Share your sexy and dark secrets and sins

Share your sexy and dark secrets and sins

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I got my dick sucked at least 50 times by dudes. Damn I miss craigslist. Oh yeah, married early 40s with 3 kids.

May or may not have cammed on chaturbate as a minor.
Not a lot of verification on the "exhibitionist" cams.
Even lost my anal virginity with 240 people watching.
My boyfriend could pass for 18 but not me.. shocked we keep it going for 3 months.
My boyfriend had also done it with his ex a year prior.

I had sex with a benis in a bagina and it made milk drop out of the benis.

I tricked/manipulated a special needs girl in to giving me a full body massage/hj. Posted the story here a while back but the thread went off before anyone read the story. Want me to repost it?

I fucked my mom's best friend. Her friend had been through a bad divorce and was living with my mom and stepdad for a while. Mom and stepdad are on vacation, but I went to stay at their house because my AC went out (summer in Louisiana). Mom told me to call her friend and let her know I was coming. Talked to her and she was having drinks and invited me to join. After a few we went back to the house. Continued drinking, and after awhile she said she was going to bed. She headed that way, and after a few minutes I followed. She was in bed, naked under the covers. I threw them back and dove in between her legs. I ate her pussy and then we fucked all night! It was so hot! She was 51 at the time, I was 28. I'm 34 and married now, but every time I see her my dick gets hard!

Is it as good as the guy who worked in the mental institution and fucked suicidal teens all day?

I tell my friends I hate feet, but I secretly love them. Whenever I see a girl, naked or clothed, the first thing I look at are their feet. If girls only new that for me, walking barefoot or in sandals, it's like waving their pussies in my face.

>Is it as good as the guy who worked in the mental institution and fucked suicidal teens all day?
damn man living my dream

No. Nowhere as interested as that I'm afraid. Just a plain story.

It's one of the best stories I have ever read in a thread like this.
That guy had 5 months in heaven.

Tell it anyway

do you have screencap?

No sorry
Maybe it's archived.

She was very high functioning. She got public transportation by herself and didn't have a minder or anything. For reference she kinda looked like Greta Thunberg but shorter, about 5 foot 3 or 2, she had a Leafy chin. I could tell from the beginning she was a bit off. I later found out she had a sort of neurological impairment, not autism or down syndrome, I apologise I really can't remember but it had one of those latin medical type names. Anyway one of her quirks were that she wore gloves, purple knit/winter ones. I slowly but surely got to know her because spoiler alert I was a degenerate. One day we went to a park together and she asked if I could hold her hand, I said yes, people must of thought I was her minder. She asked if I liked how her gloves felt, I said they felt nice. We sat down on a bench and this is when it gets dark. I asked did she want to come over to my place, she said yes. At mine I asked if she knew what a massage was, she said yes. I told her that I really liked her gloves and would like to feel them on other parts of my body. Bare in mind I was super enthusiastic and she was really enjoying it. She rubbed my face and shoulders, I suggested to take my shirt off so she could feel more of my skin. She rubbed my back and touched and pinched my nipples, she was laughing a lot, it made me feel really guilty but my sex drive blinded me. It was at this point she noticed my bulge and asked what it was! She was 18 and she didn't know! I mean true she was special needs. Anyway I told her that I was excited by the feel of her gloves and she asked could she touch it. She proceeded to give me the most awkward hj ever. Slapping, caressing, tapping like a mic, etc. I came and she got frightened, thinking she had hurt me, I said I was fine, funnily enough she made me promise not tell anyone. We never did anything again because I didn't want to risk her telling anyone. I did replace her gloves though. I lost contact with her a few years back.

Does it have to be sexual or just dark?

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I want to ghost my GFs daughter on tiktok and Snapchat, but I don't know her account info.
Without access to her phone, how can I find this?

Sexual or dark..

