Rate my GF

Rate my GF

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I wanna put BBQ sauce on those ribs

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To skinny

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Would say 5.5/10.0

V nice nips she should get them pierced

I would love for her to do that, i think it would look amazing

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would bang hard and repeatedly/10


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I love that she's skinny, when we started dating she was 95lbs at 18.

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I don't get the point of pierced nipples, what's so good about them?

If that’s what you are into it’s cool, just I like more pear shape and don’t like seeing a rib cage, personal preference

I think she is perfect, I love skinny girls. The kind of things you can do with them is so much fun

Heres my girl:

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It’s a rate thread, so 10 being the best ever I’d say 5.5 to 6.0 is fair, this is more what I’m into

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Wb mine?

Thanks man!

Wow she's smoking hot, got more?

Here's some higher quality gifs (gfycat)





I have a ton more, how do i search up those gifs?

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gftcat dot com slash

then add the text after

Hard to say, got more?


Post them :)

Yes lol A lot more. BUT You guys gotta post some stuff too, can't be only me

Achelois17 just uploaded some stuff in the same outfit on her Reddit

haha that's great, it's cheap amazon shit.

I just came to give honest opinions without bias, I don’t have any to share right now anyway

I'll see if I have more to post for you but I'm already 9 deep. Gotta catch up!

Who else has a hot GF?

Oh shit okay, here's some more

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Fuck man she's actually extremely hot, congratulations.

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This is my ex but I think your dick might be just as thick as mine

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RIP, sorry for your loss. Unless it was your choice then congrats on putting yourself first.

Only one way to find out about the cocks, she loves taking two haha

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We had a pretty nice start to a tumblr going before they went full retard and banned porn. Few K followers. Shame to see it go to waste.

Jesus dude, how long did it take her to be able to take all that?

Reddit's pretty dope for NSFW stuff though, you post on r/couplesgonewild? I may have seen you there

I think we went for a few hours that day actually lol

Nah we haven't. We wanted to monetize and found it so damn hard to begin with. Kinda lost motivation after tumblr.

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Nobody else has GF pics to post?

wb pornhub?

For someone who posts on Reddit she has a fucking incredible body. Perfect to toss around a room and her asshole is just as pretty as her cunt with is a huge fucking turnon

solid 9

Yeah, maybe I should upload the videos.

got any anal?

Beautiful specimen. I'd say 9.5/10.

Nah, I've only gotten her to do it a few times. Trying to get her into it more. I think the trick is starting with regular sex with a plug in her ass, she seems to like that.


I'd say 10, proportions are perfect, tits are not too small and not too big, ass is supreme. bravo, sir!

Well damn, guess I got me a hot one ^.^

If we do end up posting videos on pornhub it will be under the same name we had on tumblr, Trembling Thai.


we have an empty page

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Eat her pussy until she's about to cum and long stroke lick her ass to her clit to push her over the edge. If she doesn't cum right away just wet your thumb and strum her clit while you eat her ass. It's one way to at least get a couple toes in the door so to speak. Show her that ass stuff aint always gotta be painful.

I'll be on the lookout

Posted a GIF on there, I'll let it build up some views / comments then use it to encourage her


More of her


I actually eat out her ass a lot, and whenever she's super wet during sex I use it to slide a finger in back there and she loves it. She's just a little intimidated about full on anal, and it needs to be a spur of the moment thing for her which doesn't really work very well with anal.

Tell her to eat something

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I’m convinced that guys like small women so their dicks will look bigger

Nah I love my dick, If it were up to her I'd be an inch shorter.

It's because they are fit, attractive, cute, and easy to carry around.

Every time we are done I carry her to the bathroom for cleanup while she kisses all over me and feels like a princess. Try doing that with your heavy thick girls.

Maybe she's too nervous to ask for ass play but she's into it when there's no pressure from her feeling like she has to ask? Who knows.

Achelois17 as mentioned is the same outfit.

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BBC sauce

Rate my GF

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Rate mine. I rescued her from evil Winnie the Poo

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Pergand or fat?

Lil clip

gfycat DOT om/immaterialajarguppy

Rate my gf

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Better than OP’s dude

Fucking ugly

My gf and I

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Rate my girl?

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more angles


Ass pics of her please
Gf or wife

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nice body, sexy feet and awesome tanlines! more?

r8 my brave girl?

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pretty hot, would be dope to see a full nude tho



Got more

like this?

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yeah shes pretty fucking hot, probably a 8.5
Wb pussy shot tho?

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Holy shit, I hope you wouldn't mind if I fucked the legs outta her...

i could let u join

Will you let my girlfriend join too?

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the more ,the merrier

whats your favorite pic of your wife?

Gf here anyone?

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show more

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