Ask polishfag anything

Ask polishfag anything

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Where are you from?

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Are you a Voltorb ?



What do you mean?

Do you yourself have any knowledge to why so many Polish people come over to Ireland for either education or work? At the risk of sounding racist, it's essentially like the Mexican people who come over to America. My apologies I'm simply too lazy to do the research myself.

Voltorb is a Pokémon. He's just a troll.

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It was because when Poland joined the EU Ireland and GB were the only countries that allowed us to work without permit, and Poland was rather poor country in that period, also English is quite simple language and is very common among young people.

Why the fuck do you say kurwa so damn much?

Fascinating! I never knew that. Cheers dude.

Why English speaking people say "fuck" so often or why black say "nigger" so often? Word "kurwa" literally means "whore", but it can mean many different based on context of situation. I admit that many people use it too often.

>rather poor country in that period
wow i didnt know poland became rich. good for you guys.

We are not Western Europe level rich, but we became developed countries and now the roles changed and people from another countries started to immigrate to Poland. In last 10 years around 2 million Ukrainian came to Poland seeking for work and place for living.

while you still infesting western europe.

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I know some Ukrainians that moved to Slovakia for a bit more wealth. Being from Switzerland it's kind of funny seeing them flash their "wealth" on social media. But to be fair, they don't have to slave away as badly as a lot of Ukrainians do.

Eastern Europeans aren't that bad as long as you don't go too far East. Poles, western Ukrainians and so on are decent. There's much worse in our countries. Russians for example are Africa-tier subhumans, and that's not even mentioning anything from the Balkans or even further south.

Have any decent recipes? All of my polish relatives are slowly dying off and all the polish recipes go with them.

Can you speak polish? If so then how did you learn english?

You can easily google it. Search for pierogi ruskie, placki ziemniaczane po węgiersku, gołąbki, bigos, barszcz z uszkami, rosół z kury, kapuśniak, kotlet schabowy. Those are my favourites.
Newfags don't know polandball

It's natural to be Pole and speak Polish. I've learnt English from school.

Are you Polish

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