but I'm french and our presidents are smart

Do you have the feeling that every conversation arround you people get to the end of without you?

Do you feel most everyone is smarter than you and seems to pull solutions out of thin air for problems you see as complex ?

I am curious... I have the inverse of this and legitimately never take the time to find out about others. Iq:147

What's the purpose of life?

How old do you think you'll be when you die?

Well I dont feel like everyone is smarter than me, we live in a world full of true ineducated idiots so there is always people dumber than me.
I feel my limits when I read philosophy books or when I do maths
Purpose of life ? Maybe reproduction
Hopefully 85 years old

can you solve this test?

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Yes, I'm not that dumb actualy, I when to highschool and all !

are you good at music or painting?

Yes, I mean I'm not the best at it but I can play guitar and piano (self taught). I don't paint but I love to draw and my drawings are not bad

How many times have you tested your IQ and with how many different tests? 70 seems too low

How old are you and are you a virgin?

First of all, how do you know your IQ is 70?

2 times, first on internet and second was by professionals (they told me I had a "average low" q.i.)
I'm 34 years old and I'm not a virgin
I made a test on internet

Internet IQ tests are literally useless though. The only ones you should consider even remotely valid are administered by actual healthcare professionals, such as the Stanford-Binet.

Not sure

Yes, well, when I did the internet test I thought "maybe it'snot a very serious test" and years ago I made a real tst with professionals that's when they told me I have a "average low" i.q. (but they didnt give me a number)

>I’m French
So you can read and write in 2 languages? That’s something

Average-low would be anywhere from 85-100. Anything below that would be called something else.

Yes, at school I was good in english, I love to read and write in english

Oh, well you might be right

Yeah then I wouldn’t really believe/care about what some arbitrary test says

I have an iq somewhere between 125 and 130, pretty good but in no way exceptional. I often feel poorly equipped for having a normal conversation, and have met people with lower iq than you who seem to converse effortlesly.
Do you also feel like you are faking it, or can you smalltalk without secretly breaking a sweat?

Are you a flat Earther?

I think I can talk like a normal person, most of the people won't suspect I have a low iq.
But I don't talk a lt, I'm super shy almost like an autistic person

Haha no, shame of them, I'm not that stupid


Then you're alright in my book.


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What does IQ stand for?

Internet Quality. Mine is 100 MBit.

intelligence quotient.

You dont seem low in iq at all

Maybe try another test? Average iq can be anywhere between 85-115

The only thing here that makes you look stupid is taking an online iq test that seriously

Fun fact: only idiots and asshats care about IQ.

Why do my spaghettios keep making lightning?

Iq seems overrated. Being able to have a conversation without coming off as weird is usable across all walks of life.

What do you think about the US, Hong Kong, China situation?

Post drawing please

What job do you have and how are you spelling everything correctly

Do you have a GF?

Most people don't understand what IQ means. The popular definition seems to be that it's a measure of how "smart" someone is, but that's just wrong. Simply put, IQ was meant to quantify innate intelligence--an individual's ability to learn and solve problems.

Have you ever been in a serious relationship also if you were to rate yourself out of 10 what you you rate and post a selfie

I will support OP and ive made a test in an institution and my test came out without results. I asked what went wrong and the therapist said it was too low to determine. What does it mean? Also here to helpout OP in question. I have an average life, struggle with buying groceries i end up not knowing what to buy.

Ok here is a selfportrait from when I was younger and depressed
I've been in 3 relashionships, very lately in my life (first girlfriend at 28 years old)
I would rate me as a 5, I won't post selfiebecause I'm not very handsome

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You're not 80IQ if you're multilingual and can self teach instruments french bro.

Honestly, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Your IQ doesn't really matter as long as you're functional. The fact that you are able to communicate with us on here shows that you're "smart" enough.

In fact, most studies have shown that people with higher IQs tend to be more unhappy and are more likely to develop mental illnesses than those with average or below average IQs.

I feel like the smarter man is the more easily he's brainwashed by society. What do u think?

OP told us he has a pretty low iq. Assuming that correct spelling is impossible with a low iq? OP is smarter than you.

ITT: neckbeards ask a normal dood questions and then vastly overstate their IQs

That seems backwards. Someone with a higher IQ would, by definition, be quicker to notice that statements and facts don't line up.

That is the most mainstream incel thing I've heard anyone say. Either you're a troll or a high ranking faggot. I unfortunately can't tell with my below average IQ

>That is the most mainstream incel
how to make a word lose its meaning.

What a beautyfull painting

Van Gogh !