If electricity is just a bunch of free electrons all grouped together, What is a bunch of protons grouped together...

If electricity is just a bunch of free electrons all grouped together, What is a bunch of protons grouped together? Protricity?

Anons I honestly think I'm onto something here. Scientists have spend all this time focusing on free electrons and they forgot about free protons and free neutrons.

There is more than electricity, protricity and neutricity are to be discovered.

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We do that already
Call it nuclear chemistry, but you knew that and this is shit posting

Weird idea, but I don't think that it would be all that valuable. The reason why electricity is "a thing" is because electrons are separate from each other, low mass, and easy to move.

But moving protons would just result in the entire atom moving at once. So, in that sense,
"protricity" already exists, it's literally called physical movement. Whenever you pick up or move anything, that's the movement of protons and neutrons.

I posit to rename "protricity" to anti-electricity because protons are the opposite of electrons

protons and neutrons can't travel through solid matter, so unless you're thinking about inventing Star Trek plasma conduits or something, this is not gonna happen.

I think you're confusing protons with positrons.
protons are complimentary to electrons, not opposite.

And what about positrons? Why can’t we use positrons like electrons? Call it positricity?

Yes! 3 new forms of energy waiting to be utilized.

positrons are anti-matter electrons. when you find some way to effectively create antimatter, please let me know

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T r i p s
o f
t r u t h .

Don't worry. Big Science already hasn't let you know about "positricity" and "neutricity".

Good luck getting tiny little electrons or protons or whatever to start my car in the morning. I doubt electrons could even be used to turn on a light bulb. You would need millions of them. Electrons and protons are nothing compared to a man made machine. Give me some metal and gas and I can run a house

Are you tarded bro? What do you think a PET scan is?
Been around for years

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Wow, we are living in a fucking science fiction

Yup. Don't worry Big Brother wont tell you about Protricity, Positricity and Neutricity

You must feel really stupid right now :P

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That molecule has a free positron just waiting to be turned into positricity

Proton current does occur but usually only in solution. In water a proton from a hydronium (H3O+) transfers its third proton to the next water (H2O) molecule when colliding. The proton jumps from one water molecule to next to the next creating a current. This tends to be many time slow than electrisity and is limited by its solution. Neutrisity isnt a thing. Charged particles like protons and electron are used because they are charged and can do work.

Why not just send water down pipes instead of electricity then people could have their own water wheels? You can power entire factories off water wheels and the water just falls out of the sky for free.

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ion beams, including hydrogen ion beams (just protons), are created regularly in the lab. But cant travel through solid matter, well not far anyway.

this requires a high vacuum to work though

So imagine you have a wire and somehow you manage to pull all of the electrons on one end of the wire and just hold them there.
So the other side of the wire is missing those electrons and they want to move towards those "gaps" which you created when you pulled the electrons.
I assume you mean those gaps when you say "protricity".

just reverse the current you mung. relative to the electrons, the protons are already moving in the opposite direction. then just move the entire circuit the same but opposite magnitude the electrons are flowing. POSITRICITY!!!!

EE here
"Electricity" is the movement of charge, positive or negative
There's even things called holes, empty slots for electrons, that move just like them
Like charge bubbles, moving like air bubbles thru water
All of it "electricity"
Sorry to burst your bubble

Won't work. Electrons jump from atom to atom (how they flow along a wire). Protons can't.