Celebs we wanna fuck

celebs we wanna fuck

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That's like 90% of em tho...

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A very crass topic, doesn't suit our universally wholesome energy. I can't approve.

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who gives a shit

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gg and bridenon sittin in a tree

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i dont want to fuck celebs tho i want to suck dicks for them.
but i'll post this one cause i probably would fuck her

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when you get tattoos close to the bone like say over the shin or knuckle the pain is slightly elevated but whats weird is the place it hurts the most are on soft fatty portions like around the belly button is the absolute worst. getting tattoos over muscled areas such as the bicep and thigh hurt the least and i want to throttle her in the shower gently

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thats gay desu

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I want to make sweet, sweaty, and long passionate love with Kate

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I do, don't you?

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I think its bedtiem

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I have my limits. SAD!

That got unexpectedly lewd at the end there lol

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What, no Miley Cyrus?

nighty night

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not really i fantasize about burying my cock down taylor's throat 3-4 times a day

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and just leave us all here?

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i would fuck

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Fascinating information, I'll be sure to forget it.

So early?

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i would fuck

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sometimes these fantasies include her sisters too

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Is that really surprising? He said he would leave his daughter on Earth if he had to go to space. Figures he'd leave us too. ; ~ ;

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made me kek

thats the way it must be

had a rather sleepless night and a lot to do tomorrow

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Remember to double-tap

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My man. She's damn fine.

She's fucking gorgeous, I wish I was her.

You've only got one dick, as far as I'm aware. How could more than one woman be involved?

Oh yeah, you did mention that. I'll let you off.

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id def double tap a zombie's ass ngl

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i would also suck i dick for her if she asked me to

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while my dick is down taylor's throat im sucking the spit off her sister's tongue, logan rae specifically

there used to be a time that men dictated women's fashion trends and somehow we didn't make small tight dresses the absolute go-to for all occasions. the greatest missed opportunity of modern history
it's all i could have asked for :)

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Put your shit down you damn HUSSY.

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forgot pic goddamn it

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>i would also suck i dick for her if she asked me to
Oh yeah, I absolutely would for her as well. Many, if that's what she wanted.

you'd suck a dick even if no one asked you to do it,
you're not fooling me

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Oh, alright. I'll allow it.

While I *do* see your point, I also can't neglect the importance of variety.

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Kum fir Kloss

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I was thinking the same thing lmao

Suit yourself, but I don't wanna hear any complaining that I'm looking at your tummy button.

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too much clothes 0/10

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I'd kill for a night with Liv.

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plenty of colours to choose from for variety, no?
oh, shit! he did it

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a night where the nursing home

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>I was thinking the same thing lmao
But if no-homo is said, not gay

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what is her endgame?

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Maybe for Miley

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There's an old saying in celeb threads, probably in other threads -- that says, fool me once, shame on... shame on you? Fool me you can't get fooled again.

I'll do better. , _ ,

Saying "no-homo" is the Get out of Gay Free card.

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river Phoenix minus the whooe talent thing :/

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much better

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Maybe, but there are only so many colours that actually look good.

Do you post Taylor Hill exclusively?

>fool me once, shame on... shame on you? Fool me you can't get fooled again.
I'm pretty sure that's exactly how it goes, too. Good job.

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mostly, she deserves all the praise and glory and drink her period juice

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Thank you Mr president.

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>Looks more like malnourished to me.
>Great way to have her miscarry if you ever put a baby in her.

why did this give me a faint stirring in my nether regions

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My greatest thing I accomplished this week. Good work boys.

You're welcome, son.

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yeah she's more like one of those girls you just jack off onto

then what else is her purpose desu

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What else would she be for?

Just the beginning of a long string of positive achievements, I'd bet.

Once upon a time, there was someone I liked who posted Taylor Hill exclusively. They didn't stay around for very long, tho.

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to be pretty and to look at
and if you are cool like me, you will also lap at the testicles of stronger men while they look at her

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ooh i like stories continue please

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this was so gay i could barely understand it you've reached new heights of faggotry user congrats

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>JJ's 18th birthday gift to us.

Kek, love the positive vibes.

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always glad to see new people join the celeb threads

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JJ is the type of girl who's only hot cause she's young

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my parents taught me that all colours are beautiful!

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>you've reached new heights of faggotry

>JJ is the type of girl who's only hot cause she's young

you outdid me in just four posts, good job

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i do aim to please

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I'm all about positivity.

That was the entire story, I'm afraid. Not very exciting, I know.

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sad face, maybe this is the beginning of a new story, one that will be worth telling

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I want Miley to do pic related with me

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flow tight like a dick in da butt

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It's possible, but it's not likely.
Mind you, you're pretty sassy. That other Taylor poster was, too.

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i know you did not just post a random picture of some feet

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kitty kat
what the

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i just read the title its amy shumer's feet even worse

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Those nipples need to be destroyed by fire

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