For anyone who downloaded from the walls work mega:

For anyone who downloaded from the walls work mega:

If you left the files on your mega did you get an email about objectionable content but the only shit they removed was the files from the walls work folder?

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After reading that filename i want to see the other pics of her son

literally what?



>uploading illegal shit to your personal mega
>not using a vpn

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What did he put there?

I didn't know Ellen Degeneres drank diet coke.

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Man uses drugs for 7 months and goes from

Holy fuck

From Hunk to Twink in the blink of an eye

Hol up. Is this the same guy?

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what were the files about?

Yup. Don't do (hard) drugs, kids.

That is sad, i feel so sorry for his mom

don't do drugs period. soft drugs are stepping stone to hard drugs.

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tbh its a bad moment for a photo. hes high on drugs, he might has better moments. also

dont use any drugs regularly, even alcohol will kill you if you take it daily. reduce it to monthly and even heroin is okay.

This. Was it the meth or was it the AIDs?

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What was the walls work mega ?

blablabla gime me that shit i want to die soon as possible

what the fuck is the "walls work mega"?

Why do i get the feeling OP's photo would slay on Tinder