Anyone has this problem ?

anyone has this problem ?

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it's called psoriasis, and i may have a tiny bit of it

is it itchy ?

fuck yes, but you should not scratch it

I have a bit of it in my scalp and an armpit but it's not terrible if I don't drink.

Not that but I do scratch at my skin for no reason, self harm probably lol

its crazy how you can scratch it and it feels so amazing and then 1 minute after it burns and hurts like hell and you cant even move

eczema or psoriasis ?

it's called eczema it literally says it in the file name

do you use the cortisol creams?

You should really get it checked by a doctor. Ask them for something that gets rid of it, not something that just moisturises it.

Crunchy skin OwO

dont want anything from drug dealing doctors

Not that person, but cortisol is a really good moisturiser. Probably one of the best if not the best. However, they don't treat it. I just buy betnovate online and treat it that way. It's probably not good for my skin in the long term but it gets rid of my eczema in a week. Since my flare ups are rare I think I'll be ok.

if you have rare fareups its okay to use the cortisol creami guess. However it becomes worse and worse with every flare up.....

I've never experienced by condition getting worse if I treat it before it fully develops.

you live a healthy lifestyle?

can you afford to fly europe? there is natural live fish pool treatment there, my uncle used to go 2 twice a year,

Healthy-ish. I don't smoke, but I do drink. I find getting a lot of sun helps a lot too, but that's hard in the winter months.

I live in the UK so flights are super cheap. I know about the fish pool treatment but that's for removing dead skin. I'm not too sure how it will help over a topical steroid cream.

Jupp got it, Feels bad man. Can take a foto if anyone of u faggots want it

I had patches on my shins (bit smaller than my palm) and on the back of my head.
>visit shit doctor
>doesn't even test it, just assumes it's psoriasis right away
>use creams but shit doesn't get better
>stop treating it for a few years stays the same, doesn't bother me, not visible on head, don't scratch it when outside so no dandruff
>ff to last year
>visit good doc.
>tests it
>it's just a fucking fungal infection

Thank god i didn't pay, all covered by my insurance here in germany.
Visit a good doc and demand a test. I am in treatment now for about 6 months and shit is almost gone. Head is clean again and it does not return.

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I have this. It may not be the same though.

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¿Se te reseca la piel o qué?

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you need sun, desperatly. And water.

I have plenty of both. I've had this since birth on both of my hands and the bottom of my feet. It's a birthmark with a specific name I don't quite remember

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no i'm not fat

Had it last year on the top of my left foot. Shit was so itchy. Thank the Lord it's gone now.

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I have psoriasis. it's on my penis too, I want to die

naa, i cut my nails short

nope, because I bathe
stop being a filthy animal OP

Me too
I have patches of it on my hands, face, groin...even in my ears.
Just suddenly appeared one day and now it won't leave.

What's the difference between psoriasis and eczema?

I had it as a child and it left completly just until 3 years ago. now it's spreading from my elbows, hands and groin
I hope the cure for this shit comes soon. Kim Kardashian has it too, but she uses some extremly expensive medication to get it under control

i get something similar after using nitrile gloves for over twenty years or so. sudden onset irratation. flares up use 2% Cortisone cream and reduces and heals. if real bad have dermatologist prescribed " Clobetasol Propionate oinment" powerful good.

I developed dishydrotic eczema on both my palms and the sides of all my fingers back when I used to tend bar. It was motherfucking awful.

I will say, however, that scratching the affected area, or better still, running it under hot water, was easily the best sensation I've ever felt in my life and I'm including sex and drugs in this. It was amazing. You have to stop doing it though or it'll never heal.

>Just suddenly appeared one day

It could be a fungal infection, like i wrote here Had it on my shins first and scratching lead to the bacteria being trapped under my nails and being carried to other parts of the body.
Had it a bit in my ear too but that went away by itself.
Go check that stuff with a doc and a test.

when i lost weight once, i got a big patch on my left front ankle, like at the point where the foot began. it was crazy itchy. it eventually formed what was like a big thumbprint scab. i covered it with generic neosporin from dollar tree sold as "triple antibiotic cream" and band aids. after a couple days it flaked off, leaving pink skin and now it's forgotten, no scar. invest 5 bucks in those tubes, sleep with your arm covered in it wrapped in plastic wrap. really. in fact, people say that wrapping your belly with plastic wrap after covering your belly or legs or whatever with castor oil will remove stretch marks. it's annoying to sleep like that, i'm sure, but it's supposed to work.

you really just gotta change your diet and itll slowly fade away

It's not always that easy. Some may have a leaky gut syndrome that requires a special kind of diet to heal the gut. But yeah, it's a great long term solution. Better than treating the symptoms with shitty creams.

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yea i have aids

Aye. Literally everywhere but I think the worse parts are on my ears, neck and hands.

Had it since I was a kid, flared at work and lost that job too. Horrible disease, that eczema.


Google that shit and how to cure it.
I post this regularly in skin threads but not many people seem to really be interested to cure themselves.
No wonder, that would require to actually get out of their comfort zone and, god forbid, not eat trash food anymore.

Bullshit, scratch that shit off. It's the only known cure.

Damn fatass!

That was my first thought.
Went through several tubes and cans of antifungal treatments, didn't work.
Topical steroids helped a bit, but not nearly enough though.

Had this now for almost three years.

I used to as a kid
Now my eyebrows are all messed up...

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Okay, but did you actually have it tested? My doc tested it and prescribed me pills with an antifungal cream. Worked really well and no itching.

I just cut that shit off