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My gf

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That’s sucks I’m sorry dude :/

Show tits

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It's Em Time

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Horrible feet

a fan?

Look, guy, you've been posting her for years now. We've all seen these images. Millions of times. Unless you are going to upload the set, and actually make her of sufficient interest to make her famous and WANTED, you need to stop posting these handful of pics. All you are doing by dribbling out images is making anons NOT want her and be agitated that you have become an annoying mosquito clogging up our boards.

No offense intended, but you apparently don't seem to understand how this works.

>Horrible feet
i don't agree
that is a bad shot because her feet are filthy there, which makes her look like trailor trash, but . . .
there are other shots where she looks hot

the problem is as this user put it

i for one found her hot, but since the poster of these images has been spamming the same photos constantly without actually doing a set, i haven't bothered to save any of them

no one is spending years saving photos here and there

like user said, upload the set or gtfo at this point

Recycled shit doesn't belong on an image board.

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Have a lot of her saved , you Op?

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how'd you know i was op?

show a facial cumshot user

Are you Op? Post more

damn, any more?

lots more

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Fuk ya, keep goin then


okey dokey...i'll post when i can...playing games as well so be patient...and anything in particular you want just ask...might not have it of her but another ex

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Can;t get between a man and his games... anything ass/doggy?

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Don't listen, keep going

I have over 2000 unique pics of Em now, and I don't intend to ever stop collecting

plenty of an ass man so most of my pics (all of exes) are ass pics

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jesus christ keep going

hooooly shit

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this but with tits out would be great


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Wow any of her gobbing on the cock??

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More of her

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Don't stop posting

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Fapable cleavage?

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Somebody here has her blowjob saved, right? Post, please!

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Don't stop

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her asshole looks yummy

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more of her plz. cant stop fapping

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Wow more please!!!!!


Please tell me you got more??


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asian ex

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show frontal/tits

hemorrhoids and hairy- no thanks

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Honest opinions requested

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Any more pics of this hoe??

Stunning!! Do continue kind sir

7/10 no face, if she had a bigger butt then 8/10. Face busted -1, face good +1.