Petty revenge as a kid accidentally got a marine 25 years in jail.

go big or go home negro


My friend and I got into a fight at scout camp with the marine's son. I saw his son throw the first punch, but was losing the fight and I tried to break it up, he cried to daddy.
His dad told the scoutmaster unless both of us were sent home, he and his son were leaving. Since his pickup pulled our troop's trailer, the troop would be stranded, so we were sent home and missed the last couple days.
My friend went psychotic and, before they troop came home, went to the marine's house and drilled holes in the gas and water pipes. Fast forward a couple years and the marine sold the house to a new family. An accident involving the drilled holes gave some of the family members lifelong injuries. Police investigated, placed all blame on the marine, and he was given 25 years.
My friend told me about this a few years ago and almost made me shit my lungs.

In high school I used to spy on my sister in the shower and share the pics with my friends. She found out when one of the idiots tried blackmailing her with the pictures.

I got a beating from my dad and was pretty much grounded until I could get a job and move out.

when I was 16 I would get handjobs/blow jobs from this 11 year old girl that lived on me street

she loved the attention from an old guy that told her she was pretty

Reminds me of my friend in middle school. She would have sex with any guy her older brothers age if they complimented her..
Apparently her brother beat her and she was obsessed with him.

He was 6 years older.

i had a girl lick my ass and stick a finger in my ass while she blew me...was a pretty amazing orgasm

jacked off with sisters panties on a camsite

always felt like shit after I came, but did it a few times anyway cause of the thrill and taboo. also loved peoples reactions when they found out whose panties they were.

told all my exes i deleted all the pics i have of them...i didnt...i have a collection that i sometimes share on Sup Forums...and sometimes i show my friends

Me too pal. You're not alone. My argument is if people are going to let themselves be photographed/recorded what the hell do they expect in today's society?

my uncle backed up his phone to my computer, one night was bored and looked through and found and saved his exes nudes

4 times between 2006 and 2008 I had sex with my niece.

She does not remember but I watch the videos maybe once a month.
Fuck she could take it up the ass

i am currently fwb with 3 different girls...and im dating another 2 girls..only one of my fwb knows about the others..the others think im just fucking/dating them


Wat.. What?

share something ffs

The videos?
Fuck no I don't trust my stills to scrub the data so it can't be tracked and not to mention the amount of blurring her face I need to do.


what was the situation?

No i will never share.

Babysitting while my brother and SIL had a weekend getaway.

I'm a really good person outside, i'm the typical "funny, empathic, knowsallstuff (certainly i'm a 135IQ + my great memory), friendly guy", but I think I have troubles + my little "" secret.

First, the back history is that since child I loved the computers. At 16, when the deep web became most famous, i started searching forbidden stuff, because it really made me feel things i never felt. I was the kind of kid that has never made a bad thing in my whole life, in fact i've made 0, because Im nice, but also i searched approvement of people. One of these things i really felt attracted to was a certain kind of sex with "younger" woman. You know the point. I was 16, so I thought it was kinda normal to search for these specific ages, because were near mine, but also afraid of what implied. Since that my little secret started growing. When i was 17 i started watching anime, but at almost 18, got into "lolis", you know now why. Next up, I find myself searching hentai of this kind, and fantasizing with real life events similar to those animes/manga, which weren't so unreal to fantasize, because in my zone (small town) the people knew each other and I certainly knew determinated aged "women", because they were my friend sister, or even I talked to them, it was normal in my village after all.

Since 16, again, I've been dreaming with this, and even nowadays, if i get to choose i girl i always look for the shorter and younger looking one. I don't know if this is taste or not, but I feel like I was doing something horrible, eventhought i never did anything related to that criminal behaviour. The worst thing is that even i wouldn't do, if I had the chance to do so, and no one knowing, i "might or might not" end doing it. What is more, i keep dreaming with this event to happen to me and get without anyone knowing, but only "consented" one, I would never force anything, that disgusted me. Is a fetish or mental issue?

