Cross eyed Thread

Cross eyed Thread

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I never realized I could do this ...

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I learned how to do it and its pretty darn cool

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What's the point of this?

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3d porn bre

Is it normal of one of my eyes focuses correctly on the picture while the other is blurry (I can force it to focus, but when I let go it becomes blurry again)

If you cross your eyes it looks 3-d

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Are you supposed to see 3 images?

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Guys, this is so freaking cool

Yes, the two images merge into a 3d in the middle, but you're still seeing the originals as well

Great one

is this some weird meme I don't understand? I can't see shit when I cross my eyes.
no it don't

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For all of you who can't see it in 3d, try this

Takes some time to get the hang of it.
Cross your eyes just enough to make a 3rd image appear between the two, then just try to relax your eyes while keeping them crossed to make them focus on the one in the middle.

This is called stereoscopic 3D for anyone who is new to this

>no it don't

yes, it does. once you make a perfect 3rd image, you eyes can re-focus. it will all be a blurry mess until you hit the sweet spot.

it also easier with smaller images as you don't have to cross "as far" so use zoom in the beginning if you have to.
and make sure your mouse cursor is not in one of the two pics as it fucks things up.

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>I can’t do it so everyone in this thread is wrong and not me
Keep trying, you’ll get it

I could do it before i watched this video. Now i can't do it anymore.


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My eyes hurt

I'm not gay, but I really want to meet up with a chill dude and stroke together over porn like this

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same tbh
sometimes jerk off with my buddy but we dont do it as much as we used to
were too old 4 sleepovers now lol