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thanks charles!

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I got you

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how ya been cutie

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I've been fine, I have work maybe three days out of the week. Other than that I work out and... not much else. Dress up every now and then and that's kinda it. I've been horny a lot lately too.

What are you up to?

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Last week of kik party, join the discord or tele if you want

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sounds pretty nice

i've been okay, a lil stressed with college but it's alright i guess
been missing dressing up so i'm gonna buy a new outfit soon

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Yeah, it's been pretty good.

Dude college is easy, I know it's stressful but like you're going to do fine. Midterms should be coming up pretty soon right? Ooohhh that sounds like fun? What are you thinking about getting?

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just like a cropped hoodie and a skirt and corset and stufffssss basically just stuff to go with the few black things i have

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That sounds really cute. You're going to look great in it.

And you'll destroy whatever midterms you have coming up

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just did them, got more in january did alright

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Ah okay. Then I'm sure you did just fine on them

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better than expected if that's good

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I think it is, school sucks and if you beat the bar you set, you're doing alright

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Super gay

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lmao, I don't think it's devilish to wear briefs. I like briefs because I like the support.

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I think it has more to do with him showing off his bulge than anything

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