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I like to message user's moms or female relatives and if we end up trading pics I show them the user's cock instead. So the mom is getting turned on by her own son and he knows it but she doesn't

Never has someone said so much, yet not say anything of real importance. That was painful to read

That's autism my friends

is this pasta, because im reposting it. cringegold

Why does she not remember?

My wife keeps me locked in chastity 24/7. I have been locked up since July with a few releases along the way. She also punishes me for poor behaviour by handcuffing and ankle cuffing me bent over a chair with a gag in my mouth while she whips me with several different instruments. When she is done my cock is leaking cum. The only other regular sexual activity i get is to suck on her boob like im nursing for 15-20 minute sessions a few times a week. I love it.

Somebody get one of those deep voice youtubers to do a dramatic reading of this train wreck.

I fap with my cousin's dirty thongs all the time. She's so thick there's nothing better than killing a bong and edging while smelling her dirty butthole and asscrack.

The second part that didn't fit is about what I think is a mental issue.

At 18, I entered university, and at 19, when already at the start of 2nd year, I started to leave my social life. It started from just going out a bit of time, to only the weekends, to only some festive days, to literally a few times in months. The thing is that I've passed a lot of time alone, without talking to anyone and 0 social contact (just saw my family member when going out of my room). I certainly know, that people that get lack of sleep (i did, but not so hard) and 0 social contact/going out mostly will develop schizophrenia, psicosis, or other mental awkward thing.

The thing is that i never thought og that, since I'm a good person, never hurted anyone, neither did a bad thing, but I've grown to get "dark thoughts". I've search it on internet, but they're not so usual. When I speak of dark thoughts, is literally of doing creepy stuff.

When I'm in front of a high place, my minds tell me "what if you jump". When I have a hammer next to me, and someone giving his back, my mind thinks "what if you hit him?", eventhought i already know the results and I instantly make the mental scheme of the scene, there's time where this really dark impulses come to me. Latelly before I started going out again and doing stuff, this is going even worse. I literally STRUGGLE with a few of this mental will's to not to directly do what it thinks about. Is not like a voice (unlike i saw it look like) but more like a mental scheme of an action. I think all my life doing the right stuff and supressing my desires/will + the lack of social contact that I've having gradually increasing to literally 0, since I was 17, has came to pay the bill that was pendant. Now I think dark stuff a lot, but it's not like 1 time every X amount of time. It's like it can be a lot of times in the same day (unless bussy). What worries me is the struggle of saying "this is not right".

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3 attempts before getting a dose that worked.

bullshit. show some proof

Like what besides actual evidence that will have me locked up?

you really think a random picture posted here will mean anything?

did you bust inside

Yes.. feds watch this and how can I possibly post anything for proof without raising red flags?

Once. I was very careful but heat of the moment..

I prostituted myself out to four guys in order to pay back a loan.
Didn't come out as gay until one of my friends found my vid on a porn website and recognised me somehow.
I'm really into knife play, I've almost passed out from blood loss because I've asked boyfriends to cut me up real bad. Same with choking.
I blackmailed my ex to get free netflix for two years, whilst we were dating I was 14 and he was 19 therefore I could threaten to tell police.
I sucked off a member of my favourite band in a backstage bathroom whilst he was high, he went to rehab a month later and I haven't interacted with him since even though I've been to see the band three more times. As far as I am aware this guy is straight.
I've got a few others but I can't be arsed to type them out

>feds watch this

99% of the storys posted in these 'secret' threads are about illegal acts. There's hundreds of people a day posting story's about raping underage girls but somehow your made up story is going to set of the warning lights?

leave him alone and let him larp. It's hot anyway


99% are larps. Only an idiot post evidence featuring a half passed out 4 year old with a dick halfway up her ass.

Hey hey what?

They're all larps, and I'm pretty sure yours is too. Besides even if there was a real story posted no one would be able to tell it apart from the fakes.

Not sexy or dark but got flu shot then started getting buzzing in my ears the next day. Hasn't stopped since. Went to the doctors and now I'm on antibiotics for a possible middle ear infection.

