To YOU that is reading this

to YOU that is reading this.
i wish YOU good health and happiness
YOU have a great day user.

*posting in this thread multiplies the absolute value of your good luck stat times 12.349 for the next 24 hours*

*posting a pretty girl picture and rolling dubs triples the multiplication, disregarding all level caps*

* any luck levels with 0 value will be initialized to the 3rd digit in your roll before multiplication.

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thanks user

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Name of chick?

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fuck you i hope you die young and alone

Anyone have the full vid of this?

nothing but love back to you user.
hope you get massive sex from all the people you want to have sex with.
and all the money you'll ever need.

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yeah but i got a ban last time i posted it. its on thesauceftw though

ah fuckit, the site is dead, its a parked domain now


Can you upload it to a vola? I used to have it and lost it but have been looking for it for a while

does vola allow vpn?

I think so

sit on my mouth

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mless, 24DBB84. same girl

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10/10 would fuck

As gay as this is, I think you've just made a lotta user's day a little better. Good on you fag, 'preciate it.

i feel you bro.
a nice woman's body always makes you feel better.

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I expected a penis but all I got was well wishes. Thanks user

love u bro

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What prompted this? Having a particularly good day?

You’re a good fren, user

Scroty McBoogerballs

Thanks user

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wow thanks

no reason.
u 2.

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Glad to hear. People being nice don't need reasons

thanks user

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Thanks, and blessings to you all, boys and girls!

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I've had a curse of bad luck for the majority of my life and I'm dealing with some real sad lately. Sounds like I need my hat thrown in here

Thanks user, may your blessing of luck come back to you

love wealth and happiness 2 u bro

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wow thanks

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Real shit

Thanks user

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based user

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Ain't gonna lie I came to fap first, but I'll say howdy nontheless

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do minecraft girls count

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what is the file name? who is she?

Time to roll high


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do whawt you feel bro.

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Amanda cerny

Beautiful, more pls

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Plz tell me you have a sauce on this....

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no. sorry bro

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thanks fag

talos blessings upon all

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Ain't this thot _b.i.a.n.k.a_?

Anyone got moar of her non-public stuff?

thank you, user

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It's been a while since someone told me that


Good fortune for all

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Wow. Finally a good thread. Have a great one bro.

Here is Akita Anri, Onri for you my friend

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Looked like AOC for a second

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Honestly, only a boomer hillbilly would find this erotic.

oh... too bad i don't save naked pics

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Thanks and back to you user

Hello, thank you

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reminds me of Phoebe from friends.

bless upon us all

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Blessins of Stendar upon ye all.

Thanks user

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good luck everyone

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First time meeting a girl i chatted with for a few weeks now. Wish me luck.

Anyone got any good mless finds?

And a cooked goose for everyone!

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how is this trainwreck still alive?

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You too user. You too.

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whats her name? anna leigh or something... i remember seeing a bunch of her vids and compilations of this with different outfits on ph but could never find her again

Good luck to everyone out there and hope you're successful in everything you're doing.

I just need SOMETHING to go right in my life.

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that body is unreal. I'm drooling atm