Go fuck yourself, flu shot. If I have perm hearing loss, it's on you.

Did you rape the doctor?

Hey what What?

Right.. I'd much rather have people belive it's larp then post evidence that brings too much attention.

>you will never hold hands with a spergy grill wearing knitted gloves in the park

Life is suffering.

No, went to doctor for the buzzing. Had gunk in both ears (one more than the other) that were cleaned out. One of my eardrums is currently swollen (infection probably) which is probably causing the buzzing.

I am so hoping that between the cleaning and the antibiotics, this thing disappears.

I’ve gotten my wife’s little sister locked out of her iPhone every weekend I’m with her. She leaves her phone locked and on the couch while she uses the bathroom/showers etc., and I’ve spent 3 weekends trying to break into it to see if she has any nudes.
She’s on my phone bill and wants her mom to get her a new phone now because she thinks her phone is broken or something.
Fucking iPhones man. All I want to do is see her camera roll. It would make smelling her panties in the laundry after she gets out of the shower so much better.

The vaccine may not have caused the autism but it did reveal it in your case.

I had my first orgasm when I was raped. I was 14.

Story time?

How big is your dick faggot

Day before flu shot = Felt perfectly fine.

Evening after flu shot = Felt achy and tired.

Next day after flu shot = The buzzing began.

It ain't paranoia if it's true. Hope it never happens to you someday but, after 8 years of "flu shot or fired," I got an adverse reaction to it.

I know. Every time I see those 1 dollar 2 pack gloves in stores I remember her.
I've been with plenty of others since but something about her was a feeling I'll never recapture. People like her just have a genuine aura. I'm glad I didn't push my luck though, it was very thin ice I was skating on.

That’s not how flu shots work dummy. They go in your arm; not your ear. You aspy fuck

Knocked my girlfriends tooth out a few weeks ago in BDSM play. Cost me a couple grand for an implant, but it was a hell of a fuck and she squirted like a fountain. Worth it.

>be me 14
>going home from school
>this boy about 19 I kinda knew stops his car and offers me a lift
>I say sure
>he parks in this quiet spot and asks to have sex
>I said no and I just wanted to go home
>He put me on the back seat and raped me

Thousands of dollars for your gf to piss on you is a fucking rip off, I’d have done it for half

My sister really makes me hard. I think I’m obsessed with her. I jerk off to her a lot and want to fuck her so bad.

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Doesn't bother me if you don't believe. Someday, you'll get an adverse reaction and then no one will believe you either. Hope you got good health care coverage.

You have more stories about her user?

4 in 2006 or 2008?

Just two. Nothing as sexual as the first though. Wanna hear them?

My mom's ex posted a degrading video of her having sex online which has millions of views on tubesites.

It's been up for years but I don't think she knows

Do post them.

Sick fucker.

I like pussy. Like, really a lot.

Does that mean I'm gay?

Cut off her index finger and use the fingerprint reader.

Sure dude.
First story; She, being that she had the mind of a kid and the strength of a fully grown man, overpowered me once and tickled my feet until I nearly fainted. That was close to the time that I started to get turned on by her, the fabric of her nimble gloved fingers on my bare feet. It was in public, people saw but the probably thought we were just a couple playing, we were a bit I suppose.
Second story; She would regularly jump up behind me for surprise piggyback rides. Once she caught me completely off guard and I fell. She felt super bad, almost in tears, and kissed me better all over my face, it was messy but nice all the same. Again, while we were out and about.
That's the other two stories, hope you enjoyed them user.

Thanks bro did enjoy

Thanks man, glad you liked them.

I'd piss on him for free if I could light him on fire first.

never heard this story before

I have been, for the last 5 years, fucking my sister's daughter.

Her age?

She sounds pure and sweet

Thats fucking hot


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She really was. In hindsight I'm very happy that I never went beyond a hj.

When we started she was 16 I was 29.